St. Louis directory :
Griffin, Phillip, gasmakcr , gasworks
Griffin, Patrick, lab.laborer , Cass av.avenue c.corner 17th
Griffin, Patrick, lab.laborer , 29 Christy av
Griffin, Patrick, lab.laborer , ss.south side Warren b.between 15th and 16th
Griffin, Timothy, lab.laborer , 119s.south Main
Griffith, George W., carpenter ,r.residence sw.south west c.corner 16th and
Griffith, Henry, clk. , Joseph B.Sherer, ,r.residence 62 Spring
Griffith, James, veterinary surgeon , office 6th sw.south west c.corner
Chesnut;r.residence 102n.north 11th
Griffith, James S., (Hatch & Griffith,) bds.boards 61
St. Charles
Griffith, John, candlemaker , Goodwin & Anderson
Griffith, John, collector , 131 Christy av.avenue ;r.residence same
Griffith, John R., wood and coal dealer , 167n.north 4th;r.residence
40 es. 16th
Griffith, M., teamster , Belcher's sngarhonse
Griffith, Thomas H., steamboat captain ,r.residence 76 Collins
Griffith, William, baker , es. 11th bet.between Spring and
Griffith, William, finisher , bds.boards 126 Collins
Griffith, William, painter , 128 Morgan;r.residence same
Griffith, William, heater , 1404 Broadway
Griffith, John, bricklayer , 86 Chesnut;r.residence Hicks bet.between
Olive and Locust
Grigg, George, clerk ,r.residence es. 18th Betbetween Morgan and
Christy av
Grillo, Augustus, grocer , 9n.north Levee;r.residence same
Grim, Edward, tinsmith , bds.boards Madisonc.corner 9th
Grim, Frank, lab.laborer , 178n.north 10th
Grim, , cigarmaker , bds.boards 90s.south 2nd
Grimeaur, Joseph, lab.laborer , ws. 2nd bet.between Buchanan and
Grimes, Francis, lab.laborer , ne.northeast c.corner 2nd and Howard
Grimes, Henry S., (McNair & Grimes,) r.residence 1G4n.north 4th
Grimes, Patrick, lab.laborer , al.alley near 7th Betbetween Green and
Grimes, Patrick, lab.laborer , 133 Carr
Grimes, Thomas, butcher , 209 Morgan
Grimley, Frank, carpenter , alley, b.between Franklin av.avenue and
Wash, near 14th
Grimm, Florence, bartender ,r.residence Poplar, b.between 3rd and 4th
Grimm, Hugo, cigarmaker ,r.residence 2nd, b.between Plum and Pop-
Grimminger, Martin, shoedealer , Market,c.corner Manches-
ter road;r.residence same
Grimmiuger, MartinJr.junior , shoemaker , bds.boards Market,c.corner
Manchester road
Grimminger, William,, cigarmaker , Manchester road,
c. Market; bds.boards same
Grimsley, John J., (T. Grimsley & Co.Company ,) 43s.south 4th
Grimsley, Thornton, (T. Grimsley & Co.Company ,) 43s.south 4th
Grimsley T. & Co.Company , (ThortonGrimsley, , George
L.Stansbury, & John J.Grimsley, ,) saddle and
harnessdealers , 64n.north Main
Grinder, Jacob, butcher , es. Gth near Hickory
Giindler, Julius,saddler , 58 Plum
Grinder, Arthur S., bookkepeer , S. Engler, es. 8th,
near Cerre
Griunemeyer, Frederick, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Biddle and Carr,
near 18th
Grinstead, Robert H., physician , es. 21st,c.corner
Frankliu av.avenue ; bds.boards same
Griote, Francis, titilor ,r.residence 71s.south 2nd
Grismoud, Vslentme, carpenter ,Market, near Adolph
av.avenue ;r.residence same
Grison, Charles, cabinetmaker ,r.residence Cherokee,c.corner Iro-
Grison, Cnristopher, cabinetmaker ,r.residence se.southeast c.corner Cherokee
and Syracuse
Grisor, Frank, lab.laborer , bds.boards ss.south side Lafayetie, b.between Jackson and
Grisor, Margaret, wid.George, ,r.residence ss.south side Lafayette bet.between
Jackson and Columbus
Grisson, Daniel M., asst.assistant editor Evening News ,
r.16 Wash
Gritschler, John, bookbinder , bds.boards 503 Broadway
Grix, George, blacksmith , bds.boards 84 Franklin av
Groat, William, stairbuiider , 66n.north 10th;r.residence 192 Mor-
Grob, Henry, tailor ,r.339s.south 3rd
Grobba, Amlstead O., grocer , 197s.south 7th
Grobe, Henry, lah. ,r.residence 17th, near Penrose av
Groce, Alfred, clerk , al.alley b.between Broadway and 9th, near
Groder, Oonrad, planer ,r.residence as. Benton, b.between 13th and 14th
Groener, John, lab.laborer , al.alley near 7th, b.between Hickory and
Groener, John G., lab.laborer ,r.residence 621s.south 7th
Groenhard, Francis X., tailor , Park av.avenue , b.between 8th and
Groeninger, Frederick, clerk , 10th, b.between Orchard and
Chonteau av
Groeninger, Rudolph, grocer , 12s.south 2nd;r.residence same
Groeppel, Peter H., porter , JohnHow, ,r.residence 170n.north Main
Grogan, Michael J., musician , bds.boards 1 Morgan
Grogan, Patrick, lab.laborer , 413n.north Main
Grone, Louis, oilclothmaker , ss.south side Gratiot, near 20th;
store 7 h. 2nd;r.residence ss.south side Chouteau av.avenue , near Mis-
souri av
Grohmann, Frederick, cabinetmaker , 231s.south 2nd;r.residence
Grohmann, George, blacksmith ,r.residence Elizabeth, , near
Groinigger, Adam, bartender , bds.boards 3rd,c.corner Plum
Groll, Peter, carpenter ,r.residence 168n.north 14th
Grumer, Christian, porkpacker. Steitz, ,r.residence 344s.south 2nd
Gromer, Peter, cabinetmaker , Menard, b.between Lafayette
and Emmet
Gron, George, shoemaker , bds.boards 107 Wash
Gron, Sebastian, brewer , bds.boards es. Beliefontaine road,
b. Dock and Harrison
Grone, Henry, (H. Grone & Co.Company ,) r.residence near 11th,
b. Market and Walnut
Grone, Stephen B., druggiss , 209 Morgan,c.corner 11th;
r. same
Grone, Herman & Co.Company , (HenryGrone, , JohnWhoellen,
& HermanLamhorst, ,) sodawater manufacturers ,
ws. 11th, b.between Market and Walnut
Gronefeld, Martin, engineer , 181 Franklin av
Groneman, T. W., carpenter , 156 Franklin av
Gronemann, Frederick, biliardtable maker , Franklin
av.avenue , b.between 9th and 10th
Gronenberg, Dennis, carpe'r , ss.south side Orchard, nr. Barlow
Groner, Charles, lab.laborer , 96 Biddle
Grooms, William, engineer Patterson & Ferguson
Gropp, Frederick, cooper , bds.boards 3rd. se.southeast c.corner Haael
Gropp, George, butcher , 25n.north Market;r.residence ns.northside Morgan,
b. 24th and 25th
Gros, Jacob, wks. , St. Louis car works
Grosberler, Joseph, lab.laborer ,r.residence 446 Carondelet av
Grose, Moritz, schoolteacher , 159n.north 13th
Groshous, Balthazer, mason , bds.boards Biddle, sw.south west c.corner 13th
Groshon, Thomas, hatmanufacturer ,r.residence 58n.north 4th
Groshon, William, (Lewis & Groshon,) r.residence 36s.south 14th
Gross, Albert, saddler ,r.residence Market, near 16th
Gross, Alexander P., machinist ,r.residence 59 St. Charles
Gross, Andrew, blacksmith , bds.boards ws.west side 2d b.between Park av.avenue
and Rutgers
Gross, Anton, carpenter , bds.boards 364s.south 7th
Gross, Bernhard, cooper , al.alley b.between Carondelet av.avenue and 7th
near Carroll
Gross, Jacob, boots and shoes, 1112 Broadway;r.residence
Gross, John, cooper ,r.residence 22 Spring
Gross, John, teamster , 94n.north 9th
Gross, Leonhardt, lab.laborer , ws. 16th ab.above Howard
Gross, Michael, bartender. 233n.north Main
Gross, Nicholas, cooper , bds.boards Franklin av.avenue b.between 20th
and 21st
Gross, Simon, papercarrier , se,c.corner 3d and Market
Grosse, Diedrick, (Grosse & Schroell,) 186s.south 3d
Grosse, George, baker ; Wash b.between 14th and 15th
Grosse, Leonhardt, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between 12th and 13th, near
Grosse, Louis, blacksmith , Biddlenw.northwest c.corner 12th
Grosse & Schroell , (DiedrickGrosse, and Francis
Schroell, ,) paper boxes, 155n.north 3e
Grossenheider, Henry, saddlemaker , 308s.south Sth;r.residence
Grossenheider, Julius, harneasmaker , 250 Market;r.residence
252 Market