St. Louis directory :
Delgado, Frederick, Cor.corner clerk , J. G.Anderson, ;r.residence ws.
8th, b.between Walnut and Market
Delgmann, Augustus, shoemaker ,r.residence 212 Franklin av
Delgman, William, clockmaker ,r.residence 210 Franklin av
Spelisle, Jidies S., clerk , rooms el Walnut
De Lisle, Julius, professor of languages , 23 Pine;r.residence
87 8. 4th
Delisle, Teresa, wid.Henry, ,r.residence 142 Christy av
Delime, Horace, dyer , Almond, , b. 2d and 3d
Delkman, William, watchmaker ,r.residence rear 212 Frank-
lin av
Dell John,, clerk, Citizens Insurance Ci. ;r.residence 35n.north 8th
Dellanty, Patrick, teamster ,r.residence 11th and Grand av
Dellargy, James, grocer , 123 Biddle
Dellehe, William, engineer ,r.residence rear 866 Broadway
Delleimau, George, tailor , 723 Broadway;r.residence same
Dellit, Andrew, grocer and baker , c. Park av.avenue and
Dellit, Matthias, printer music ,r.residence c. Paik av.avenue and
Dcllman, Casper, tailor , 184 Wush
d'Elmendoifl, ' Frederick, grocer , ws. 3d,c.corner Mulberry;
r. same
DeLong, J. N.,bds.boards 58s.south 2d
Dclorme, Lonis A., bookkeeper , bds, 242s.south 5th
Delow, Jeremiah, teacher ,r.residence Papin, b.between 14th and 16th
Deluz, Augustus, lab.laborer ,r.residence ws. Carondelet av.avenue , bet.between Ar-
senal and Pestalozzi
Delzchmann, Antoine. brickmaker .ss.south side Donchouquette
b. Jackson and Cuondeiet av
Delzchmann, Frederick, lab.laborer , Congress, sw.south west c.corner Dou-
Demarest, Cjrnclhis D.,r.residence 130n.north 13th
DeMary, Thomas C, salesman , Child, Pratt & Co.Company ;r.residence
Demeester, P. J.Rev., treasurer faculty St. Louis
University;r.residence same
Demenil, Nicholas N.,r.residence 141s.south 3d
Demens, John, clerk ,r.residence 410 Market
Demer, Theodore, shoemaker , bds.boards 765 Broadway
De Mery, Thonuis, collector ,r.residence ss, Hepburn, b.between 15th
and 16th
Demette, John B., clerk , Republican office;r.residence 75n.north
Deming-, steward, bds.boards 180n.north 6th
Doming, Charles, collarmaker ,r.residence ws. Targee, b.between Mar-
ket and Walnut
Deming, Lucius, collarmaker , Moore, near Clark av;
r.ns.northside Spruce, b.between 13th and 14th
Demkes, Lambert, tailor , O'Fallon, ne.northeast c.corner 14th
Demmon, Hamond, sawyer ,r.residence ws. Broadway, b.between
Chambers and Webster
Demmon, Stephen S., (Atkins A.Co.Company ,) bds.boards Planters'
Demny, Charles, watchman , bds.boards 186 Market
De Montreville, Clarence, dentist ,59n.north 5th;
r. same
Demoor, Charles, bootciimper , 75 Pine
Dempar, Margaret, wid.Henry, ,r.residence 265 Carondelet av
Demper, Philip, cigarmaker ,r.residence es. Jackson, b.between Barry
and Marion
Dempewolf, Anthony, clerk , bds.boards as. Claik av.avenue , near
Pratte av
Dempewolf, Charles, grocer , as. Clark av.avenue near
Pratte av;r.residence same
Dempewolf, George, saloon,r.residence ss.south side Clark av.avenue , near
Pratte av
Dcmpey, John, wagonmaker , al.alley b.between 7th and Sth, near
Dempsey, Henry, tailor ,r.residence 22 Orange
Dempsey, John, saloon, 100 Market;r.residence 145n.north 8th
Dempsey, Joseph, lab.laborer , al.alley near morgan, b.between 8th and
Dempsey, Margaret, wid.Rogers, , ns. Bates, b.between Lewis
and Main
Dempsey, Michael, blacksmith ,r.residence 2s.south 15th
Dempsey, Michael, lab.laborer , bds.boards 56 Webster
Dempsey, Thomas, mason ,r.residence ns. Clark av.avenue C. Mercer
Dempsey, Walter, teamster , 88s.south 3d
Demshroder, Fritz, carpenter , al.alley near Carr.b.between 9th
and 10th
Denahan, Dennis, blacksmith , 17th, b.between Biddle and
O' Fallon
Denby, Thomas, saloon, sc.c.corner Washington av.avenue and
7th;r.residence same
Dencker, August, (Hager A Co.Company ,) r.residence ws. 16th, b.between
Clark av.avenue and Market
Dendorf, William, lab.laborer , Monroe, , nw.c.corner 15th
Deneen, James, butcher ,r.residence 657 Morgan
Denehan, Ellen, wid.DeuuU, ,r.residence al.alley b.between 10th and 11th,
near Market
Deneke, Henry, carpenter , al.alley near Wash, b.between 10th
and llth
Deneny, Francis, collecting agt , 97 Market;r.residence same
Deneny, Mary, millinery , 97 Market;r.residence same
(See card.)
DeNewe, John P., tobacconist , 292n.north 13th
Dengler, Frank, shoemaker , 209 Carondelet av;
Dengler, Peter, lab.laborer , al. near Picotte, b.between , De Kalb and
Dengler, Philip, lab.laborer ,r.residence 279 Cuondetet av
Denhain, John, lather , bds.boards Iii4n.north 10th
Denham, John, plasterer , bds.boards 94 Almond
Denhartog, John, wiiitewashcr ,r.residence 417 and 419n.north 9th
Denhosch, Frederick, lab.laborer ,r.residence ns. Salisbury, b.between 11th
and 12th
Denief, Martin, stonemason , bds.boards 28 Collins
Den1Son, Geolige, lawyer , 4 P.O.bldg.building ; bds.boards 28
n. 6th
Denison, House, (George W.Davis, ,) Market, ne.
c. 6th
Denison, Margaret, milliner , 141 Franklin av.avenue ; r
Denison, Martin, 141 Franklin av
Denison, William, lab.laborer ,r.residence 39n.north 9th
Denison, William, bookkeeper , Farley, Clagstone &
Co.Company ; bds.boards 244 Pine
Deniston, James C., agt.agent ,3d, sc.c.corner Pine; bds
Planters' House
Dcnius, Andrew, cooper , rear 194n.north llth
Denius, Nicholas, rear 194n.north 11th
Denk, Andrew, ws. Decatur, b.between Lafayette and Sonlard
Denk, Emanuel, (Basler & Denk,) r.residence 70s.south 2d
Denk, Maria, midwife, ws. Decatur, b.between Lafayette art
Denkenbrink, William, lab.laborer ,r.residence Chambers, b.between 15th
and 16th
Deuker, Augustus, haypress, Franklin av.avenue ;r.residence 24
s. 16th
Denker, Charles,r.residence 94s.south 14th
Denker, George, lab.laborer ,r.residence ws. 2d, b.between Destrehan and
Denier, Jacob, carriagemaker ,r.residence Chambers, c, 9th
Denman, Francis W.,r.residence 189n.north 5th
Denman, Rodney W.,r.residence 165n.north 6th
Denuer, Jacob, bds.boards 3633 Market
Dennerlein, John, whitewashes, 191n.north 11th
Dcnnick, John, tailor , Julian , c.Decatur
Dennig, Emil E., distiller , Cass av.avenue , b.between Fillmore and
Denning, Henry, lab.laborer ,r.residence sw.south west c.corner 11th and Bremen av
Dennmg, Jobn W., clerk , Liggett & Dausman : bds.boards
124 Pine
Dennis, Edgar, roller ,r.residence se.southeast c.corner 2d and Ferry
Dennis, Henry, bookkeeper ,r.residence es. 12th b.between Market an
Clark av '
Dennis, Hester I.,r.residence 450 Morgan
Dennis, John, cooper ,r.residence al.alley nr. Targec b.between 14th&A 15th
Dennis, John L., (Powers & Dennis ;r.residence at New York
Dennis, Michael, riverman , ws. Jackson b.between Lami and
Dennison, Daniel, lab.laborer , bds.boards es. Bcllefontaine road bet.between
Dock and Harrison
Dennison, George, lawyer , bds.boards 28n.north 6th
Dennison, Thomas, bricklayer , bds.boards C Morgrn
Dennison, Thomas, drayman , 45s.south 10th -
Dennison, Thomas, shoemaker , bds.boards 72n.north 17th -j
Dennison, William, lab.laborer , al.alley near 10th b.between Franklin
aud Morgan
Dennock, Jacob, lab.laborer , es. Rosatti near Soulard
Denny, Alexr., cooper , bdssw.south west c.corner Main andn.north Market