St. Louis directory :
Folle, John F., miller ,r.residence alley b.between 10th and 11th near
Folleniss, Reinhold H., marblecutter , 3d b.between Walntu
and Market
Folelt, Jacob, painter , c. St. Charles and 7th; bds.boards
23n.north 12th
Follet, Jacob, ornamentalpainter , 23n.north 12th
Follin, Cathartinewd., Michad, , alley aneer 10th, b.between
Morgan and Frnaklin av
Follker, Gottfirdblackssmith ws. Menardc.corner Ma-
Follmeir, John G., goldsmith 396s.south 7th
Follner, Frederick, typecaster ,r.residence 116n.north 16th
Folmer, Henry, matchmaker ,r.residence ws. Columbus, b.between
Lesperance and Picotte
Folson, Henry (H.E. Dimick & Co.Company )r.residence ns. St.
Charles, e.east of 8th
Foltmann, Frederick, lab.laborer , alley near Carr b.between 8th and
Folts, John, cooper , 487s.south 7th
Foltz, John F., tailor , 52s.south 2d;r.residence same
Fonbihren, Hnery, sngarboiler , 158n.north 8th
Fonda, Edwin A.salesman , S.Stilwell, . bds.boards 8s. 6th
Fontaine, Frederick H., lab.laborer , Hamtramck near
Fontaine, Juster E.H., clerk , 14 Vine;r.residence 42 Myrtle
FotiUna, John D.r.residence l Center
Foot, John G., machinist ,r.residence ns. Gamble av.avenue near
Foole, Henry, clerk , Grand av.avenue near Cass av
Foote, Henry L., clerk , Laflins, Smith & Boies , bds.boards
Powder Magazine
Fopel, Michael,r.residence Franklin av.avenue b.between 21st and 22d
Fopgan, Joseph, cooper , Mainnw.northwest c.corner Mulberry
Fojiiani, Domitiirk, confcctioiis 275 Morgan;r.residence
Foppa, John B., dairyman , ns. 7th b.between Ann av.avenue and
Arrow;r.residence same
Foran, Morris, shoemnker ,r.residence ea. 2d near Sprnce
Fortiert, John, carriageinaker , bds.boards 17tn.north 4th
Forbes, Catherine, wid., Alexander, , boarding, 268
Franklin av
Forbest, Charles M.. (Forbes ABurgh, ,)r.residence Carondelet
av.avenue c.corner Chippewa
Forbes, David H., bookkeeper D.Nicholson, , bds.boards 71
8. 4th
Forbes, Isaiah, dentist , 85 Olive;r.residence aame. (See
Forbea, James H.. grocer , 29 Franklin av;r.residence same
Frbes, John, baker ,r.residence 13 Benton
Forben, John, patternmaker , James D. Gage & Co
Forbes, Leonard. (L. Forbes & Co.Company .) 86 Olive
Forben, Thomas, brickmaker , 185 Green
Forbea L. & Co.Company . (LeonardForbea, , Charles A.Mc-, and William J.H.Becker, ,) jewelry and
faneygoods, 88 Main
Forbes, A Burgh, (Charles M.Forbea, and Thor-Burgh, .) dentist , 51n.north 6h. (See aiir.)
Forbes, Frank, steward , bds.boards Waxhington house
Forby, George, carpainler ,r.residence ns. Pacific near Pratte
FordChas , W., agent United States Express Co.Company ,
12n.north Main;r.residence 8th sw.south west Olive
Ford, Daniel, pressman . Republican
Forid, George W., general western ticket agent .
O. & M.R.R.;r.residence 203 Chrwty av
Ford, James, lab.laborer , 336 Biddle
Ford, James, machinist ,r.residence rear es. 10th b.between Labeaume
and Webster
Ford, Jeremiah, lab.laborer , ea. 7th near Obooteau av
FonJ, Jeremiah. maltster , Tinker, Bros. & Co
Ford, Michael, ostler , 44 Chesnut
Ford, Patrick. lab.laborer . Carr b.between 22d and 23d
Forwd, Patrick,lab.laborer , rear 10th near Choulean av
Ford, Patrick, msltMer . Tinker, Bros. & Co
Ford, Philander, 76n.north 5th
Ford, Thorms., blacksmith , rear 166n.north 12th
Ford, Thormas, marblecutter ,r.residence 544n.north 9th
Fokd, Thomas G., lawyer ,r.residence nw. c Farrar and
Ford, Walter, teamster , 129 O'Fallon
Ford, Warren C., bontkerper . Bichardson Meller &
Co.Company ,r.residence 185 Olive
Fcrrrrruuin, John H., saawyer . es. Bad b.between Lafayette
and Emmet
Forinao, Giatonosalesman , 39 Frnaklin av
Forierl, John A., clothing,ns.northside Lami b.between Step and Ca-
rondelet av.avenue ;r.residence same
Forley, William, mason , bds.boards 224 Carondelet av
Forman, Benjamin, stoves &c.corner , 273 Market,r.residence
Forman, Henry, carpenter , bds.boards ns.northside Washington av.
b. Beaumont and Leffingwell
Forman, Lewis C.W., salesman , Robert Campbell &
Co.Company , bds.boards Monroe house
Former, Casper, shoemaker ,r.residence s. 3d,nw.northwest c.corner Plaum
Forndach, Frederick, tailor ,r.residence alley b.between 3d and 4th
near Convent
Fornlander, Anton, carpenter , rearss.south 7thnw.northwest c.corner La-
Forrest, Richard, porter , bds.boards O'Fallon house
Forrest, Thomas, cigarmaker , bds.boards 55 Collins
Foorester, Daniel S., carpetern ,r.residence ns. Orange b.between 18th
and 19th
Forrester, Richard, salesman , Ubsdell, Peirson & Co.Company ,
bds.boards 46 Washington av
ForresterStephen , C., brick maker , 24th bet.between
Davis and Cass av.avenue ;r.residence Franklin av.avenue c.corner 23d
Forrester, Thomas, foreman lead factory ;r.residence ns. Ran-
dolph b.between 12th and 14th
Forrester, Wlliam, machinist ,r.residence ss.south side Bernard near
Pratte av
Fors, Bernhard, teamster ,r.residence 24thc.corner O'Fallon
Forse, Thomas, carpenter , Provenchere near Choutean
Forsch, John, machinist , Marketc.corner 20th
Forst, George, alley b.between 11th and 12th near Carr
Forst, Joseph, cigarmkar , bds.boards Springc.corner Braodway
Forst, Charles, shoemaker , bds.boards Market ne.northeast c.corner 9th
Forster, Gotfied, shoemaker , 169n.north 13th
Forster, Maruard, vinegar manufacture r.residence
88 and 90s. 14th;r.residence same
Forster, Theodore, (Chadbourne & Forster, secretary
Shot Tower Co ;r.residence Estelle, bet.between Pratte av.avenue and
Forsyth, Charles S., lawyer , bds.boards Planters, House
Forsyth, James, baker ,r.residence 121 Gay
Forstyh, John, Carpeneter ,r.residence 108 Morgan
Forsyth, Leonard E., (L.E. Forsyth & Co.Company ,)r.residence ns.
Locust,c.corner 8th
Forsyth L.E. & Co.Company , (Loenard E.Forysh, and
-, .) forwd.forwarding and com. merchts, and agts. Bal-
timore and ohio R.R. 58 Commercial
Fortemass, Josephbrickmaker r.residence 19th near Jeffer-
Forthmann, Berunard, coopershop es. 2d b.between Mallinc-
krodt and Salisbury;r.residence ws.west side 9th, b.between Destrehan and
Fortrhman, William, engineer ,r.residence ns. 2d, b.between Warren
and Benton
Fortemann, Henry, carpenter , aw.c.corner 9th and Biddle
For, Anton, Lab., ws Bosatti near Soular
Fortune, James, grocer , se.southeast c.corner 3d and Green;r.residence
110n.north 10th
Fortune, James, saddletreemaker ,r.residence Hicks, , b. Locus
and Olive
Fortune, Joseph, machinist ; c. Paul and Hickery
Fortune, Mark, brewer , al.alley near Paul, b.between Hickery and
Chouteanu av.avenue
Fortune, Walter. saddletreementafacutne , 262 Market: side Clark av.avenue b.between Targee and 15th
Fosbreenk, Joseph, lsb. rear ss.south side Mallinckrdot near 13th
Fosch, Henrydrover bds.boards 254 Market
Fosdick, Claridswid.Jaber Candystore 108 Biddle
Fosdyke, Alfred G., clerk , J.E. Dudderideg & Co.Company , bds.boards
28n.north 6th
Foss, Bernard, lab.laborer , 20th near Davis