St. Louis directory :
Isaacs, Isaac, tailor ,r.residence 163 Collins
Isaacs, Isadore, fancy goods and hosiery, 156n.north 3d;
r. Morgan b, 6th and 6th
Isaacs, Jacob L., paperhanger, 36n.north 3d;r.residence same
Isaacs, John, elk. , B.Lithaner, ;r.residence 11s.south 3d
Isaacs, Jonas, (Cohn & Isaacs;) r.residence 21 Mound
Isaacs, Joseph, clerk , bds.boards 151 Collins
Isaacs, Lazarus, reporter , DailyHerald, ,r.residence 163
Isaacs, Moses, porter , 163 Collins
Ische, Henry A., insp.inspector weights and measures , 157n.north
2d;r.residence al.alley b.between 10th and llth nr. Howard
Isemann, Henry, musician , n. 3dc.corner Market
Isemann, Henry, shoemaker ,r.residence al.alley b.between Main and Levee
nr. Mullanphy
Isett, Edward B., salesman , Pomeroy & Benton , bds.boards
5th b.between Pine and Chesnut
Isler, Ad.,filterer , Belcher's sugarhouse
Isler, Christian, lab.laborer , bds.boards 90s.south 14th
Isler, Jacob H., engineer , bds.boards n.north 16thc.corner Wash
Isler, John, (Wezler & Isler,) r.residence 88s.south 14th
Isler, Michael, cooper , bds.boards ss.south side Lafayette b.between Jackson
and Columbus
Isligenus, Adolphus, physician , 91s.south 5th
Israel, Barney, cooper ,r.residence es. Beliefontaine road bet.between
Buchanan and Dock
Israel, John, producedealer ;r.residence 238 Broadway
Israel, William, cooper ,r.residence es. Beliefontaine road bet.between
Buchanan and Dock
Isreal, John, pilot ,r.residence ws. Broadway b.between Franklin av.avenue
and Wash
Isum, James, (col'd,) drayman , Benton ab.above Pratte av
Ieten, Anthony, lab.laborer ,r.residence es. 7th b.between Lynch and Lane
Ivers, Richard, brkklayer , 26n.north 3d;r.residence 259
Ivis, Daniel, blacksmith , bda. 162 Carondelet av
Ivory, Jeremiah A., plumber , bds.boards 6n.north 6th
Ivory, John C., 84 Chesnut;r.residence 195 Pine
Ivory, Michael, stonecutter , 29 O'Fallon
Iwig, Gregor, tailor , 176 Carondelet av
Izenhower, Frank, stonecutter ,r.residence es. Julia, nr. Chou-
teau av
Jabel, Paul, shoemaker ,r.residence ws. Mercer nr. Spring
Jaccard, David C, (E. Jaccard & Co.Company ,) r.residence l84s.south 5th
Jaccard, Eugene, (E. Jaccard & Co.Company ,) r.residence Beckwith, ,
head of Orchard
Jaccard, Gustave, watchmaker , E. Jaccard fc Co.Company ,r.residence
75n.north 4th
Jaccard, Henry, watchmaker , E. Jaccard & Co.Company ,r.residence
75n.north 4th
Jaccard, Jules, watchmaker ,r.residence 91 Spruce
Jaccard E. & Co.Company , (EugeneJaccard, , Augustus
S.Mermod, and David C.Jaccard, ,) jewelers and
silversmiths , 75n.north 4th (See advt.)
Jack, Jacob, lab.laborer , Wash b.between 22d and 23d
Jack, Jacob, wks. sugar refinery ,r.residence 255n.north 12th
Jack, Michael, stonecutter , rear 166n.north 14th
Jackels, Heury, cigarstore, 21 and 176n.north 4th;r.residence 29
Jackels, Peter, cigarmaker ,r.residence O'Fallon b.between 8th and 9th
Jackmann, Frederick, lab.laborer , wks. Brotherton &. Stur-
Jackmier, Henry, lab.laborer , 161 St. Charles
Jacks, Aaron, clothing, Broadway;r.residence 101 St. Charles
Jacks, Morris, elk. , M.Gumpertson, , bds.boards 12s.south 6th
Jacks, Samuel, clothier , 266 Broadway;r.residence se.southeast c.corner 6th
and Carr
Jackson, Abigail J., wid.Robert, , dressmaker , al.alley nr.
Wash b.between 10th and llth
Jackson, Beverly, (col'd,) lab.laborer , ss.south side Locust b.between Ewing
and Garrison avs
Jackson, Charles L., (col'd,)r.residence 7. Orange
Jackson, Charlotte, wid.John, F., (col'd,) al.alley rear 9th
b. Walnut and Market
Jackson, Daniel, billiardsaloon ; 20 Olive; bds.boards Mon-
roe House
Jacksou, David, bookkeeper , J. Jackson 4 Co.Company , bds.boards
with John Jackson
Jackson, Edward, (Jackson ACo.Company ,) r.residence ws. 17th nr.
Chouteau av
Jackson, Ezekiel, carpenter ,r.residence 104 Washington av
Jackson, Fanny, wid.James, , (col'd,) 180n.north 8th
Jackson, Frances, wid.Pharaoh, , (col'd,) washerwo-
man , 44n.north 10th
Jackson, George T., grocer , ws. 7thc.corner Chouteau av
Jackson, George, plasterer ,r.residence ws. 10th b.between Howard and
Jackson, Henrietta, musicteacher , 222s.south 3d
Jackson, Hull R.. pipeman Deluge steam engine,r.residence
415 Market ne.northeast c.corner 15th
Jackson, James, (J. Jackson &, Co.Company ,) r.residence New Orleans
Jackson, James, shoemaker , bds.boards Market b.between 7th & 8th
Jackson, James, coachtrimmer ,r.residence Jeffersonc.corner Broad-
Jackson, James G., producedealer , 85 Chesnut;r.residence
105 Pine
Jackson, James R., machinist , W.Palm,
Jackson, Jane, (col'd,) al.alley b.between High and 14th nr.
Jackson, John, (J. Jackson & Co.Company ,) r.residence ss.south side Pine b.between 16th
and 17th
Jacksou, John, salesman , 146n.north 5th
Jackson, John, (col'd,) calaboose tender,r.residence 73s.south 15th
Jackson, Johu, (col'd,) cook , bds.boards 180n.north 8th
Jackson, John A., shoemaker ,r.residence 16 Wright
Jackson, John H.. shipcarpenter , 225 Carr
Jackson, Linus,r.residence ns. Dodier b.between 14th and 16th
Jackson, Mallet C, (M.C. Jackson & Co.Company ,) r.residence 14thc.corner
Jackson, Mauhan, peddler , rear 152 Franklin av
Jaclcson, Mary Ann, dressmaker , 21G Market;r.residence same
Jackson, Matthew, (col'd,) lab.laborer , al.alley b.between 6th and 7th nr.
Jackson, N. A., policeman , 5 Wells Row, Sturgeon
Jackson, Peter, boot and shoedealer , 190 Market
Jackson Public School , Miss H. E.Snod-, , principal , 525 Broadway
Jackson, Ralph, (Jackson & Gregg)
Jackson, Robert A., bookkeeper ,r.residence ws. llth b.between Mar-
ket and Clark av
Jackson, Samuel, salesman , Fallenstein & Gauss , bds.boards
City Hotel
Jackson, Stephen W.D., (Jackson & Co.Company ,) r.residence ws. 17th
nr. Chouteau av
Jackson, Sylvester H., 62 Pine
Jackson, Thomas, alcohol manfr. and distiller ,
ns. Mulberry b.between 3d and 4th, and 42 and 44s.south
Main;r.residence Chouteau av,w.west of 7th (See advt.)
Jackson, Tobias, fruitstore,r.residence 182 Franklin av
Jackson, Tobias, peddler , ws 9th b.between Beaton andn.north
Jackson, William, barroom. 473s.south 7th
Jackson, William, lab.laborer , Austin nr. 12th
Jai-kson, William, lab.laborer , ea. Geyer av.avenue b.between Fulton and
Jackson, William E., policeman , 64n.north Market
Jackson, William S., Spring nr. Benton
Jackson J. & Co.Company , (John, and JumesJackson, and
CharlesMenson, ,) saltdealers , 37n.north Levee
Jackson M.C. & Co.Company , (Mallet C.Jackaon, and
-, ,) distillers , 38 b.between Main
Jackson & Co.Company , (EdwardJackson, and Stephen
W.D.Jackson, ,) produce and com.mers., 72
Commercial. (See advt.)
Jackson & Gregg , (Ralph Jackson and IsaacGregg, ,)
britkmakers , ws. 19th b.between Gratiot and Chou-
teau av
Jacob, Adolph, hats and caps, 91 Carondelet av.avenue bds.boards
102 Carondelet av
Jacob, Albertine, wid.Carl, , (Jacob & Nolen,) r.residence 3d
b. Almond and Poplar
Jacob, Ambrose, lab.laborer , bds.boards 90s.south 14th
Jacob, Doll, (Koch & Co.Company ,) r.residence ss Franklin av.avenue b.between 19th
and 20th
Jacob, Falden, stonemason , es. Kosciusko b.between Picotte
and Lesperance
Jacob, George M., watchmaker , 133 Franklin av
Jacob, John, carpenter ,r.residence 518n.north Main
Jacob, John, teamster , es. Kosciusko b.between Pcotte and