St. Louis directory :
Barth, Mathias, clerk , 55 Morgan
Barth, Peter, teamster ,r.residence es. Bcllefontaine rou.d, b.between
Dock and Harrison
Barth, Robert.(Angelrodt A Earth.) and Pres. Ger-
man Saving Institution ;r.residence ws.west side Bellefontaine
road,n.north of Bremen av
Barth, William, (William Barth & Brothers, and
George Barth & Brothers,) r358 Franklin av
Barth George & Brothers , (George, Barth,
William, Barth, Frederick, Barth,) retail grocers ,
55 Morgan
Barth Wm. & Brothers. (Wm.Barth, , George
Barth, , FrederickBarth, ) wholesale and retail gro-
cers , 58 Franklin av
Barthal, August, cabinetmaker , Clark c.corner 8th
Barthel, Martin.(Theodore Barthei & Brother,) r.residence
se.southeast c.corner Myrtle and 3d
Barthel, Theodore, (Theodore Barthel & Brother,) r.residence
se.southeast c.corner Myrtle and 3d
Barthel Theodore & Brother , (Martin, ,) stoves, &c.
295 Broadway
Barthelman, August, lab.laborer ,r.residence al.alley b.between Gth and Ttb, near
Barthels, Richard, salesman (D'Oench, Rives A Co.Company )
r.c. 3d & Myrtle
Barthman, Ferdinand, carpenter , bds.boards Park av.avenue , b.between Nth
and 9th
Barthman, Mathew, miller , Park av.avenue . b.between Sth and 9th
Barthman, Simon, engineer , (E. Schneider A Co.Company ) r.residence
93 3d
Brarthol, Frederick, physician , 100n.north nth;r.residence same
Barthold, John, butcher ,r.residence 020 Morgan
Bartholomew, Daniel L., painter ,r.residence 69 Morgan
Bartholomew, Philip, bartender , bds.boards 204s.south 2d
Bartholomew, Samuel, planemaker , bds.boards 142n.north 7th
Barthou, Joseph, tailor , ws. Rosatti near Emmet
Bartle, Wm. G., (D.S. Carter A Co.Company ) bds.boards Bellevue
Rartlett, Elizabeth A., wid. of Renben, ,r.residence 213 Olive
Rartlett, Frederick, cooper ,r.residence al.alley near Miller, b.between Jack-
son and Columbus
Rartlett, George W., carpenter , ns. Lucas, b.between 15th and
Rartlett, George W., clerk , 242 Morgan;r.residence 213 Olive
Rartlett, Henry T., (Bartlett, McComb & Co.Company ) res.
New Orleans
Rartlett, Jerusha, wid.,r.residence 38s.south 15th
Bartlett, Thomas, messenger , (Valentine freight ex-
press Co.Company ) r.residence 13th,c.corner Olive
Bartlett, Thomas W., bookkeeper , (Brown & Co.Company ) r.residence
4th. se.southeast c.corner Elm
Bartlett, Wm., lab.laborer , bds.boards 89 Green
Bartlett, M'Comk & Co.Company , (Henry, T.Bartlett,
Ephraim, C.McComb, and James, J.McComb)
com. and forwd, mercbts , 2 City Buildings
Bartley, Conlan, carpenter , bds.boards 45 Locust
Bartley, Wm., sergeant police , bds.boards nw.northwest c.corner 10th and
Bartley, Wm.T., (Lytic, Johnson & Co.Company ) r.residence at New
Bartling, Eleanor, wid.Henry, , 14n.north 12th
Bartling, Henry, (D.C Challen & Bro.) 14n.north 12th
Bartling, Henry, asst.assistant bookkeeper , (D.C. Challen &
Bro.) bds.boards n.north s.south 12th b.between Pine and Chesnut
Bartling, llirley, teamster , Allen av.avenue near Carr, b.between 10th
and 11th
Bartman, Autoine, carpenter ,bds.boards Parkc.corner 8th
Bartman, Ferdinand, carpenter , bds.boards Pnrk av.avenue c.corner 8th
Bartman, Frederick, carpenter. P.R.R. machine shop
Bartmer, Henry, drygoods and clothing , 245
Franklin av.avenue ,r.residence same
Bartman, John B.carpenter , bds.boards Park av.avenue c 8th
Bartman, Samuel, lab.laborer ,r.residence es. Main b.between Chambers and
Bartman, Simon, finisher ,r.residence 93s.south 3d
Bartold, August, peddler , 16th, b.between Carr and Biddle
Bartold, Henry, boor saloon , Broadway, b.between Roll, mill
and Augusta
Bartold, Henry, lab.. Laclede iron works;r.residence same
Bartold, Lewis, (Bartold & Zimmermann) 1374 Broad
Bartold & Zimmermann , (Lewis, Bartold. and Fran-, X.Zimmermami) grocers , LiOs Broadway
Barton, Charles, plasterer , bds.boards 160n.north 4th
Barton, Chauncey, R.R. contractor , bds.boards 367 n 2d
Barton, Daniel, teamster , O'Fallon, c 17th
Barton, George, plasterer , bds.boards 160n.north 4th ,
Barton, James S.carpenter ,r.residence 357 Market
Barton, John W.printer , bds.boards ws.west side 4th, b.between Morgan and
Barton, Michael, boardinghouse, 19 Spruce
Barton, Wm. J., carpenter ,r.residence ss.south side Christy av
Bartoseh, John, carpenter , ss.south side Park av, near Rosatti
Bartow, Henry, grinder , es. De Kalb near Anna,r.residence
Bartram, Edson L., saloon , 15 Green, basement Vir-
ginia Hotel
Bartshold, John, ornamental moulder , 81n.north 3d
Barutio, Bernard, teamster ,r.residence se.southeast c.corner Emmet and Jack-
Barwos, Jacoh, lab.laborer ,r.residence al,, b.between Carondelet av.avenue and 7th,
near Allen av
Basacalueky, John, fruit dealer , levee,r.residence 24 Green
Bascom, James, carpenter , sw.south west c.corner Collins and
Biddle; (see advt.p.42)
Bascom, Jonathan D., wood and coal , ss.south side Lombard b.between
2d and 3d;r.residence Market
Basel, John, glass mould maker , bds.boards Matteaon Hotel
Baskett, William B., (Baskett & Austin,) 1175 Broad-
Baskett & Austin , (Wm.B. Baskett A Richard
D.W. Austin,) grocery and fcedstore , 1173 and
1175 Broadway
Basler, John, (Basler & Denk.) r.residence 70s.south 2d
Basler & Denk , (John Haslcr & Emanuel Denk.) ,
gunmakers 70s.south 2d; (see. advt.p 42)
Bassamann, Francis, tailur , bds.boards 1100 Broadway
Busseek, Thomas, tailor , ws. Fulton near Barry
Bassett, William A., (Swasey, Bassett & Co.Company ,) bds.boards
Missouri Hotel
Bassett, Mrs., widow W.W., Dr., 2(1s.south 14th
Bassy, Mary, widow of Joseph, ,r.residence cs. Targeec.corner Spruce
Bast, George Y., (Bast, Alexander A Co.Company ,) r.residence country
Bast, Gottlieb, saddletreemaker , New Bremen,r.residence ss
Madison b.between 14th and 15th
Bast, William H., (Bast, Alexander & Co.Company .) r.residence 82s. 5th
Bast, Alexander A & Co.Company , (William, H.Bast,
George, Y.Bast, Basil, W.Alexander, and Robert
G., Lansing, wholesale'grocers 63 and 65 Locust
Bastian, Eranx, carpenter , bds.boards 500 Broadway
Uastian, Jacob, shoemaker , bds.boards 223 Carondelet av.avenue
Bustien, Joseph, carpenter ,r.residence s. 3dc.corner Lombard
Butehelar, Edward, printer , bds.boards 100n.north 3d
Bate, Richard,r.residence ns. alley near l9th b.between Morgan and
Christy avenue
Batemau, Ann, widow of John, , fruitdealer , es, Broad-
way b.between Carr and Biddle;r.residence same
Bateman, Newtoon E., cooper , bds.boards Main swc.corner n,
Bateman, Thomas, gunmaker , 3d b.between Hareu and Clem-
ens;r.residence same
Bates, (clored,) lab.laborer , alley near Carr b.between 9th and 10th
Bates, David, teamster , bds.boards 25n.north Market
Bates, Edward, lawer , 7 1/2 5th;r.residence Bates avenue
Bates, Edward R., (Bates & Alexander,) bds.boards us. St.
Charles b.between 7th and 8th
Bates, Fleming, bookkeeper , (Stephen Hoyt A Co.Company ,)
r. in the country
Bates, John, bds.boards 204n.north 6th
Bates, John, cooper , 372n.north 2d
Bates, John P., naturalist , St. Louis Museum;r.residence Cerre
b. 4Ui and 5th
Bates, Louisa D., widow, bds.boards 246 Biddle
Bates, Mark, lab.laborer , 57 Wash
Bates, Martin L., contractor ,r.residence ws. 10th b.between Montgomery
and Spring
Bates, Martin L.jr.junior , street contractor ,r.residence 118 Mound
Bates, Newton R.. contractor. Montgomery ne.northeast c.corner llth
Bates, Richard, lawyer 7 S. 5th;r.residence same
Bates, Williamroofer , 202 8. 5th
Bates & Alexander (Edward, R.Bates and An-, W.Alexander,) lawyers , 31 Pine