St. Louis directory :
Kemmel, William,cooper ,r.residence rear 866 Broadway
Kemmerln, Joseph, shoemaker ,r.residence 17 Muilanphy
Kemp, Herman, janiler , 143n.north 9th
Kemp, John, sb. hand , sw.south west c 14th and Madison
Kemp, John, saloon , 110 Market, bds.boards 365n.north 2d
Kemp, John J., saloon , 110 Market,r.residence 365n.north 2d
Kemp, Paul, boardinghouse , 1027 Broadway
Kemp, William, teamster , O'Fallon b.between 12th and 13th
Kempren, Thomas, carpenter ,r.residence es. 10th b.between Howard
and Mound
Kemper, Adolph, blacksmith , 4thc.corner Lombard;r.residence St.
Kemper, Barnard, saddletreemaker , bds.boards ws.west side 9th bet.between
Destreban and Mallinckrodt
Kemper, Charles H., clerk , P.0.,r.residence 100n.north 11th
Kemper, George, 197n.north 11th
Kemper, Henry, teamster , bds.boards ws.west side 13th b.between Spruce
and Poplar
Kemper, Herman, clerk , Schuetz & Eggers ;r.residence Ro-
satti b.between Marion and Park
Kempf, Frederick, lab.laborer , bds.boards 255s.south 2d
Kempf, Henry, beerhouse , Washc.corner 21st
Kemph, Henry, lab.laborer ,r.residence es. Jackson, bet.between Marion and
Kempin, Thomascarpenter ,r.residence 10th, b.between Howard and
Kempland, Arthur, secy, and treas.treasurer N.M.R.R.Co.Company ,
r.153 Collins
Kenan, William, lab.laborer , 233s.south 7th
Kenaire, Ellen, wid., Francis, ;r.residence 124 Christy av
Kenaire, Michael, bricklayer ,r.residence 124 Christy av
Kenan, Lewis, cooper ,r.residence sw.south west c.corner 9th and Monroe
Kenarley, Edward, lab.laborer , 83 Biddle
Kendall, Harmon R., hatter , 9th b.between Biddle and O'Fal-
Kendall, Hiram N., (H.N. Kendall & Co.Company ,) r.residence Upper
Alton. Ill
KendaU, Solomon, Venetian blind mnfr.manufacturer rear 100n.north
4th; bds.boards 192 Morgan
KendaU, W. S., foreman , H.N. Kendall & Co.Company ,r.residence 120
n. 12th
Kendall H.N. & Co.Company , (Hiram N.Kendall, and
John P.Van Sice, ,) bakers , 30 and 32n.north 6th and
n. 7th b.between Pine and Olive
Kendel, John, bookbinder ,r.residence 2dc.corner Lombard
Kendel, Nicholas, cooper ,r.residence 157n.north 14th
Kendrick, Dennis, lab.laborer , alley b.between Spruce and Poplar
near 13th
Kendrick, Jonathan G.,r.residence 217 Morgan
Kenell, Valentine, tanner ,r.residence ss.south side Ann av.avenue b.between 7th and
Kenha, Magnus, fruitstore , bds.boards es. 2d b.between Miller and
Kenhaltz, Franklin, carpenter , P.R.R. machine
Keaikmeyer, William, carpenter , ns. Jefferson b.between 13th
and 14th
Keniry, Morris, shoemaker , bds.boards 18th near Chesnut
Kenker, Herman, lab.laborer , 140 O'Fallon
Kenna, Joseph, carpenter ,r.residence 99 Orange
Kennaly, Edward, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between l2th and 13th nr. Biddle
Kennard, John, (Kennard & Son,) r.residence 52n.north 8th near
St. Charles
KennardJohn, jr.junior , (Kennard & Son,) bds.boards 52n.north 8th
Kennard, Perry S., paper hangings &c , 111n.north
4th;r.residence 30n.north 14th
Kennard, Samuel, salesman , Kennard & Son ,r.residence 8th
near St. Charles
Kennard, Thomas, physician , 98 Pine
Kennard & Son, (John and John, jr.junior ,) carpets,
oilcloth &c. , 111n.north 4th
Kennay, Lawrence, distiller , Orchard, b. 10th & 11th
Kennay, Peter, distiller , Hazel, c. 3d
Kennedy, Adam S., carpenter ,r.residence es. Rosatti b.between Arrow
and Ohio
Kennedy, Alexander S., carpentershop , ss.south side Chouteau
av.avenue ;r.residence same
Kennedy, Bryan, gasmaker , gasworks
Kennedy, Charles, dec'd, family r.residence 14th b.between Market
and Clark av
Kennedy, Daniel, blacksmith , rear 192s.south 2d
Kennedy, Edward, policeman , 307n.north 3d
Kennedy, P., lawyer , 99 Cbesanf b.between 4th add 5th;
bda. Planter's House
Kennedy, Francis, fireman ,r.residence al.alley b.between 3d and 4th near
Kennedy, Frank D., salesman , Wolf & Hoppe ; bds
Virginia Hotel
Kennedy, Henry, carpenter & bldr. , 79 Almond;
r. 11th b.between Market and Clark av
Kennedy, J. W., (Kennedy & Co.Company ,(r.residence Gamble, ar.b.between
High and Pratte av
Kennedy, James, lab.laborer , es. 8th near Biddle
Kennedy, James,r.residence 199 Olive
Kennedy, James, lab.laborer ,r.residence Spruce, b. 17th and 18th
Kennedy, James, plumber , 64 Olive
Kennedy, James, porter , rear 95 Biddle
Kennedy, James, watchman , 62 Biddle
Kennedy, James G., carpenter , bds.boards O'Fallon House
Kennedy, Jerry, gasmaker , gasworks
Kennedy, John, boardinghonse , 95 Wash
Kennedy, John, clerk , Whittemore'e, bds.boards 7s.south 14th
Kennedy, John, (Horine & Kennedy.) r.residence es. 7th bet.between
O'Fallon and Cass av
Kennedy, John, lab.laborer ,r.residence 201n.north 5th
Kennedy, John, lab.laborer , 141n.north 12th
Kennedy, John, lab.laborer , bds.boards 11 Center
Kennedy, John, policeman ,r.residence al.alley b.between Jackson and Ca-
rondelet av.avenue near Marion
Kennedy, John T., ropemaker , 259n.north 9th
Kennedy, Joseph, lab.laborer , bds.boards ss.south side Howard b.between Main & 2d
Kennedy, Mary, washwoman ,r.residence al.alley b.between 6th and 7th
near Wash
Kennedy, Mary, wid., Patrick, ,r.residence rear 65 Green
Kennedy, Michael, clerk , 287 Broadway
Kennedy, Michael, drayman ,r.residence 281s.south 2d
Kennedy, Michael, lab.laborer , 3n.north 10th
Kennedy, Michael, lab.laborer , 11th b.between O'Fallon and Cass av
Kennedy, Michael, lab.laborer , rear 21 Myrtle
Kennedy, Patrick, baker ,r.residence 217 Washington av
Kennedy, Patrick, lab.laborer , alley near Carr b.between 10th & 11th
Kennedy, Patrick, lab.laborer , 5n.north 7th
Kennedy, Patrick, saloon , 221 Washington av
Kennedy, Patrick A., ale , 39s.south Main
Kennedy, Peter, engraver , E. Jaccard & Co.Company ,r.residence in the
Kennedy, Peter, tailor , al.alley near Biddle b.between 10th & 11th
Kennedy, Philip, sexton , Rock Spring Catholic ceme-
tery , Pratte, av.avenue c.corner Morgan
Kennedy, Robert, engraver , Market, ne.northeast c.corner 26th
Kennedy, Robert V., (B.V. Kennedy & Co.Company ,) r.residence
16s.south 4th
Kennedy, Thomas, finisher , bds.boards 277 Broadway
Kennedy, Thomas, grocer , 283n.north 8th
Kennedy, Thomas, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Carr b.between 10th and 11th
Kennedy, Thomas, lab.laborer , bds.boards 101 Green
Kennedy, Thomas, monlder ,r.residence bs. O'Fallon b.between Collins
and Broadway
Kennedy, Thomas, woodsawyer ,r.residence 112 Green
Kennedy, Thomas, agent J. B.Brant, ,r.residence 79n.north 5th
Kennedy, William, engineer ,r.residence Marketc.corner Beaumont
Kennedy, William, gardener , ns. Lafayette av, near
Jefferson av
Kennedy, William J.,late coroner, bds.boards 676 Morgan
Kennedy, William S., carpenter , 7th near Carr
Kennedy J.W. & Co.Company , (J. W.Kennedy, and Stephen
Fine, ,) carpenter shop , 435 Market
Kennedy R.V. & Co.Company , (Robert V.Kennedy, and
RichardEdwards, .) Book and job printing exe-
cuted in the highest style of the art. Printers
and publishers of the St. Louis City and Busi-
ness Directory, Weld's bldg, Chesnutnw.northwest c.corner 3d
Kennel, John, cooper , 14th b.between Wash and Carr
Kennel, Nicholas, blacksmith , 147n.north 14th
Kennell, Peter, wks. Republican pressroom
Kennely, Thomas, Paul near Hickory
Kenner, Rodman P., elk. N.M.R.R., bds.boards se.southeast c.corner 9th
and Jefferson
Kennery, John, policeman , al.alley b.between Marion and Carroll
near Jackson
Kenneth, John, bds.boards 539 Broadway