St. Louis directory :
Hafuer, John F., teamster , bds 271s.south 3d
Hafty, George, lab.laborer , cs. Jackson b.between 2d. and Miller
Hagadon, Henry, moulder ,r.residence al.alley b.between Rutgers and Hick
ory near 7th
Hagalwed, Charles, cooper , bds.boards Websterc.corner 10thb
Hagamann, Ella, wid.Henry, ,r.residence ws. Rosatti b.between Geyer
and Allen avs
Hagaman, Frederick, collarmaker , ss.south side Mallinckrodt b.between
Bellefontaine road and 11th
Hagan, John, carpenter , bds.boards 234 Market
Hagan, John, grocer , 195 Broadway
Hagan, P. S., wks , St. Louis carworkslUjiar I'. Sv. sl liut. carwork*
Hagarty, James, peddler , bds.boards 98n.north Levee
Hagarty, Patrick, carpenter , Columbus near Lami
Hagarty, S. E., wid.Hugh, , 50 Myrtle
Hagarty, William, lab.laborer , 27s. 13th
Hagdorn, Henry, moulder , alley nr. Rutgers b.between 6th and
Hage, Henry, teamster , ss.south side railroad nr. High
Hage, William, butcher , North market,ns.northside Sidney, b.between
Jackson and Columbus
Hagebaumer, Herman, cabinetmaker , bds.boards O'Falloa
c. 12th
Hagebock, Augusts, lithographer , bds.boards Market, b.between
8th and 9th
Hagebock, John, lithographic printer ,r.residence 3d b.between Fine
and Olive
Hageboge, F., at Belcher'a sugar house
Hagebrock, Mary, wid.Henry, , rear 135n.north 10th
Hagedorn, Frederick, blacksmith , bds.boards ns.northside Warren b.between
Broadway and 9th
Hagele, Louis, cook , ns. Hickory nears.south 7th
Hageman, Henry, enginedriver , 61 Plum
Hagemann, Adolph, physician , 23d bet.between Carr and
Biddle;r.residence same
Hagemann, August, grocer , Carrc.corner 17th;r.residence 17th b.between
Carr and Biddle
Hagemann, Frederick, fishmonger , North market;r.residence
58 Franklin av
Hagemann, John, porter Lockwood & Pearson
Hagcmann, Peter C., lab.laborer , 5n.north 10th
Hagemann, Simon, lab.laborer , al.alley bet.between llth and llth near
Cane av
Hegemeier, Charles H., carpenter , O'Fallonc.corner 9th
Hagemeier, Frank, lab.laborer , Can av.avenue c.corner Pth
Hagemeier, Frank, tailor , 174n.north loth
Hagemeier, Henry, cabinetmkr , bds.boards Bremen Exch'ge
Hagrmeier, William, brickmkr ,r.residence n. Market ab.above 16th
Hagemeier, William, clerk. 151n.north 13th
Hagemeyer, Wiiiiam, grocer , sw.south west c.corner Mercer and Gam-
ble av
Hagen, Owen, te,. repairer , courthouse
Hagen, William, bartender. bds.boards 9thc.corner Market
Hagenath, Charles D., clerk ,r.residence 9thc.corner Brooklyn
Hagenecker, Fritz, lab.laborer , rear Salisbury near 12th
Hagens, George.porkpacker , 259s.south 2d;r.residence 2d b.between Con-
vent and Rutgers
Hagens, James, foreman G.Hagens, , 4th b.between Hickory
and Rutgers
Hagensek, Henrv, carpenter , es. Bellefontaine road
bet.between tcstreturn and Mallin.krodt
Hagensiker, Frederick.lab.laborer , Salisbury b.between llth & 12th
Hager, Carl, (Louis Adrian & Co.Company ;) r.residence ns. Carondelet
av.avenue near Jai k-*n
Hager, Casper,r.residence 28n.north 7th
Hager, Henry, (Hager & Bros.;) bds.boards 28n.north 7th
Hager, John, bakery , 349n.north 2d
Hager, John, (Hager & Bros.;) r.residence 28n.north 7th
Hagvr, Lorenzo, policeman ,r.residence ws. 5th b.between Rutgers and
Park av
Hager, Otto, (Hager & Co.Company ;) bds.boards as. FranUin av.avenue b.between
20th and 21st
Hager, Samuel, (Keemle & Hager,;) r.residence Hickroy near
St. Ange av
Hager, William, (Hager & Bros.;) bds.boards 28n.north 7th
Hager & Brothers, (John, William and Henry,) car-
riage manfrs , nw.c.corner 6th and Chesnut
Hager & Co.Company , (OttoHager, and AugustDencker, ,)
feedstore, ss.south side Franklin av.avenue b.between 20 the and 21st
Hagerman, C., peddler , 6d . 165 Broadway
Hagermker, William, salesman ,r.residence 149n.north 14th
Hagerty, Edward, drayman , 67 Carr
Hagerty, John, wks. St. Louis carworks
Hagerty, patrick, clertk , ws. Columbus b.between Douchog-
quetter and Lami
Hagerty, Patrick, lab.laborer , rearc.corner 2d and Cedar
Hagerty, Thomas, lab.laborer , near Green and 7th
Hagestorf, Charles, carpenter , Washc.corner 22d
Haget, James, drayman , ns. Gamble av.avenue near Naomi.
Haggeman, Henry, enginedriver , Plum b.between 2d and 3d
Haggerman, Frederick, teamster ,r.residence ss.south side Benton bet.between
13th and 14th
Hajrgrrty, Willtan.elk. , bds.boards 52 Market
Haggcrtr, William H..(GoaaeUy & Haggerty;) r.residence 135
n. 3d
Hagise, Louis, producedealer , 138 Market
Hagle, Charles, ropemaker , 13th near Angelrodt
Hagspiel, John, cabinetmaker ,r.residence nw.c.corner 7th awl Ma-
Hague, John F., batcher , 9 North market; r. Bellefen-
taine road b.between Taylor and Dock
Habenlen, Theodore, combmaner , 353 Carondelet av.;
r. same
Hahl, Jacob, watchman drydock. r.residence es. short b.between Wood
and Miller
Hahn, Albert H., brewer. ws. l4th near Howard
Hahn, Charles, clerk. bds.boards 3d b.between Plum and Cedar
Hahn, Charles Aug..machinist ,r.residence Carroll bat. Jack-
son and Carondelet av
Hahn, Conard J., salesman Elizah G.Tuttle, ,r.residence 3d b.between
Plum and Cedar
Hahn, George, lab.. 419s.south 2d
Hahn, Gustave, bookkeeper , bds.boards 178 Green
Hahn, Henryfinisher , 371s.south 3d
Hahn, John B., tailor , 176s.south 3d
Hahn, Margaret Ann, wid.Andreas, , al.alley b.between 11th and
12th near Carr
Hahn, Michael, blocktnaker , 104n.north 9th
Hahn, William, lab.laborer , 142n.north 9th
Hahn, William, plasterer , al.alley b.between DeKalb and Oolam-
bus near Sidney
Hahn, William J., clerk Cole & O'Hara , r,ws. 3d bet.between
Plum and Cedar
Hahn, Henry, brickmkr ,r.residence at. Ptcotu naar City hos-
Habuct, August, cooper , at Belcher & Bro's
Hahm, John, porter , Convent b.between 3d and 4th
Hahr, William, at Belcher's sugarhouse
Haibrock, Catharine, widow.141 Collins
Haiden, George C., stonecutter , bds.boards 170 Franklin av
Haigh, Simeon, steamboat prop. , 26 Labeaume
Haigh, William, bds.boards Denison House
Haigley, John.mason , es. Step near Tradeau
Haight, William, wood aad cualdeakr , 69 a. 4th;
r. Gravoui road
Hail, Nancy, wid.Benjamin., r.residence at. c. lOtb and Mad-
Hailegstedt, John C., blacksmith , 123 Green
Haimach, Jacob, porter H. A.Conant,
Haines, Benjamin, (Benson & Haines;) boards 351
Haines, Josiah, grainer and marbler ,r.residence 58 Gay
Haines, Lewis F., clerk , 83n.north 3d
Haines, Michael, lab.laborer , alley near Wash b.between 7th and 8th
Hainsworth, Jonas, miller , bds.boards 142n.north 7th
Hainwrigth, Patrick, lab.laborer , 16th b.between Cass av.avenue aad Mul-
Haisley, John, stonemasion , ns. Picotte b.between Kosciusko
and DeKalb
Haitirt, Williamvarnisher , c.n.north Market and 14th
Haitmann, Joseph, woodsawyer ,r.residence ss.south side Choutean av.avenue
near Pratte av
Hak, Jacob, slater ,r.residence 199n.north 3d
Haka, Joseph, Butcher , bds.boards Market near Manchester
Hakalkamp, Victor,r.residence 175 a. 6th
Hake, Hermann, lab.laborer , ns. Malllackrodt near 12th
Hake, Herman, ( (Hake, Freeman & Co.Company ;) r.residence 114n.north 10th
Hake, Louis, bootmaker , 117 Morgan;r.residence same
Hake, Louis, salesman 207 Broadway;r.residence 116n.north 10th
Hake, Maurice, whitewasher , 174 Franklin av