St. Louis directory :
Kennett, Mortimer, (Carr & Kennett ,)r.residence 26 a. 7th
Kennett, William C, 42 8t, Charles
Kennett'S Building , ss.south side Chesnath. 3d and 4th
Kenney, Chelsey J., machinist , bds.boards sw.south west c.corner Pratte av.avenue
and Chouteau av
Kenney, Francis, boatman , rear 222 High
Kenney, John, lab.laborer , 95 Wash
Kenney, Peter, foreman Jackson's distillery,r.residence 239
s. 3d
Kenney, Thomas, stonecutter , bds, 34s.south 10th
Kenney, William, carriagedriver
Kennon, Frederick A., auctioneer , 79n.north 4th;r.residence at
Kenney, Daniel, bootmaker , 3s.south 10th
Kenny, George, carpenter , bds.boards ns.northside Jefferson b.between Broad-
way and 9th
Kenny, George W., cabinetmaker , bds.boards nw.northwest c.corner Broad-
way and Jefferson
Kenny, John, carpenter ,r.residence nr. 20th b.between Morgan
and Christy av
Kenny, John, physician , 7th sw.south west c.corner St. Charles
Kenny, John, porter , Shapleigh, Day & Co.Company ,r.residence llth
b. Wash and Carr
Kenny, Richard, lab.laborer , ws. 2d b.between Howard ande. Mound
Kenny, William J., attorney at law , 40 Chesnut;
bds.boards O'Fallon House
Kenosha, Bernard, lab.laborer , ne.northeast c.corner Columbus and Marion
Ken Rick, Peter R.,Rev. , R. C.Archbishop, dio-
cese of St. Louis,r.residence 30 Walnut
Kenk, John, painter , bds.boards 75n.north llth
Kentner, John A., engineer , es. Bellefontaine road b.between
Mallinckrodt and Salisbury
Kentucky, George H., shoemaker , bds.boards Warren nw.
c. 9th
Kenworthy, Charles W., deputy constable , bds.boards 109
n. 3d
Kenworthy, George E., dep. constable, bds.boards 109n. 3d
Keo, John, lab.laborer ,ss.south side Ann av.avenue b.between Carondelet av and 7th
Keogh, Daniel, (O'Hara & Keogh ,)r.residence 245 Broadway
Keogh, Thomas, lab.laborer , 246n.north 14th
Keokuk, Henry, lab.laborer , wks. Laclede ironworks
Keokuk Packet Co.Company , R. F.Sass, , 34n.north Com-
Keon, Edward, elk:, 166 Broadway
Keough, John S., elk., 187 Green
Kepler, Herman, finisher ,r.residence al.alley b.between 3d and 4th nr.
Kepler, Lawrence, brewer ,r.residence ws. Carondelet av.avenue b.between
Sidney and Lynch
Kepp, Martin, teamster , Lami se.southeast c.corner Jackson
Keppa, Henry, blacksmith , 147n.north llth
Keppel, Mary, wid.John, Jackson se.southeast c.corner Lami
Keppel, Philip, hairdresser , Jackson se.southeast c.corner Lami
Kepper, Henry, cigarmaker , 238 Market
Keppler, Mary, dressmaker , 94s.south 4th
Keppler, Michael, butcher , Center market;r.residence ws.west side
Jackson b.between Lami aud Douchouquette
Kerae, John, finisher , al.alley rear 14th nr. Biddle
Kerber, Lorentz, butcher , bds.boards 830 Broadway
Kerby, John, blacksmith , 150n.north llth
Kerhy, Johu, elk,,r.residence 17s.south 13th
Kerby, Joseph, steamboat captain ,r.residence Collins se.southeast c.corner
Kerby, Patrick, painter , 150n.north llth
Kereff, Christopher, basketmaker , 269 Market
Kercheval, Robert M.V.,com.mer.merchants ,61s.south Main;
r. 263 Washington av
Kerchner, Caspar, lab.laborer , ss.south side Salisbury b.between llth and 12th
Kcrschmann, John, tailor , bds.boards 190 Biddle
Kerdes, Martin, lab.laborer , ss.south side Warren b.between 15th aud 16th
Kerf, C., Belcher's sugarhouse
Kerfamule, Bernard, carpenter ,r.residence es. lflth b.between n.north Mar-
ket and Benton
Kerkenbein, S., Belcher's sugarhouse
Kerkbcff, Louis, bricklayer , es. DeKalb b.between Ann av.avenue
and Sidney
Kerksick, Frederick, teamster , Carr b.between 13th and 14th
Kerley, Daniel, lab.laborer , 30 Muilanphy
Kern, Anton, saddler , 16th b.between Biddle and O'Fallon
Kern, August, grinder , 79s.south 2d;r.residence 82 S. 2d
Kern, Constantine, blacksmith , bds.boards 13216th
Kern, Daniel, es. DeKalb nr. Dorcas
Kern, Daniel, boot and shoemaker , 28 Vine
Kern, Elizabeth, wid.John,r.residence 26 Spruce
Kern, Frederick, saddler , bds.boards 16th b.between Biddle and
Kern, George, (Kern & Bartenfeld ,) 25s.south 4th
Kern, Haver, hairdresser , ss.south side Park av.avenue nr. Menard
Kern, Jacob, wagonshop, 26 spruce;r.residence Spruce
ne.c.corner 2d
Kern, John, carpenter , 60s.south 2d
Kern, John, drayman , ns. Cedar b.between 2d and 3d
Kern, John, drayman , 18th b.between Wash and Carr
Kern, John C, hairdresser , 655 Broadway
Kern, Joseph, saloon, 3d sw.south west c.corner Convent
Kern, Conrad, beersaloon,r.residence Market nr. 19th
Kern, Otiler, wid.John, 16th b.between Biddle and O'Fallon
Kern & Bartenfeld , (GeorgeKern, and Henry A.Bar-, ,) notionstore, 25s.south 4th
Kernan, Ann, wid.Matthew, al.alley b.between 10th and llth nr.
Kernan, Michael, lab.laborer , s. Main se.southeast c.corner Poplar
Kernemann, William, lab.laborer , Beliefontaine road ne.northeast c.corner
Kerner, Christian, (Kerner & Meianer ,)r.residence Broadway
Kernel-, John, elk., bds.boards 214 Market
Kerner, Joseph, 108 Green
Kerner, William, boatman , 110 O'Fallon
Kerner & Meisner , (ChristianKerner, and
Charles P.Meisner, ,) paper and rag warehouse,
364 and 366s.south 7th
Kernion, G. H., Rev., professor of French litera-
ture , St. Louis University
Kernohan, Andrew, (Raphael & Kernohan ,) bds.boards
Monroe House
Kernon, —, elk., P.0.,r.residence 8th nr. Rutgers
Keron, Henry B.,sawmaker ,r.residence 10th se.c.corner Spring
Keron, Sarah, wid.William, hds. 10th se.southeast c.corner Spring
Kerr, Augustus, Ecresal, Planters' House
Kerr, Bernhard, lab.laborer , 135n.north 10th
Kerr, George A., (Tennent & Co.Company ,)r.residence Washington av.avenue
se.southeast c.corner 18th
Kerr, George W., elk. , John C.Boll, ,r.residence 144 Pine
Kerr, Henry H., steward , 157n.north 9th
Kerr, James A., elk., AlexLeitch, , bds.boards Olive b.between 8th
and 9th
Kerr, John W., tinsmith , bds.boards 245s.south 4th
Kerr, Seley P., carpenter ,r.residence Buena Yista nr. Victor
Kerr, William, bricklayer , bds.boards 213 Broadway
Kerr, William, porter , Doan, King & Co.Company ,r.residence 14th b.between
Wash and Carr
Kerr, William, steward , es. Sth nr. Biddle
Kerrigan, -, cooper ,r.residence s- Main se.southeast c.corner Poplar
Kerrigan, Francis, cooper , 101 B.2d;r.residence Plumc.corner Main
Kerrigan, James, saddler ,r.residence 258 Biddle
Kerrigan, John, cooper , Plumc.corner Main
Kerrigan, Patrick, hackman ,r.residence 113 St. Charles
Kerrigan, Peter, cooper , bds.boards Plumc.corner Main
Kerrigan, Philip, waiter , al.alley rear Market b.between 7th
and 8th
Kerrigan, William, grocer , Wash b.between 22d and 23d
Kerriher, Jacob, cigarstore , 8th nr. Rutgers
Kerschen, Frederick, blacksmith ,r.residence Madison b.between 9th
and 10th
Kerschi, Frederick, blacksmith ,r.residence 14 Labeaume
Kershaw, Andrew, brass finisher , rear 234n.north 7th
Kershaw, Andrew J., (William L. Kershaw & Co.Company ,)
r.7th b.between Carr and Biddle
Kershaw, James M., engraver and seal press manfr. ,
5thc.corner Pine;r.residence 25n.north 14th
Kershaw, William L., (William L. Kershaw & Co.Company ,)
rear 234n.north 7th
Kershaw William L. & Co.Company , (Andrew J.Kershaw, ,)
brass finishers, 3s.south 3d
Kerst, Philip, salesman , J.J. Donegan & Co.Company , 3d b.between
Market and Walnut
Kersten, Ernst, carpenter ,r.residence 311n.north 9th
Kersting, Henry, papercarrier , ss.south side Barry bet.between 7th and
Kerth, George, es. Fulton b.between Barry and Ma-
Kerwan, John, lab.laborer , 9th b.between Biddle and O'Fallon