St. Louis directory :

A. L.Knight, ,
5 South Charles Street Baltimore,
Offers A Large And Desirable Stock Of
At Manufactubers' Lowest Prices.

Consisting In Part Of

Imperial Writing Paper,

Super Royal do

Royal do

Medium do

Demy do

Double Flat Cap do

Flat Cap do

Folic Post do

Superfine and Fine Fool cap,

do do Letter,

do Commercial Post.

do Packet Post,

Commercial Note,

Packet Note,

Ladies Note,

Ladies Path.

Long and Broad Bill Paper.

Legal Cap, folded narrow way,

French Letter,

French Commercial,

French Folio.

Enamelled Papers- all colors,

Crane & Co.Company 's Colored Glazed Papers,

Book Printing Paper,

News Printing Paper-all sizes,

Poster and Hand Bill Paper-Color-

Manilla Paper, 15 x 20 to 36 x 40 in-

Common Wrapping Paper, in great

Roofing Paper, with and without Ce-

Sheating Paper,

Shoe Paper,

Tea Paper,

Pattern Paper-in rolls,

Hardware Paper, various sizes,

Architects' Drawing Paper,

Druggists' Paper,

Bank Envelope Paper.

Binders' Boards, several sizes and numbers : Straw Boards, several sizes and numbers ; Trunk Boards, several num-
bers ; Bonnet Boards white and colored ; Press Boards, several sizes : Card Boards, various qualities ;
Bristol Boards ; White and Colored Envelopes, a large and well selected stock; Prout's Print-
ing Ink, in kegs and barrels; Maynard & Noyes' Writing Ink.

Paper Manufacturers' Materials.

Consisting of Foreign and Domestic Rags, Bleaching Powders, Alum, Twine, Felting, Vitriol, Ultra Marine. Potato
Starch, &c.