St. Louis directory :
Hardawav, William A., (Hardaway & Gray,) r.residence 316
n. 6th
Hard Away, & Gray, (William A. Hardaway and
Elijah L. Gray,) com mers. . Commercial Cor.corner
Hardcastle, Addison L., (Bryan, Hardcastle k Co.Company ,)
r.86s.south 5th
Hardcastle, Geo.T., (Bryan, Hardcastle k Co.Company ,) r.
141 8. 4th
Hardcaatlo, William R., clerk , United States Insu-
rance Co.Company , 63n.north Main
Harder, Francis, clerk , 22s.south Levee;r.residence 447s.south 2d
Hurdesty, Frank, (Hardesty Carter and Ransom.) r.residence
2 Ashley
Hardcsty, John C., engineer ,r.residence ne,c.corner Chambers and-
Hakdesty, , Carter & Ransom, , (Frank Har-
desty, Walker R. Carter and George M. Ran-
som,) Iron Mountain foundry, 3 Ashley
Hardin, James, teamster , bds.boards Wa*h b.between 21st and 22d
Hardin, William11., salesman , Reed k Co.Company , Chesnut
b. 3d and 4th
Harding, , at ti.W. Godfrey's,r.residence 86n.north 7th
Harding, Chester, jr.junior , (Krum & Harding,) bds.boards Plant-
ers' Hoiiise
Harding, Edward, 167 Green
HardiDg, Edward, civil engineer , bds.boards 166 Locust
Harding, George E., (Kelley & Harding,) 22S Chesnut
Harding, George M., salesman , Samuel Spencer &
Co.Company ,r.residence 82 a. 4th
Harding, Mary, wid.Thomas, G., bds.boards 29 Biddle
Harding, Nathan, shoemaker , 1288 Broadway
Harding, Roger E., (Harding 4 Bro.,) 47n.north Sth
Harding, SamuelD., 167 Green
Harding, Thomas, oystersaloon , 139 Washington av;
r. Green b.between fith and 9th
Harding, Thomas G-, 167 Green
Harding, Waiter P., (Harding & Bro.,) bds.boards Monroe
Harding & Bro., (Roger E. aud Walter P.,) dress
goods and notions, 29n.north Main, up stairs. (See
Hardman, Frederick, wagonmaker ,r.residence ns. Franklin
av.avenue b.between 14th and loth
Hardon, Benjamin L., (C.B. Hubbell, Jr.junior , & Co.Company ,) r.residence
New York
Hardon, Francis R., salesman , Elijah G.Tuttle, ,r.residence 21
n. Sth
Hardt, William, bootmaker ,r.residence Columbus b.between Miller
and Wood
Hard, wick Augustns, carriagepainter , 189 Waah
ilardy, -, fonndryman , bds.boards 146n.north llth
Hardy, Ann, wid.James, , nnrse, 161 St. Charles
Ihirdy, August, engineer ,Fulton,r. Marion and Barry
Hardy, James, carpenter , bds.boards 22 Biddle
Httrdy, James, tea.m*tear , wa. bth b.between O'Fallon and
Cass av
Hurdy, James A., 33 Chesnut
Hardy, John, butcher , 20 and 22 Lucas market;r.residence
Beaumont b.between Washington av.avenue aud St. Charles
Hardy, John, miller Atlantic Mills
Hn, .dy Thomas, blacksmith ,r.residence 161 St. Charles
Hardy, William F-, deputy collector state aud county
taxes, bds.boards 98n.north 6th
Hare, Bernhard, policeman ,r.residence 288n.north 13th
Hare, James, lab.laborer , alley b.between High and 14th near O'-
Hare, John, lab.laborer , sr. Columbia b.between Main and 2d
Hare, Matthew, lab, , ns. Florida b.between Main and 2d
Hare, Patrick, lab.laborer , Is Myrtle
Hure, Stephen, brickmaker ,r.residence Davis b.between 24th and 25th
Hureu, Gharitss, clerk Bush's brewery,r.residence 321s.south 4th
Haren, Edward, sr., 253 a. 7th
Haren, Edward, jr.junior ,office -; r. Carondelet
Hargadine, William A., (Crow, McCreery & Co.Company .) r.residence
137 Locust
Hargan, John, lab.laborer , 136n.north 13th
Hargat, Philip, baker ,r.residence alley b.between Jackson and Colum-
bus near Milier
Margate, Joseph, engraver , 26 Morgan;r.residence ea. Sth b.between
O'Fallon and Cass ar
Hatgeman, Frederick, lab.laborer , ss.south side Beaton h. 13th and 14th
Hsrgemann, William, carpenter , bda.n.north of Bantoa b.between
13th arm Uth
Harget, Margaret, wid.Melchoir , sw.south west c.corner Lami mod Co-
Hargrave, Henry, bookkeeper Von Phul, Waters &
Co.Company ,r.residence 12th b.between Market and Clark ar
HarbiU, William, lah. , 9 Howard
Harig, Albert, (Woesten * Harig,) r.residence U Fnmklin ar
Harig, Clemens, tinworker , bda. lltb, b.between Morgan and
Franklin av
Harke, Joseph, blacksmith , bds.boards Isth b.between Webster and
Harken, Francislab.laborer , c. Iowa av and Utah
Harker, George W., commercial reporter Eve-
ning News, bds 117n.north 5th
Harkin, William, gunstore , Washington ar.b.between Id
and 3d;r.residence 7Sn.north 18 th
Harkine, Hugh, com.merch. . Orchardc.corner Beckwith
Harkins, John, watchman Merchants' Bank, Chesnut
b. Sth and 6th
Harkins, John A., weigher , ne.northeast Graroig road and ar-
Harklerodca, HenryC, (Smith & Harklerodes,) r.residence
11 th b.between Madison and Jeflerson
Harklerodes, John W., (Smith & Harklerodes,) bds.boards
loth b.between Chambers and Madison
Harkness, Jacob.(Holcomb, Harkness & Stinde,) 7
City buildings
Harkness, James, (Glasgow & Harkness,) r.residence 44 St.
Harkness, Wm. B., (Holcomb, at Harkness & Stinde.)
7 City Bldgs
Harkness, William G., bookkeeper , Charles Beards-
lee & Brothers,r.residence 44 St. Charles b.between 6th and 7th
Harlan, Anna, bds.boards 165 Orange
Harlan, John, bricklayer , bds.boards 288 Franklin av
Harlan, Pleasant M., clerk , David Pearce, bds.boards Vir-
ginia Hotel
Harlan, William R., salesman , Pomeroy & Bentou,
bds.boards Virginia Hotel
Harland, Gearge, bootstore , 97 Wash;r.residence same
Harlehy, David, grocer , 364 u. 2d;r.residence same
Harless, Adolphus, drugstore , 169 Broadway;
r. same
Harlin, Thomas J., salesman , Mead, Brother 4 Co ,
bds.boards Missouri Hotel
Harlle, Henry, cattledealer ,r.residence ws. State b.between Geyer ar
and Allen av
Harlotk, James, clerk , 242 Broadway;r.residence es. 14th b.between
Chambers and Madison
Harlock, James, confectioner , es. Uth b.between Chambers
and Madison
Harlow, William L., salesman , W. M.Harlow, , 82n.north 2d
Harlow, William M. furniture warehouse, 89n.north
2d and 46 and 48 Market;r.residence 49s.south 6th
Harley, Jacob, Bhoemaber ,r.residence 1 Gay
Harman, Jacob, lab.laborer , 446 Carondelet av
Harmau, Catharine, wid.Francis M.H.,ws.west side 9th b.between
Benton aud u. Market
Harman, Mary, widJoseph, ,r.residence b.between Franklin ar.
and Morgan, near 21st
Harman, Matilda, Washington House, 176n. Main;r.residence
Harman, George, shoemaker ,r.residence ns. Salisbury near
Harmel, John, bookkeeper , Murdoch and Dickson,
bds.boards Walnnt b.between 2d and 3d
H3nnesmeyer, Henry, clerk , al.alley b.between Beliefontaine road
and llth, near Mallinckrodt
Harmon, Edward, lab.laborer , bds.boards 9 u. nth
Harmon, George, blacksmith , bds.boards 2x3n.north Main
Harmon, John, hairdresser. 102 Washington av
Harmon, Living, bookpeddler ,r.residence 171 Washington av
Harms, Preden k, tailor ,r.residence rear Springc.corner Uth
Hahmsen, Henry, iotteiyofflce , 157Market;r.residence 47
Harn, Jacob, teamster ,r.residence ws. 7th b.between Bossell ar. and
Ann av
Harn, John, quarry man ,r.residence ss.south side Geyer ar.b.between 7th and