St. Louis directory :
King, George, (King & Dewsnap ,)r.residence 243 Broadway
King, George, carpenter ,r.residence 962 Broadway
King, George, teamster , al.alley rear 176 Broadway
King, George I., 328n.north 7th
King, George P., (King, Angel & Co.Company ,)r.residence ws. Deca-
tur b, Martha and Victor
King, Henry, moulder , bds.boards s.south 8th nr. Victor
King, Henry, teamster , 130n.north 8th
King, J., bds.boards 58s.south 2d
King, Jacob, bedsteadmaker , ws. 14th b.between n.north Market
and Benton
King, James, carpenter , al.alley rear Market bet.between 8th & 9th
King, Jane, wid.John, M., boardinghouse , 144n.north 3d
King, John, clerk , bds.boards ns.northside Jefferson b.between Broadway and
King, John, engineer , bds.boards ws.west side 9th bet.between Biddle and
King, John, painter , 315n.north 6th
King, John, paver , ns. Allen b.between Rosatti and Menard
King, John, plasterer , bds.boards 421 Morgan
King, John, saloon, Vine b.between Main and 2d; r, 16n.north l5th
King, John, (King & Co.Company ,) and saloon, Olivec.corner 3d;
r. 16n.north 15th
King, John T., bookkeeper , Brotherton A Sturgeon,
r.nw.northwest c.corner Jefferson and Broadway
King, Joseph, carriagepainter , 7th bet.between Cass av.avenue and
King, Joseph H., engineer , 319n.north 9th
King, Louis F., carpenter ,r.residence 223n.north Market
King, Martin, carriagemaker , bds.boards Morgan bet.between 4th
and 5th
King, Mary, wid.James, washwoman, 82 Carr
King, Michael, lab.laborer , bds.boards 79 Green
King, Morris, drayman ,r.residence 90 Orange
King, Reynold, shoemaker , bds.boards 21 Pine
King, Richard, livcrystable , 103 Franklin av.avenue ;r.residence
115n.north 13th
King, Robert, (King & Brotherton ,) bds.boards ns.northside Jefferson
b. Broadway and 9th
King, Robert S,foreman , Brotherton & Sturgeon,r.residence
nw.c.corner Jefferson and Broadway
King, Sarah,r.residence rear 262 Chesnut
King, Seriark. stonecutter ,r.residence Columbusn.north Miller
King, Thomas, s.b.between mate,r.residence es. 10th nr. Labeanme
King, Valeutine, turner , ws. 14th bet.between n.north Market and
King, Washington, agt.agent Adams Express Co.Company ,r.residence
311 Morgan
King, William, (Case & King ,) bds.boards Morgan nr. Lef-
fingwell av
King, William, dock , foot Congress;r.residence 433n.north 9th
King, William, foreman n. St. Louis Engiue Co.Company , al. b.between
Bellefontaine road and 9th nr. Salisbury
King, William, plasterer ,r.residence 421 Morgan
King, William,trunkmaker , bds.boards with Edward Keller
King, William J., (Case & King ,) bds.boards ss.south side Morgan nr.
King, Wyllys, (Doan, King & Co.Company ,)r.residence 97 Walnut
King, Wyllys S., salesman , Doan, King & Co.Company ,r.residence 97
King, Angell & Co.Company , (George P.King, , Almeron S.
Angell, .) Citrwheelmakers, Lami se.southeast c.corner DeKalb
King & Co.Company , (JohnKing, and NicholasYellick, ,) sa-
loon, 4 Vine
King & Dewsnap , (GeorgeKing, , ThomasDewsnap, ,)
saloon, 243 Broadway
King & Wetzei , (WilliamKing, and-Wetzel, ,)
drydock, foot Convent
Kingdun, William A., asst.assistant sec.secretary St. Lotus Gas Compa-
ny, St. Louis Gas Light Office
King, Louis, safemaker , r.c.corner 7thn.north O'Fallon
Kingman, S. M., (Gnrley & Kingman ,)r.residence n. Market
c. 22d
Kingsbury, Lucius, teacher high school,r.residence 256 Ches-
King'S Hotel, L. Brigham & Co.Company proprietors ,
Vine b.between Main and 2d
Kingstand, Alfred, basketmaker , 118n.north 8th; bds.boards
Franklin av.avenue c.corner llth
Kingsland, George, (Kingsland & Ferguson ,)r.residence 282
Kingsland, Lawrence, clerk , c 2d and Cherry;r.residence n.north
Kingsland, Leroy, (Kinggtand & Ferguson ,)r.residence 37n.north
Kingsland, Philip,r.residence 20n.north 8th
Kingsland & Ferguson , (GeorgeKingsland, .
LeroyKingsland, , David K.Ferguson, ,) iron-
founders , c. 2d and Cherry
Kingsley, H. M..clerk Townley Honse
Kingsley, Joseph E., bookkeeper , 154 Green
Kiniar, J. W., bds.boards Monroe House
Kinkade, Robert, foreman sugar refinery ,r.residence Cham-
bersc.corner llth
Kinkaid, George, dairyman . 279 Chesnut
Kinkead, James, (D. Rokohl & Co.Company ,) bds.boards Vir-
ginia Hotel
Kinkead, R., foreman drayman , Belcher's sugarhouse
Kinkhar, Hafar, cooper , bds.boards 14th nr. Soulard
Kinkied, Robert, foreman Belcher's sugar refinery ,r.residence
sw.south west c.corner llth and Chambers
Kinkle, Charles, (Kinkle and Warner ,) rooms 71
Kinkle, James C, physician , 156 Locust
Kinkle & Warner , (Charles Kinkle aud Benoi War-
ner ,) game and oyster depot, 73 Chesnut
Kinly, Patrick, carriagedriver
Kinna, William, porter , bds.boards 28 Collins
Kinnear, Joseph W., salesman , Crow, McCreery &
Co. , bds.boards Monroe House
Knkard, Thomas, bds.boards Monroe House
Kinnark, Ellen, grocery, 136n.north 15th
Kinnark, William, stonemason , 205 Wash
Kinneman, Frederick, lab.laborer , 192n.north 10th
Kiunemann, Henry, porter , 14th st.street depot;r.residence 15th b.between
O'Fallon and Cass av
Kintiemann, Henry, teamster , al.alley bet.between 13th and 14th
nr. Cass av
Kinnemann, Henry, teamster , 175 O'Fallon
Kinnemann, Henry, tailor , es. 13th bet.between Carr and
Kinney, Jacob, butcher , r. 322s.south 3d
Kinney, John, lab.laborer , Wash b.between 7th and 8th
Kinney, John, lab.laborer , Wash b.between 21st and 22nd
Kinney, John, porter , 186 n, 12th
Kinney, Joseph, steamboat captain . 306n.north 6th
Kinney, Mary, washwoman ,r.residence 52 Biddle
Kinney, Michael, horsetrader ,r.residence 245n.north 7th
Kinney, Michael, lab.laborer , al.alley h. Wash and Carr nr. 22ud
Kinney, Patrick, boatman , Mullanphy ne.northeast c.corner 9th
Kinney, Patrick, lab.laborer , 418n.north Main
Kinney, Thomas, lab.laborer , 263n.north 12th
Kinney, William, dept. marshal,r.residence Jefferson city
Kinney, William, drayman , 245n.north 7th
Kinny, Bryan, riverman ,r.residence Waddingham al.alley b.between Cherry
and Carr
Kinny, Henry, lab.laborer , ws. 12th nr. Penrose av
Kinriesky, Joseph, finisher ,r.residence Rutgers b.between 6thand 7th
Kinsella, D., prof, music , 74n.north 4th
Kinsella, Henry, machinist , 131 Walnut
Kinsella, James, (Wm.M. Tompkins & Co.Company ,)r.residence 84
n. llth
Kinsella, John, baker , nw.c.corner Chesnut and 14th
Kinsella, Michael, lab.laborer , rear Cedar b.between 2nd and 3d
Kinsella, Michael, lab.laborer . Randolph b.between 12th and 13th
Kinsella, Patrick, moulder,r.residence Cedar b.between 2nd and 3d
Kinsella, Feter. teamster , St. Louis steam forge
Kinsellas, Dennis, lab.laborer , St. Louis steam forge
Kinsele, Edward L., blacksmith , 169n.north 9th;r.residence al.alley nr.
Carr b.between 10th and llth
Kinselly, James, city weigher,r.residence 84n.north llth
Kinsley, Felix, bds.boards al.alley nr. 19th b.between Morgan and Frank-
lin av
Kinsley, Frederick, porter ,r.residence ws. Buel b.between Ann av.avenue and
Kinsley, John, butcher , Broadway market;r.residence al.alley nr.
18th b.between Morgan and Franklin av
Kinsley, Michael, lab.laborer ,ns. Randolph nr. 12th
Kinsley, Patrick, butcher , Broadway market;r.residence al.alley
nr. 18th b.between Morgan and Franklin av
Kinsey, Lawrence K., lawyer , 361/2 Chesnut; bds.boards 41