St. Louis directory :
Jacko, Louis, carpenter , bds.boards O'Fallon se.southeast c.corner llth
Jeffers, David, lab.laborer , Spruce b.between 17th and 18th
Jefferson, Alexander, (Jefferson & Co.Company ,) 133 Green
Jefferson, David, (col'd.) whitener , al.alley b.between 5th and 6th
near Cerre
Jefferson School , Washnw.northwest c.corner n.north 9th
Jefferson Steam Fire Engine Co.Company No. 7, Franklin av.
c. 23d
Jefferson & Co.Company , (col'd.) (AlexanderJefferson, and
Reuben H.Peltiford, ,) icecreamsaloon , 133 Green
Jeffries, James, clerk , Green, ;r.residence 107 Gay
Jeffs, William S., plumber , Gl Walnut;r.residence 17th
b. O'Fallon and Cass av
Jchle, Charles, clerk , 2dc.corner Spruce
Jehle, Stephen, saloon , Main b.between c.corner Cedar and Plum
Jehle, William, cl'k Wolff & Hoppe . Millerc.corner Jackson
Jeiac, Louis, blacksmith , bds.boards 302 Morgan
Jekels, John, blacksmith ,r.residence 15s.south 13th
Jelley, James, lab.laborer , bds.boards ws.west side Grand av.avenue nr. Park av
Jellev, David, lab.laborer , bds.boards 92n.north 8th
Jemmette, William, bricklayer , bds.boards Davis bet.between 23d
and 21th
Jenal, Peter, machinist , rear 240s.south 2d
Jeni, Wenael, lab.laborer , ws. Rosatti nr. Soulard
Jenkins, Alexander, tinsmith ,r.residence 129n.north Main
Jenkins, Charles, trunkmaker ,r.residence ss.south side al.alley nr. 19th bet.between
Morgan aud Christy av
Jenkins, George, dentist , bds.boards rear 151n.north 7th
Jenkins, Henry, bookkeeper J. B.8.Leinoiue, ,r.residence 116
Olive b.between 8th and bth
Jenkins, James E., lawyer , 31 Pine; bds.boards Virginia
Jenkins, James L., auctioneer ,r.residence 246 Chesnut
Jeukias, Nathaniel,chimneysweep , 151n.north 7th
Jenkins, Richard, (Jenkins & Knight,) r.residence Broadway
opp. the Mound
Jenkins & Knight , (RichardJenkins, and Chas.
Knight, .) realestate agents , 29n.north 3d
Jenks, G. A., bookkeeper Pittman, Bios. & Co.Company ,r.residence
271 Washington av
Jennings, Austin, lab.laborer , 24 Collins
Jennings, Benjamin F., clerk , bds.boards S3. Webster bet.between
Broadway and 2d
Jennings, Francis, lab.laborer , 379n.north Main
Jennings, George, moulder ,r.residence Chambers bet.between 13th
and 14th
Jennings, John, clerk st'r David Tatum,r.residence 237
Jennings, John, lab.laborer , bds.boards 379n.north Main
Jennings, Mark C, (Jennings & Meyer,) r.residence 24s.south
Jennings, Martin, painter , wks. Betts, Conway & Co
Jennings, Michael, sailmaker , ws. Lewis b.between Biddle
and Ashley
Jennings, Patrick, lab.laborer , 243n.north 2d
Jennings, Robert M., physician , 109 Pine;r.residence same
Jennings, Thomas, plasterer , bds.boards 7s.south 13th
Jennings & Meyer , (Mark C.Jennings, and Jonh
Meyer,) lumber merchants, Cass av.avenue se.southeast c.corner 8th
Jenny, Frances, wid, Joseph, ,r.residence es. Targeec.corner Spruce
Jentit, Paul, printer , bds.boards Marketc.corner 6th
Jeremis, Jacob, cooper , rear 176n.north 13th
Jerman, Henry,r.residence 94s.south 14th
Jermane, Jeffersonphysician , Gthc.corner Walnut;r.residence 104
Jerman, Joseph, chairmaker , rear 118n.north 16th
Jessel, Benjamin, cigarmaker , bds.boards 55 Collins
Jcssnp, George, steward , bds.boards American House
Jessup William & Son , (HenryBakewell, ,
agent .) 1D5n.north Main. (Ste advt.)
Jessup, Joshua B., carpenter , 262 Olive;r.residence Locust nr.
Garrison av
Jessuruen, Bebecca, wid.Abraham, , dressmaker , Pine
b. Gth and 7th
Jeter, Littlcbury, carpenter ,r.residence 31 Ashley
Jeter, William S., carpenter , bds.boards 108 Collins
Jett, James S., (S.C. & J.S. Jett,) bds.boards Virginia
Jett, Stephen C, (S.C. & J.S. Jett.) r.residence 24n.north 10th
Jett S.C. & J.S. , (Stephen, C. & James, S.,) jewel-
lers, 104n.north 4th
Jewell, Benjamin, steamboatmaa , 74n.north 15th
Jewell, Emanuel, (col'd,) teamster , 139n.north 7th
Jewell, William S., (Jewell & Bolton.) r.residence 268 a. 6th
Jewell, A Bolton, (William S.Jewell, and Thos.
G.Bolton, ,) house,sign and ornamental painters ;
glaziers, paper hangers, Ac. Particular atten-
tion paid to sign painting. 111n.north 2d. (See
advt. flyleaf, opp. map.)
Jewett, Charles N., bookkeeper George D. English &
Co.Company ,r.residence 17thc.corner Washington av
Jewett, Daniel T., lawyer , Chesnut,nw.northwest c.corner 3d; side Morgan b.between Garrison and Ewing avs
Jewett, George, carpenter , bds.boards 270 Franklin av
Jewett, Joel O., daguerrean , 736 Broadway
Juwett, John, fisherman , al.alley b.between Jackson and Colum-
bus nr. Miller
Jewish, Synagogue, 6th bet.between Locust and St.
Jiunemann, Peter, patternmaker , 2Gs Biddle
Jipp, Christian, elk C.H. Mueller & Co.Company , bds.boards 70s. 4th
Jirauch, Wenzel, tailor , ns. Soulard nr. Menard
Jmhof, Andrew, lab.laborer , 7thc.corner Kutgers
Joachim, Louis, clerk Anzieger desWestens, ,r.residence 175
Joatta, John, carpenter ,r.residence ss.south side Geyer av.avenue b.between Decatur
and Buel
Jochim, Antoine, porter , 6th b.between Wash and Carr
Jockers, Charle, cooper , bds.boards 237s.south 3d
Joel, Epkraim M., (Joel & Simmons,) r.residence 160 Green
Joel, Oliver, butcher , Central market;r.residence rear 62s.south
Joel & Simmons , (Ephraim M.Joel, and Thomas
Simmons, .) collectors , Ac,ne.northeast c.corner 3d and Pine
Joerns, Frederick, shoemaker , es. Fulton b.between Barry
and Marion
Joest, Peter, boot and shoestore, 18 Carondelet av
Johann, Jacob, machinist ,r.residence 270s.south 2d
Johann, Mathias, cabinetmaker , 6 Cerre
Johanning, John H., bookkeeper , ss.south side Market b.between 15th
and 16th
Johanning, Henry, groceries , nw.c.corner Lafayette and
Buel;r.residence ns.northside Lafayette nr. Buel
Johanning, Frederick W., merchanttailor , 14 Frank-
lin av.avenue ;r.residence same
Johaupeter, Frederick, shoemaker , Biddle b.between 17th
aud 18th
Johansmeyer, John H., wagonmaker , 140n.north 9th
Johart, John, lab.laborer , 225n.north 13th
Johler, Louis, painter ,r.residence ws. 12th nr. Angelrodt
Johler, Philip, painter ,r.residence ws. 12th nr. Angelrodt
John, Christian, cooper , bds.boards ws.west side Carondelet av.avenue nr.
John, Jacob, producedealer , basement 373s.south 4th; r. 4th b.between H zel and Convent
John, Richard, bds.boards 41 Green
Johnsen, Matthias, carpenter , 85 O'Fallon
Johnson, Alexander, clerk ,r.residence 272 Morgan
Johnson, Andrew,carpenter ,90n.north Sth
Johnson, Andrew, s.d. mate r.residence 24th b.between Franklin av.avenue
and Wash
Johnson, Ashton P., notarypublic, 41 Chesnut;r.residence 84
s. 5th
Johnson, Benjamin, captain , bds.boards Planter's House
Johnson, Catharine, wid.,r.residence es. 4th b.between Franklin av.avenue
and Morgan
Johnson, Chauncey P.E., sec.secretary pnblic schools
nr.Wyman's hall, bds.boards 25n.north 12th
Johnson, Charles, mate ,r.residence 37 Benton
Johnson, Charles, salesman ,Charles F.Baker, , 15thc.corner
Johnson, Charles, teamster ,r.residence ns. 14th b.between Spruce and
Clark av
Johnson, Charles F., (Lytle, Johnson ACo.Company ,) r.residence at
Louisville, Ky
Johnson, Charles H.s.b.between clerk ,r.residence 24 St. Charles
Johnson, Charles L., jr.junior ; clerk , B.W. Mead & Co.Company , 166
n. 4th
Johnson, Charles P., lawyer , 97 Chesnnt;r.residence 8 Targee
Johnson, Charles S., shoemaker , se.southeast c.corner Green and 3d
Johnson, Clemens, blacksmith , al b.between llth aud 12th
nr. O'Fallon