St. Louis directory :
Gorton, William R., (J.C. Havens & Co.Company ;) r.residence 192 Lo-
Gosejohann, Henry, (P. Hase & Co.Company ;) r.residence 129n.north 8th
Gosfert, Xavier, baker , bds.boards es. Columbus b.between Emmet
and Lesperance
Gosker, Henry, wagonmaker , bds.boards 73 O'Fallon
Gosmann, John, clerk ,r.residence 77 Franklin av
Gosnare, Anthony, cabinetmaker , bds.boards 779 Broadway
Gosnell, George, landoffice, 263s.south 7th
Gosnell, Greenberry, moulder ,r.residence es. 2d bet.between Howard
and e.east Moand
Goss, Finton, bricklayer , 16thc.corner Madison
Gosse, JosephB., , (Gosse & Burrichter;) r.residence 10th bet.between
Cass av.avenue and O'Fallon
Gosse & Buriichter , (Joseph B.Gosse, and Anthony
Burrichter, ,) carpenters , 9th bet.between Biddle and
Gossel, August, tinsmith , bds.boards 139 Carondelet av
Gossman, Christian, printer , bds.boards Missouri Hotel
Gosson, Jacob, cooper , bds.boards ns.northside Lafayette b, 8th and
Gostorf, Veronica, wid.Ephraim, , (Gostorf & Forth;)
r.34 Carondelet av
Gostorf & Furth , (VeronicaGostorf, and Samuel
Furth, ,) grooers , 38 and 40 Carondelet av
Gothland, Sebastian, tailor , rear Buel near Marion
Gotsch, Edward, cooper ,r.residence ne.northeast c.corner 9tha ndn.north Market
Gotsch, Oscar E.teacher , rear Germ.Lath, church,
13th sw.south west c.corner Salisbury
Gost, John N.. elk, bds.boards Matteson Hotel
Gottburg, Peter, blacksmith , bds.boards 245 s, 4th
Gottes, Freund, 29½n.north 3d
Gottenbaum, Herman, lab.laborer , ws. Ulrici near Clark av
Gottensteed, Frederick, cooper ,r.residence 61 Chambers
Gotteritz, Gustavus. cooper , bds.boards 38s.south 10th
Gottfreid, Andy, butcher , r, Webster bet.between Broadway
and 9th
Gotty, Peter, (Lienen & Gotto;) bds, 237 Carondelet
Gottschalk, Charles W.,city treas.treasurer , city hall;
andpres.president Washington mut. fire ins.Co.Company ;) r.residence 65
Carondelet av
Gottschalk, Ferdinand, bailiffpub.public schools,r.residence al.alley bet.between
Carondelet av.avenue and Jackson near Miller
Gottschalk, Louis, druggist , bds.boards 83 Carondelet av
Gotteschamer, Emil, butcher , 1 Mound market;r.residence
Dockc.corner Broadway
Gottschaatmer, Eggerts, butcher , 3 Biddle market;r.residence
17th b.between Warren and Benton
Gottschammer, George, 17th b.between Warren and Benton
Gottwald, Joseph, stonemason , ws. 2lst,c.corner Frank-
lin av
Gottzian, Frank, lab.laborer , ns. Marion, near 7th
Gottzieb, Ernst, lab.laborer , ss.south side Mallinckrodt; b.between Btoadway
and 2d
Goubatz, John, saloon , bds.boards Muilanphy, sw.south west c.corner Main
Goubatz, Philip, (William H. Smith & Co.Company ,) r.residence Mui-
lanphy, sw.south west c.corner Main
Gough, John, tailor , 103 n, 3d
Gough, Michael, limeburuer , bds.boards Sidney, b.between 7th and
Gould, Charles P., tanner , ns. Carondelet av.avenue b.between
Lynch and Lane
Gould, Edwin, (Gould & Hcgney,) Columbus, b.between
Harper and Louisa
Gould, Emerson W., steamboatcaptain, & Supt.
St. L.0. & N.0.R.R. Line ;r.residence Pine, b.between 17th
and 18th
Gould & Hegney , (EdwinGould, and NeilHeg-, ,) rope factory , ws. Columbus, b.between Harper
and Louisa
Goulet, J., shoemaker , bds.boards Washington House
Gouley, G. Frank, (Randuls, Gouley & Co.Company ,) and
(Gouley & Co.Company ,) r.residence 26n.north 15th
Gouley & Co.Company , (IsaacLightner, and G. Frank
Gouley, ,) forwarders , East St, Louis
Gourieux, Dominique, architect , 5s.south 4th;r.residence same
Gourlay, George, apothecary , 264 Broadway
Gouselman, Francis, lab.laborer ,es. Clay, b.between Montgomery
and Spring
Govett, Louis W., carpenter , bds.boards 57 Collins
Gower, R. M., heater , bds.boards nw.northwest o. Buflsell ar. and
Goyer, Alexander, steamboatcaptain , 116w.west Mound
Goyer, Alexander, steamboatmate , al.alley b.between 10th and
11th, near Howard
Goyer, Sophie, wid.Antoine, , boardinghoose, 1s.south
Goyert, John H., porter , Moflett and Schroter ,r.residence
266 Wash
Gozzello, Peter, watchman , Randolph, , c. 12th
Grabba, George, carpenter , as. Franklin av.avenue b.between Ewing
aud Garrison av
Grnbe, Mary, wid.Henry , 289 Morgan
Grabcr, William, lab.laborer , es. Bellefontaine road, b.between Des-
trehan and Mallinckrodt
GraftB, Alfred, carpenter , Washington av.avenue b.between Garri-
son and Grand av
Grable, Alfred, foreman , John Francisco,r.residence nw, city
Grable, Joseph, carpenter , bds.boards Washington av.avenue b.between
Garrison av and Grand av
Graca, William, drayman , sa. Spring, b.between Mercer and
Grace Church , (Episcopal,) Marion place, War-
ren st
Grace, Daniel R., deputy sheriff , 13th, b.between O'Fallon
and Cass av
Grace, Johanna, wid.Edward, , 412 Morgan
Grace, John, lab.laborer , as. Mallinckrodt, b.between Bellefontaine
road and 9th
Grace, John, surveyor and civilengineer , H. W.Lef-, , 93 Chesnut
Grace, Michael, boatman , 16th, b.between Davis and Cass
Grace, Richard, lab, , bds.boards ss.south side Mallinckrodt, b.between Belle-
fontaine road and 9th
Grace, Thomas, (Burke & Grace,) bds.boards O'Fallon
Grace, William, lab.laborer , 137n.north 10th
Gracey, George, engineer , 265 Carondelet av
Gracy, John, mate , es. 10th, b.between Montgomery and
Grader, Barton, blacksmith , ws. 11th, near, Angel-
Grader, William, patternmaker , ws. 11th, near An-
Gradolf, William, painter , bds.boards Franklin, av.avenue b, 9th
and 10th
Grady, Dennis, waiter , Everett House, bds.boards same
Grady, George, glovemaker , Wash, b.between 17th and 18th
Grady, Georgefinisher , Washington foundry
Grady , B. F., (William dwell, & Co.Company ,) r.residence
Washington av.avenue nw.northwest c.corner 5th
Grady, James, stoveinoulder , ws. 2d, b.between Florida and
Grady, Jeremiah, cooper , 135n.north 13th
Grady, John, drayman , Stoddard av.avenue near Hickory
Grady, John, lab.laborer , ns. Spruce, h. 13th and 14th
Grady, John B., boots and shoes , 67 Franklin av ;r.residence
Grady, Margaret, wid.Timothy, , 9th, near Rutgers
Grady, Martin, lab.laborer , 9th, near Rutgers
Grady, Michael, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between 7th and 8th, near
Grady, Michael, lab.laborer , bds.boards Walnut, sw.south west c.corner 5th
Grady, Richard, lab.laborer , bds.boards 101 Green
Graeber, George, bellows inaufr. , Morganc.corner 28th
Graebert, Lawrence, lab.laborer , al.alley near 11th, b.between Wash and
Franklin av
Graeff, Louis, moulder , ns.n.north Market, b.between 14th and
Graf, Barbara, wid.Henry, , rear 217 Franklin av
Graf, Fritz, porter , E. Schneider & Co.Company , 7th, b.between Ma-
rion und Barry
Graf, Henry, merchant , bds.boards 255s.south 2d
Graf, Jacob, cook , rear 66s.south 2d
Graf, John, carpenter , bds.boards 43n.north 3d
Graf, Joseph, tailor , Park av.avenue c.corner Buel
Grafe, Herman, butcher , 12 City market;r.residence near 3
mile house
Graff, Avia, wid.John, , 170 Biddle