St. Louis directory :

BolltnClark, . A. L.Richardson, . A. B.Norrb,

Clakk, Richakdson & Co.Company ,
(Successors to Claek, Plant & Norris.)
Saint Louis Agricultural Works,
Northwest Corner Main And Biddle Sts.Streets , Saint Louis.

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We invite your attention to tho list of Agricultural Implements and Machines manufactured by as, viz.—
Moffit'S Premium Ohio Thresher And Separator .

We own the exclusive right to manufacture these celebrated Machines in this Territory, and offer to the farmers of
the West and South a Thresher unrivalled in workmanship and style of finish.

They Thresh and Clean more Grain, Without Waste, and with less power, than any other now in use.

It took the First Premium at the Fair of the "St. Louis Agricultural and Mechanical Association," at St. Louis, and
at the "Illinois State Fair," at Centralis, Ill., in 1858, after a strongly contested trial, in competition with all the best
Machines now sold in this market.

Page & Child'S Patent Portable Saw Mills,
For Steam, Water or Horse Power. Owning the Right for the .Manufacture and Sale of tbese justly celebrated Mills,
we are prepared tn fill all orders promptly, and to furnish foil sets of Steam Machinery at abort notice, and can
send experienced Machinists to eroct and set them in operation.

Selby'S Patent Grain Drill And Broadcast Sower:
Simple in construction, and the most mccessfulin operation of any Prill ever made. It economizes labor and time,
and is Invaluable To The Farmer.

Dederick'S Patent Parallel Lever Hay & Cotton Press,
For convenience and power of operation, is unequalled. It is worked withgreat facility, and combines more Strength
and Mechanical Skill than any other Press ever offered to the public, and has alwayagiveu the best of satiatoction
Chinese Sugar Cane Mills, for either Horse or Hand Powers.

We Are Also, Sole Agents For
Amehs' Celebrated Complete Flouring Mills,
Grinding and Bolting at a Single Operation.

Corn And Feeb Mills Of All Sizes,
Both Upper And Under Runners.

Premium Portable Farm And Forest Engines,
Unrivalled for general farm purposes, or, with Portable Steam Saw, for Felling Trees and Cross-cutting Timber.

Reaping, Mowing And Raking Machines.

Stone & Ward's Saw Cummers; Mkt and Leather Belting; Smut Mills, and Mill Fixtures generally,
Constantly On Hand.

AllAll articles manufactured or sold by us are warranted to be well and substantially built and to do good work, with
proper management.

Pamphlets and Circulars, containing, full and detailed descriptions of all of the above Machines, together with
the prices rind terms of sale, will bo forwarded by mail, upan application to us or any of our Agents.

Clark, Richardson & Co.Company