St. Louis directory :
Gray, Howard, (Kincer & Gray,) bds.boards 455n.north 9th
Gray, Jesse P., clerk , Bradford A Bro. ,r.residence 134 a. 11th
Gray, John B., (John McNeil & Co.Company ,) r.residence 133 Washing-
ton av
Gray, John H., painter , bds.boards Matteson Hotel
Gray, John L., (col'dcolored ) cook , St. Charles, Betbetween 7th
and 8th
Grav, Joseph, (Gray ABrust, ,)r.residence 140 Collins
Grav, Karl, 9sn.north 10th
Gray, Melvin L., lawyer , 4 Post Office build-
ing;r.residence 245 Pine
Gray, Seneca M., agt.agent Great Western Dispatch,
r. 62 Myrtle h. 3d aud 4th
Gray, Silas W., (Rulx & Co.Company ,) cs. 15th b.between Market and
Gray, Thaddeus, s.b.between engineer , bds.boards 58w.west Brooklyn
Gray, Washington, (colored,) drayman , ah near Mor-
gan, b.between 7th and 8th
Gray, William, pilot ,r.residence 13 Orange
Gray, William A., druggist , bds.boards American
Gray, William C., engineer ,r.residence Picotte ne.northeast c.corner DeKalb
Gray, William H., painter , bds.boards 16 Collins
Gray, William H..porter , ws. 7th near Wash
Gray, Zorado, wid.John, ,r.residence ws. 10th b.between Montgomery
and Spring
Gray & Brust , (JosephGray, and Christian
Brust., ) batters , se.southeast c.corner Market and 2d
Greaf, William, butcher ,r.residence al.alley b.between Carondelet av.avenue and
Jackson, near Miller
Grease, Henry, carpenter , 12th b.between O'Fallon and Cass
Greasley, Robert, boatman , 13th b.between O'Fallon and
Great Wabash Valley R.R. Offices , n. 4th
c. Olive and 54n.north Levee. (See advt't.)
Great Western Dispatch , (S. M.Gray, agt.agent ,)
12n.north Main
Great Western Passenger Agency , (B.
F.Stout., ) 44n.north 4th
Great Western Railroad Office , 4 City
Greavis, Franklin, carpenter , llth sec. Montgomery
Greavis, John, watchmaker ,r.residence 93n.north 4th
Grebe, Henry, carpenter , 240 Wash
Gredel, Philip, grocer 518 Morgan;r.residence same
Gredinghagen, Louis, silverplater , 132n.north 13th
Gredoox, George, candleniaker , bds.boards ss.south side Market near
Gree, Robert, moulder , ns. Soulard near Decattir
Greek, Joseph, lab.laborer , 0al.alley near Rutgers b.between 7thand 8th
Greekheiser, George A., turner , 141 Collins
Greeley, Carlos S., (Greeley & Gale,) r.residence c. 16th and
Lucas Place
Greeley & Gale , (Carlos S.Greeley, , Cyrus B.
Burnham, & Daniel B.Gale, ,) wholesale grocers ,
86n.north 2d
Green, Mrs., wid.,r.residence 49n.north 9th
Green, —, steamboat mate , ns. Mound above
Green, Abner, machinist ,r.residence es. Jackson near Miller
Green, Albert, spokemaker , al.alley b.between Uth and 10th near
Green, Alexander, (colored,) lab.laborer , 33s.south 9th
Green, Ann M., boardinghouse Franklin av.avenue c.corner 16th
Green, Caleb F., bookkeeper , H. A.Conant, , 79n.north 2d
Green, Charles,r.residence 97 Olive
Green, Chales W.,) Green & Bro.,) r.residence 137 Chest-
Green, Columbus, boatman , bds.boards 197n.north 14th
Green, Cyrus S..(C.S. Green & Co.Company ,) r.residence 107 Col-
Green, Daniel, gardener ,r.residence Arsenal near Gravois Road
Green, David P., supt.superintendant St. Louis Car Wheel Co.Company , es.
Sltli b.between Salisbury aud Farrar
Green, Dennis, cooper , rear 628 Locust
Green, Edward, (colored,) porter , 14 Spruce
Green, Edward, blacksmith , bds.boards 61 Rutgers
Green, Edward B., gilder , bds.boards 80n.north 7th
Green, Erastus R., lawyer , 42 Cherry;r.residence 6, b.between Frank-
lin av.avenue and Morgan
Green, George,r.residence al,bet.between 10th end llth near Clark
Green, George, stonecutter , bde. 156n.north 11th
Green, Geb, woodboatinan , ss.south side Monroe b.between 13th and
Green, Henry S., treasurer St. Lonis Theatre,r.residence 407
Green, Hoyt, foreman St. Louis Car Wheel Works,
bds.boards Matteaon Hotel
Green, Isaac, student , bds, 102 Morgan
Green, Isaac T., late lumber dealer ,r.residence 34 Howard
Green, Israel, carpenter , bds.boards 199n.north 7th
Green, Jacob G., teams tor ,r.residence ss.south side Chrysty av.avenue near
Green, James, carpenter , 156w.west 13th
Green, John, boatman , 144n.north 13th
Green, John, lab.laborer , 161n.north 8th
Green, John A., finisher , bds.boards Franklin av.avenue c.corner 16th
Green, Jonas U., (Green & Bro.,) bds.boards Barnum's
Green, Joseph, saddler ,r.residence ws. 19thc.corner Franklin av
Green, Mary, wid.Lonis, , (colored,) laundress , al.alley
near 4th b.between Walnut and Market
Green, Michael, Anna near Jackson
Green, Michael, lab.laborer ,r.residence Wash b.between 21st and 22d
Green, Michael, machinist , bds.boards 221 Green
Green, Oliver, wines and liquors , 65n.north Levee;r.residence 243
Pine b.between 13th and 14th
Green, Orange F., liquorstore , 87s.south 7th.r.residence 258 Ches-
Green, Philip, boxsawyer ,bds.boards ws.west side Uth b.between Chambers
and Webster
Green, Philip, shoemaker , es. Beliefontaine roadn.north of
Green, Samuel, (col'd,) wood and coal, 167n.north 8tn;r.residence
alley near Wash bet.between 8th and 9th
Green, Theodore P., lawyer , 52J Cheannt; r.
ws. 15th b.between Market and Walnut
Green, Thomas, (Partridge &, Co.Company ,) bds.boards 49 8. 5th
Green, Thomas, lab.laborer ,r.residence 221 Locust
Green, Thomas, lab.laborer , 64 Olive
Green, Thomas E., baker , bds.boards , 40 Wash
Green, Thomas N., steward , bds.boards 142 Market
Green Tree Brewery , (Joseph Schneider & Co.Company ,) 135
Green, William, boatman , 145 Wash
Green, William, cabinetmaker , aa. Franklin av.avenue bet.between
19th and 20th;r.residence same
Green, William, lab.laborer ,r.residence ns. Christy av.avenue b.between 22d and 23d
Green, William, shoemaker , ws. 14th near Chambers
Green, William, jr.junior , carpenter , bds.boards ws.west side 14th near
Green C.S. & Co.Company , (Cyrus S.Green, and William
B.Mason, ,) wholesale clothing , 6n.north Main. (See
Green & Brother , (CharlesW., and JonasU., ,)
wholesale boots and shoes , 113n.north Main, ne.northeast c.corner
Vine. (See advt.)
Green & Co.Company , (Coles Green & -,) real estate agents ,
16n.north 2d;r.residence 39n.north 12th
Greenagle, Henry, baker , bds.boards 394s.south 2d
Greenan, Bernard, stonemason , Cass av.avenue b.between 9th and
Greene, Charles C., (M'Cloy & Greene,) 97 Olive
Greene, Colton, (Stephen lioyt tfc Co.Company ,) bds.boards Barnnm's
Greene, Harriet L., wid.George, , boardinghouse, 70
n. Gth
Greene, Mosley,engraver , 94n.north 4th;r.residence Randolph ws.
Greene, Richard, clerk , J.McGrath, , bds.boards 262n.north 8th
Greene, William R., bookkeeper , S. & J. Hamill , bds.boards
6th below Pine
Greene, Wm. W., pres. Globe insurance ca,r.residence 155
Greener, James, finisher , bds.boards 346n.north 2d
Greener, Thomas, lab.laborer , Laclede Iron works
Greenfield, George, blacksmith , 337 a. 7th
Greenfield, James, drayman , 208 Broadway
Greenfield, Newton L., (Greenfield, Binder & Co.Company ,)
bds.boards 68 Olive