St. Louis directory :
Heitfleld, Henry, boots and shoes, 16th c Monroe;r.residence
n. Market ab.above 16th
Heith, John, typemaker , 219 Green
Heith, Willium C,elk. , 130n.north 9th
Heitkamp, Bernhard, packer , 4th near Lombard
Heitkamp, Frederick, beersaloon , sw.south west c.corner 4th and Lom-
Heitkamp, Frederick J., grocer , 214s.south 4th and 201
s. 5th;r.residence same
Heitkamp, FrederickR., grocer , 164n.north 10th;r.residence same
Heitlage, Henry, carpenter . 230n.north 7th
Heitland, Louis, shoemaker , bds.boards 273 Market
Heitland, Philip H., lab.laborer , 168n.north 14th
Heitloff, John.riverman . r. 31 Cherry
Heitman, H., filterer , Belcher's Sugarhouse
Heitmann, Anna, wid.Henry, , 223 Carr
Heitmann, Charles, carpenter , al.alley b.between 12th and 13th
near Cass av
Heitmann, Christian, carpenter , rear 222n.north llth
Heitmann, Frederick, watchmaker , bds.boards 182n.north 4th
Heitmann, George, grocer , 216 High;r.residence same
Heitmeyer, Henry M., shoestore , 359 Market;r.residence same
Heitmeyer, William H., shoemaker ,r.residence ns. Spruce b.between
12th and 13th
Heitsmann, Philip, lab.laborer , 151n.north llth
Heittcmann, William F., teamster . 21st b.between Carr and
Heitz, Charles. (Charles Heitz, Schricker & Co.Company .)r.residence
3dc.corner Mulberry
Heitz, George, safemanfr. . 31 and 33 a. 2nd;r.residence
2nd Carondelet av,nr. Cherokee. (See advt.)
Heitz, Michael, (Charles & M. Heitz. and Charles
Schricker & Co.Company ,)r.residence 2nd Carondelet av.avenue near
Heitz, Charles, (Schricker A Co.Company , Charles Heitz,
Adam Schricker, and Michael Heitz ,) brewers ,
al.alley near Hazel ^ 3d and 4th
Heitz Charles &. M., (Charles k Michael. ) brick
yards, 2nd Carondelet av.avenue nr. Cherokee
Heitzberg, Edward, butcher , Biddle market;r.residence Pratte
av.avenue b.between Davis and Cass av
Heitzelrot, Heinrich,r.residence Missouri av.avenue c.corner Cherokee
HeiUig, Joseph, physician . 116n.north 10th
Heitzmann, Joseph, blacksmith , r. Clark av.avenue c.corner 9th
Heitismann, Lorenz, blacksmith , r. Clark av.avenue c.corner 9th
Heitz, ' Scales And Fireproof, Safes,
(Herman T.Hesse, , agt.agent ,) 51 2nd
Heizeberg, Edward, butcher , 2 Biddle market;r.residence
Pratte av.avenue b.between Davis and Cass av
Heizel, Jacob, lab.laborer , ns. Lafayette b.between Jackson and Co-
Hekear, John, teamster ,r.residence ns. Montgomery bet.between 14th
and 15th
Hckelrakamper, William A.G., bartender , Ids. Wash
c. 15th
Helaen, Louis, bartender , 154 Franklin av
Helber, Philip, finisher ,r.residence 173n.north 6th
Del bars, Paul, clk. , 242n.north 2nd
Helbert, George, brewer , bds.boards 3d se.southeast c.corner Hazel
Helbig, Jacob, baker , bds.boards s.south 3d. se.southeast c.corner Mulberry
Helby, Jacob, porkpacker r,r.residence 27ss.south 3d
Imcli, Michael, tailor , r. Morgan
Belcher, Willium, tailor , rear 216n.north llth
Held, F., filterer , Belcher's sugarhouse
Held, John, cooper , bds.boards llth btt. Marion and Park
Held, Justus, tailor , 47 Market;r.residence same
Heldebrand, Steffon, bricklayer , us. DeKalb b.between Les-
perance and Picotte
Helduser, Daniel, shoemaker , bds.boards 120s.south 2nd
Helern, Moses, (col'd.) riverman , bds.boards al.alley b.between 6th and
7th nr. Morgan
Helenhaltz, Henry, carpenter , P.R.P. machine shop
Heley, John, porter , S.Cranwill, ,r.residence Orange b.between 14th
and 15th
Heley, John, tinner , bds.boards Clark av.avenue b.between 7tb and 8th
Heley, Michael, porter , S.Cranwill, .r.Orange b.between 14th
and 16th
Helleukemp, Henry, policeman , fith b.between Wash and Carr
HelJeustein, Cbariw J., elk. , HeUeostcin, Gore & Co.Company ,
22 s 14th
Helfenstein, Cyrus G.. (C.G. Helfenstein & Co.Company ,)r.residence
118 Olive
Helfenstein, John p., (Helfenstein, Gore & Co.Company ,)r.residence
121 Olive
Helfenstein C.G. &Co.Company , (Cyrus G. Helfen-
stein & Andrew R. Donaldson,) gents' furnish-
ing, 4thnw.northwest c.corner Pine
Helfenstein, Gore &Co.Company , (John P. Helfen-
stein, Stephen D. Gore, Thomas J. Slaughter &
Charles S. Kintzing,) wh. grocers, 20n.north Levee
Helfer, Peter,porter ,r.residence se.southeast c.corner Geyer av.avenue and 7th
Helfers, Henry, drygoods, 132 Franklin av.avenue ;r.residence same
Helfrich, Joseph, tailor , bds.boards 29 Carondelet av
Helgenberg, Joseph, trimmings, 78 Market;r.residence 43
Helgenberg, Philip, salesman , Barnett & Co.Company ,r.residence 207
Helgendorf, Ernst, driver engine no. 7, bds.boards 24th bet.between
Franklin av.avenue and Wash
Helgoth, Loreittz, saddler .r.residence 82s.south 2nd
Helhutz, Henry, machinist , Pratte ar. near
Chouteau av
Heliker, Frederick, machinist , bds.boards 40 Collins
Heling, Charles, engineer , es. 9th b.between Wright and Elm
Helka, William, tailor ,r.residence nw.c.corner Lafeyette and Co-
Helkel, Christian, shoemnker . rear 192s.south 2nd
Hella, Michael, cooper , b.between llth and llth near
Helter, Hermann H,, lab.laborer , Qerer Decatur
and 10th
Heller, Jacob, tinner , bds.boards ss.south side Tradeau b.between Jackson and
Heller, Joseph, welldigger ,r.residence es. Buel bet.between Geyer av.avenue
and Allen av
Helter, Matthew, shoemaker , rns. Lami b.between Congress
and Jaokaon
Heller, Michael, (Heller & Hoffman ,) bda. 7th bet.between
Biddle aud Carr
Heller, MoseM, peddler ,r.residence 353s.south 2nd
Heller, Philip, boatman , 210n.north 9th
Heller A Hoffman. (Michael Heller. Sebastian
Hoffman,) chair manfrs. , 59 Biddle
Hellge, Henry, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Carr b.between 8th and 9th
Hcllinan, John, mason , nr.c.corner Pennsylvania av.avenue and
Gravois rd
Helling, Henry, stonecutter , 118n.north 14th
Hellman, Anna Mary, midwife , Cor.corner Minnesota and
Gravois rd
Hellman, Philip, lab.laborer , bds.boards es. llth nr. Buchanan
Heilniers, CharlesC., clerk , 181n.north Main; bds.boards ss.south side
Washington av.avenue b.between 6tb and 7th
Hellriegel, Daniel, ftioemakcr , 27 Morgan;r.residence same
Hellrieg, Frederick, clk. . C.Kruetzur, , bds.boards sw.south west c.corner la-
fayette aud Decatur
Hellrieg, Mrs., wid.,r.residence Clark av.avenue c.corner 9th
Helm, Dora, wid. Philip, , wn.Stepnr. Donchouquette
Helm, Henry, carpenter , ns. Tradeau b.between DcKalb and
Columbus;r.residence same
Helm, John, lab.laborer , ns. Salisbury nr. llth
Helm, Peter, caulker , bds.boards 39 Madison
Helman, John, lab.laborer , bds.boards es. llth b.between Angelrodt and
Helmann, John, stonemason ,r.residence Gravois road, nr.
Grand av
Helmar, William, painter ,r.residence ss.south side Virginia nr. Pratte av
Hdmbncher, Michael, (Helmbaclier, Wolff, McDonald
& Co.Company ,)r.residence ws. Columbus nr. Lami
Helmbacher, Peter. (Helmbacher, Wolff, McDonald
& Co.Company .)r.residence ws, Columbus nr. Lami
Helmbacher, Wolff. McDonald & Co.Company , (Peter Helm-
bacher, Daniel Wollf. Alexander McDonald, Mi-
chael Hcliubaclic r, and Cart Brumer,) Iron Mt'n
steam forge and ironworks, Lami se.c. Columbus
Helmer, William, painter ,r.residence es. Episcopal cemetery
b. Chouteau av.avenue udi! Park av
Helmereng, Christian, grocer , 1013 Broadway;r.residence
Helmerich, Edward, painter , wa. 3d nr. Convent;r.residence
Helnwiebe, Albert E., cigarmaker . 31s.south 3d