St. Louis directory :
Henker, Henry, lab.laborer , n. Market, ab.above 16th
Henkles, William, lab.laborer , bs. Ann av.avenue b.between 7th and Decatar
Henlen, John, carpenter , bds.boards 55 Collins
Henley, Blenious, (col"d,) hairdresser , 11 & 13 Tine;
r. same
Henley, Johnteamster ,r.residence 24 Chambers
Henley, Thomas, lab.laborer , bds.boards 24 Chambers
Henley, Thomas, (Henley & Co.Company ,)r.residence 225 Pine
Henley, Wilson, bricklayer ,r.residence 16 Biddle
Henley & Co.Company , (Thomas, J. Henley and-) forwd.forwarding
and com.mers. 11 City buildings
Henn, Harretz, 262s.south 5th
Henn, George, cardriver , al.alley b.between Carondelet av, and
7th nr. Lafayette
Henn, John B,, boots and shoes , 59 Chesnut;r.residence 141
Henn, Peter, tailor , 34 Franklin av
Henna, John, clerk , 164n.north llth
Hennans, Detlaf, carpenter ,r.residence Chambers, b. 15th and
Henne, Christ, lab.laborer , C, Juniata and Nebraska av
Heunefin, Patrick, drayman ,r.residence rear Lombard b.between 2d
and Hazel
Henneke, Henry, (H.G. Bilstein & Co.Company ,)r.residence 19s.south
Henuemann, Charles, coppersmith , bds.boards 241s.south 4th
Hennemann, Henry, burnisher , Wash, b. 15th & 16th
Heunemanu, Thomas, safemaker ,r.residence 325n.north 2d
Hennemyer, Henry, carpenter , ss.south side Salisbury b.between llth
and 12th;r.residence same
Henners, Henry, chaiimaker , bds, 13th b.between Biddle and
Hennesey, James, carpenter , Giles, F. Filley's
Hennesey, John, lab.laborer , 8 Florida
Henuesey, Patrick, carpenter , alley b.between 15th and 16th
near 0'Falton
Hennesey, Thomas, lab.laborer 29 O'Fallon
Hennesey, William, lab.laborer , Wyman, Renick & Co
Hennessey, Cornelius, lab.laborer , Wash, b. 21st and 22d
Hennessey, Martin, lab.laborer , O'Fallon, se.southeast c.corner 7th
Hennessey, Mary, wid. Cornelius, 293n.north 9th
Hennessey, Patrick, chairpainter , Labadie, nr.s.south 6th
Hetmeesey, Patrick, grocer , 274n.north 13th.r.residence same
Hennessey, Thomas, shoemaker ,r.residence 382n.north Main
Henuessou, Henry, safemaker ,r.residence 119 Carondelet av
Hennessy, James, lab.laborer , al.alley near Morgan b.between 7th & Sth
Hennessy, John, brakeman , O. & M.R.R. , bds.boards
Randle House
Hennessy, John, lab.laborer ,r.residence 13th b.between O'Fallon and Cass av
Hennessy, John, machinist ,r.residence Biddle near Broadway
Hennessy, John, shoemaker , 117 O'Fallon
Hennessy, John, stonecutter , bds.boards , Grenada House
Hennessy, Michael, grocer , 502n.north Main.r.residence same
Hennessy, Michael, waiter , Monroe House;r.residence 68 Mor-
Hennessy, Patrick, policeman ,r.residence 9thnw.northwest c.corner O'Fallon
Hennessy, Richard, produce dealer , al.alley near Biddle
b. 6th and 7th
Hennessy, Thomas, moulder , Washington foundry
Hennessy, Thomas, private, day police ;r.residence es. 12th b.between
O 'Fallon and Cass av
Henuesy, Patrick, lab.laborer ,ss.south side Grand av.avenue near 16th
Henuesy, William, lab.laborer , 319n.north 6th
Henney, Charles M., painter , 263 Green near llth
Hennicke, Frederick, porter , 10th,c.corner Cass av
Hennig, Charles, grocer , 264s.south 2d;r.residence same
Hennig, Henry, carpenter , 216n.north 12th
Hennig, Henry, lab.laborer , rear 118n.north 16th
Hennig, Julius A., bookbinder , 42 Market;r.residence same
Hennig, Robert, lawyer , 24n.north 3d;r.residence 86s.south 2d
Hennigan, Jeremiah, marblepolisher , 33 Convent
Henning, Frederick, saloon , 2d,nw.northwest c.corner Cedar;r.residence
Henreks, Francis, porter , 147n.north 9th
Henrich, Charles, lab.laborer , Buel, , nr. 10th
Henries, Henry, lab.laborer , Montgomery,c.corner 16th
Henricks, Eliza, wid.Edward, , ns. Russell av.avenue b.between Ca-
rondelet av.avenue and 7th
Henricks, Herman, cooper , es, Closey, near Soulard
Henricks, William, cooper , Blow'a factory, Menard, b.between
Marion and Park av
Henry, Alfred W., foreman , Erastns, Wells, bds.boards ss.south side
Market,c.corner 19th
Henry, August, porter , al.alley near Wash, b.between 10th and
Henry, Catherine, wid.Thomas, , 6th, nr. Cerre
Henry, Charles, bartender , bds.boards 173 Market
Henry, Edward, contractor , ss.south side Clark st.street c.corner 14th
Henry, Edward M., carpenter , es. 13th, b.between Herbert
and Davis
Henry, ElHah D., clerk , RobertDunham, , bds.boards 138
n. 14th
Henry, Gotlieb, shoemaker , es. 9th, b.between Benton and
Henry, Gustus, woodsawyer , 169 Biddle
Henry, James, lab.laborer , bds.boards 365 Market
Henry, James, Rev.,.O'Fallon, , nw.c.corner 14th .
Henry, James S., clerk , Warne, Cheever & Co.Company , bds.boards
Olive, b.between 13th and 14th
Henry, John, carpenter , 63 Florida
Henry, John, tailor , al.alley nr. Carr, b^8th and 9th
Henry, John F., producedealer, Gamble , c. Clay av
Henry, Mary, boarding , 132 St. Charles
Henry, R., salesman , Ubsdell, Peirson & Co.Company ; bds.boards
St. Charles, b.between 7th and 8th
HenryThomas, Jr.junior , (John W. Tooly & Co.Company ,) bds.boards
Morgan, b.between 12th and 13th
Henry, William, hackman , 149 Green
Henry, William, jeweler , 34 Montgomery
Henry, William, ostler , bds.boards 2d, b.between Spruce and Myrtle
Henry, William D., (Maurice & Henry ,) 52n.north Main
Henschan, Henry, porter , 173s.south 4th
Henschen, Henry, carman , 233 Carr
Hense, John,saddletreemaker ,se.southeast c.corner Dock and Belle-
fontaine road
Hensel, August, stonemason , 127 Biddle
Henselmann, Martin, harnessmaker , 20th, near La-
Hensey, John, clerk , AmbroseMiron, , 196s.south Main
Henshaw, Haywood, (Moffatt & Co.Company ,) bds.boards Revere
Hensick, Henry, grocer , 193n.north 6th;r.residence same
Hensig, Ernst, teamster , 13th, b.between O'Fallon and Cass
Hensing, Ernst H., tailor , al.alley near Biddle, b.between 9th and
Hensis, Joseph, blacksmith , 162 Carondelet av;r.residence
Hensler, Frank, blacksmith , bds.boards ns.northside Gravois road,
nr. Marquette
Hensley, Albert B., cattledealer , bds.boards Walnut, near
Beaumont av
Hensman, Frank, shoemaker , bds.boards ss.south side FrankHn av.
nr. 22d
Henson, John, carpenter , sw.south west c.corner Main andn.north Market
Heutemann, Francis H., lab.laborer , n. Market, ab.above 16th
Henthom, Thomas, steamboatmate , al.alley near llth, b.between
Howard aud Mound
Hentz, August, blacksmith , ws. Moore, near Market
Heuze, Henry, tailor , 487 Broadway;r.residence same
Henzel, Charles, blacksmith , 120s.south 2d
Henzey, William, foreman , J. & A. Arnot
Henumann, Louis, saddler , nw.c.corner Decatur and Sou-
Heozeberg, Charles T., butcher , 12 North market;r.residence
near 3 mile house
Heozoy, August, carpenter , bds.boards es. 17th, nr. Frank-
lin av
Heper, -Henry, cooper , ws. Columbus, b.between Lafayette
and Soulard
Hepp, Daniel, candlemaker , Park av.avenue ,b. 21st and
Hepp, Joseph, butcher , 10 Sturgeon market
Hepper, Frederick, cooper , al.alley nr. Lafayette, b.between
Jackson and Carondelet av
Heptick, John, lab.laborer , Plum, nr. 2d
Hequembourg, A., gilder , 23n.north 5th
Hequembourg, Charles, justice of the peace
and notarypublic , 34 Viae:r.residence Spruce, b.between 12th
and 14th
Hequembourg, Theodore, jeweler , 25n.north Sth;
r. 49s.south 14th