St. Louis directory :

The Great Gold Medal,
Awarded By The
Maryland Institute Annual Fair Of 1858,
To The
Little Giant
Brick Maker.

Dane's Patent ani Sebring's Improvement
Labor-Saving Brick Machine.

For Grinding and Tempering Clay,
Moulding Bricks,
And Throwing Out Stones At The Same Time.

The Little Giant Brick Maker is worked by one horse and four hands, making 1,200 bricks per day.
It is strong and simple-has little machinery about it-any Blacksmith can repair it, or even make one. It
has only to be known, and few Farmers or large Planters would be without one, as their hands, after har-
vest, could be made profitable in brick-making.

Mannual labor is almost entirely dispensed with, except for the purpose of feeding the machine and carry-
ing away the bricks, the moulding and pressing being done by the same power that grinds the clay ; and
the machine will, when worked by two mules or horses, seven common laborers, mould and turn off easily
25,000 bricks per day. It is adapted either to steam or water power.

Baltmore. July 30th, 1858.

Gentlemen:-We take pleasure in adding our opinion to the many already in your possession as regards the Little
Giant Brick Maker. Having examined and compared your machine, and the quality of your bricks, we hesitate not in
recommending them The machine is unsurpassed for simplicity and strenght. If its merit is made known, it must
come into general use, and a revolution in the brick-making business will be the result. The advantages of the Little
Giant over all other modes of making bricks are too numerous to mention ; but depend upon it, if made known, they
will be appreciated.

Respectfully, yours,
Henry R.Reynolds, . Builder ,
President Board of Public Works, Slate of Maryland.

Wm. H.Resin, , Architect , Sun Iron Building, Blatimore.

Farmers, Planters and others purchasing rights, and are not acquainted with brick-making, will be sup-
plied with full and complete inrtruction in the mod. of burning and taking care of bricks by the Proprie-
tors. who have made it their constant study and business for over twenty years, rendering the art of brick
-making so simple, that any plantation hands or laborers can accomplish all required.

Machines are made of various sizes and prices, according to the territory-from $300 and upwards.

Application innt be made to N. Wilson Sabring & Co.Company , at their yard. Locust Point, or box 42, Baltimore
city, Md. ; to Shapleigh, Day & Co.Company , 103 Main st.street , St. Louis, Mo.Missouri ; or to R. McSagan. St. Paul, Minn.

An idea may be formed of the immense value of this Machine by reading testimonials from competent
persons and those who have used them.

A Circular containing them will be sent per Mall on application as above.