St. Louis directory :

SamutlCupple8., Thos.Marston, Jr.junior

Ctjpples & Marston ,
Manufacturers Of, And Wholesale Dealers In
Cordage, Twines, Paper.
WtCkmc, B&Tttnc, Matches, Cigars.
Brooms, Brushes, Mats,
Blacking, Sieves, Bibd-Cage8.
Wooded and Willow-Ware.

Eley'S, Cox'S, Hicks' And Other Gun-Caps.
Prairie Matches.
Pork And Flour-Plugs, Bungs, &c.

Nos. 55 And 57 Second Street, (Between Pine And Olive.)
St, Louisj ------- Missouri.

Sole Agentsjn St. Louis,
Marietta Tub And Bucket Factory.

T.S. Butler'S Celebeated Blacking.

Richardson k Go'S* Unequalled Matches.

Missouri Match Works, (Hannibal, Mo.)

Wheeling And Other Extensive Paper Mills.
Etc., Etc., Etc.

Premium 21Ng Wash-B0Ar0S.

Fine And Cedar Ware, j Brushes,
Iron-Bound Cooperage, Willow-Ware,
Broom-Handles, j Bed-Cords and Twines.

Emigrant Kegs Of Every Description.

Direct Importers
French: and Belgium Willows,
Fancy Baskets And Willow*Ware.
French, German And English Fancy Goods.