St. Louis directory :
Baharns, Charles, carpenter , ss.south side Madison b.between 14th & 15th
Bahart, Leonard, brewer ,r.residence es. 2nd Cerondelet avenue
near Geyer avenue
Bahler, Alexander, bookkeeper , (Louis Paris J 30 Elm
Bab man, John H., dairyman , ws. Carondelet av.avenue b.between
Ann av.avenue and Russell av.avenue ;r.residence same
Bahn, John, lab.laborer , Wash b.between 21st and 22d
Bahn, Margaret, widow of Patrick; rear Wash b.between 21st
and 22d
Bahneng, Louisa, widow of William;r.residence alley b.between Jack-
son and Columbus near Miller
Banner, John, alley b.between 10th and llth near Biddle
Bahnstadt, Henry, gardener , bds.boards Grand av.avenue near Page
Bahrs, August, clerk , bds.boards c.corner 7th and Hickory
Bailey, Alexander, (colored,) porter 97 Wash
Bailey, Ann, widow of William, , 57 Biddle.
Bailey, Charles C., bookseller , 94n.north 4tb;r.residence 78n.north 6th
Bailey, Charles H., bookkeeper George Bailey; bds.boards
Virginia Hotel
Bailey, Frederick, shoemaker , bds.boards Market near La-
clede avenue
Bailey, George, carriagedealer , 103n.north 3d; bds.boards Vir-
ginia Hotel
Bailey, George S., groeer ,'291 Broadway;r.residence 252s.south 7th
Bailey, Isaiah, (colored,) steward, bds.boards 97 Wash
Bailey, John, carpenter , 281 Carr
Bailey, John C., clerk , (Buchanan & Co.Company ,) bds.boards 16th
c. Wash
Bailey, John C.M., clerk , 210 Broadway
Bailey, Richard, coachmakcr , 470n.north 9th
Bailey, Richard A., blacksmith , r. 470 9th
Bailey, Robert B., pilot ,r.residence Chouteau av.avenue near 13th
Bailey, 8Amukl H., wholesale confectioner , 74
n. 3d;r.residence 120 Olive.
Bailey, Stephen P., shipcarpenter , Washc.corner n.north 16th
Bailey, William, machinist , 57 Biddle
Bailey, William, moulder ,r.residence ws. 2d b.between Howard and
east Mound
Bailey, William, teamster , 95n.north 17th
Bailie, John, carpenter , 231 Carr
Baillenl, Hillary, (Sears & Bailleul,) r. 85 Market
Bain, Colin, grocer , 906 Broadway; r, same
Bain, Martin, lab.laborer 135 O'Fallon
Baier, John, clerk , bds.boards 253 Carondelet av
Baier, Mary, wid. Caspar ,r.residence es. 10th b.between Montgomery
and Warren
Baird, James, ostler , r. 23 Howard
Baird, Robert, teamster , at Belcher's sugar house
Baist, Louis, cooper , bds.boards 381 Franklin av
Baker, Alexander H., bookkeeper John B. Gibson &
Co.Company , bds.boards City Hotel
Baker, Andrew, boardinghouse , 89n.north Levee.
Baker, Antoine F., lab.laborer ,r.residence ns. Allen av.avenue b.between Fulton and
Baker, Anton, teamster , near 21st, b.between Morgan
and Franklin av
Baker, Barton W., steamboat captain ,r.residence St. Charles
road, b.between Lemngwell and Ewing avs
Baker, Caspar, miller ,r.residence al.alley near Emmet, b.between Caronde-
let avenue and Jackson
Bilker, Catharine, wid. of Jacob, bds.boards 200 Franklin av
Biker, Charles, riverman , bds.boards 188n. 4th
Baker, Charles F., china , glass, &c. 114n.north 4th,
r. 131n.north 12th
Baker, Charles K., steamb't capt. , bds.boards 206 Christy av
Baker, Christopher, moulder , bds.boards ws.west side Columbus, b.between
Lafayette and Emmet
Baker, Francis P., clerk , bds.boards 39 b.between 3d
Baker, Frederick, blacksmith , 230 Market,r.residence same.
Baker, Frederick, cooper ,r.residence es. Broadway, b.between Farrar
and Bremen av
Baker, Frederick, patternmaker , r, 963 Broadway
Baker, George, r. Columbus, ne.northeast c.corner Lami.
Baker, George, cooper , bds.boards es. Jackson, b.between Soulard
and Carroll
Baker, George R., bookkeeper Bennett & Thompson,
r. 116 Olive
Baker, Henry, blacksmith , bds.boards 14th, bet.between Wash and
Baker, Henry, cigarstore , s. 2d, b.between Mulberry and
Lombard ;r. Mulberry, b.between 2d and 3d
Baker, Henry, cooper , bds.boards al.alley near Emmet, b.between Coaron-
delet av and Jackson
Baker, Henry, tanner ,r.residence es. Columbus, b.between Carroll and
Baker, Henry C., machinist , se.southeast c.corner Green and 3d
Baker, Hermann, lab.laborer , 14th near Jefferson
Baker, James, lab.laborer , 132 Collins
Baker, James, porter , 252n.north Main,r.residence Collins near Ash-
Baker, James, teamster , bds.boards 95n.north 17th
Baker, John, filemaker , 87B Broadway
Baker, John, lab.laborer ,r.residence es. De Kalb, b.between Lafayette and
Baker, John, lab.laborer , as, Monroe, between 13th and 14th
Baker, John, lab.laborer ,r.residence al.alley b.between Palm and Wright, near 9th
Baker, John, miller , bds.boards 237s.south 3d
Baker, John, physician , 7thc.corner Morgan;r.residence same
Baker, John, plasterer ,r.residence al.alley b.between Bond and Menard,
near Ann av
Baker, John, sausagemaker , 364s.south 2d,r.residence same
Baker, John B., chairmaker , bds.boards 16th, b.between Biddle and
Baker, John P., (Humphreys, Terry & Co.Company ) r. 61 St.
Baker, John P., baker , 1023 Broadway;r.residence same
Baker, Joseph; clerk Board Delegates,r.residence 167n.north 7th
Baker, Joseph, lab.laborer , r. 176 Mulberry
Baker, Joseph, shoemaker ,r.residence ws, Carondelet av.avenue , bet.between
Allen & Russell avs
Baker, Leaken D., (L.D. Baker k Co.Company , and John B.
Gibson & Co.Company ) r. 204 Morgan
Baker, Leven H., r.ns.northside Washington av.avenue ,c.corner 13th
Baker, Leander H., physician , 131n.north 5th;r.residence same
Baker, Louis, stonecutter , r. 200 Franklin av
Baker, Magdalene, wid.Christian,r.residence nw.northwest c.corner Emmet
and Jackson
Baker, Martin L., clerk Everett House, bds.boards same
Baker, Mary, wid.Thomas, , 103 Wash
Baker, Michael, engineer , r. 103 Poplar
Baker, Peter W., bookkeeper (Charles, F.Baker) bds-
Barnum's Hotel
Baker, Philip, ss.south side Warren b.between Broadway and 9th
Baker, Philip, blacksmith , ss.south side Franklin av, near 24th;
r. same
Baker, Ralph, side 10th, near Webster
Baker, Robert, agt.agent P, Lindell,r.residence 144 Collins
Baker, Robert, lab.laborer , al.alley near Carr, bet.between 10th and 11th
Baker, Samuel, clerk , 30w.west 5th;r.residence same
Baker, Samuel S., bookkeeper , John R.Lionberger, ,
r. 146 Pine
Baker, Sarah, wid.James, , dressmaker , 164 Morgan
Baker, Theodore, auction store , 275 Broadway;r.residence
Baker, Valentine, shoemaker ,r.residence es. 7th b.between Rnesel av.avenue
and Ann av
Baker, William, carpenter , bds.boards ss.south side Geyer av.avenue bet-
Carondelet av.avenue and 7th
Baker, William, laborer , Wash b.between 13th and 14th
Baker, William B., secretary Merchants' Ex-
change , (Baker & Hildreth,) Mer.Ex.bldg ;r.residence
8th, b.between Cerre and Gratiot
Baker, William, Walnut; bds.boards 138n.north 3d
Baker, William R., (McCormick & Baker,) 3d, cor-
Washington av
Baker, Wilson C., (W.C. Baker A Co.Company ,) r. 260
Baker L.D.ACo.Company . (Leaken, D.Baker & John, B.
Gibson,) carpenters and builders , 9th, ae.c.corner St.
Baker W.C. & Co.Company , (Wilson, C.Baker, Robert, J.
Watson & Lewis, K.Palmer,) city weighers , 79
Commercial, b.between Olive and Locust
Baker & Hildreth , (William, B.Baker & Hugh,
R.Hildreth,) proprietors Merchant's Exchange
Reporter and Prices Current, Mer.Ex. bldg
Bakewell, Henry, Sheffield steel warehouse , 194
n. Main;r.residence 43 Christy av.avenue See advt.p. 32
Bakewell, Robert A., (Gareache1 & Bakewell,) ws.
Dillon, b.between Chouteau av.avenue and next st
Baldauf, Robert, bartender Frederick House; r. same
Baldwin, Alpheus, bricklayer , bds.boards 16 Collins