St. Louis directory :
Longlet, Daniel, finisher ,r.residence es. Columbus b.between Soulard
and Carroil
Longley, Nimrod, porter , 23n.north 3d
Longmaier, Ferdinand, blindmaker ,r.residence Lafayetter bet.between
10th and 11th
Longmeyer, Frederick, moulder ,r.residence 454n.north Main
Longmeyer, Henry, teamster , rear 235s.south 3d
Longmeyer, Frederick, moulder , Giles F.Filley,
Longmeyer, Theodore, drygoodstore , 747 Broadway
Longshaw, James, trunkmaker , bds.boards 41 Gay
Longshore, James, trunkmaker , bds.boards Amercican House
Longstras, Louis, shoemaker , bds.boards 94 Almond
Longuemere, Charles, brewer , 7thc.corner Carondelet av.avenue ;
r. 268 Pine
Longuemare, Emil, jr.junior , clk. , DamscGezzi, ,r.residence 84n.north 4th
Longuemare, Eugene, lawyer , 38n.north Main, bds.boards Bar-
num's Hotel
Longuemare, Leon, 168n.north 5th
Lont, Frank, drygoods, 28 Franklin av.avenue ;r.residence ns.northside Wash
b. 5th and 6th
Looby, Ellen, wid.Patrick, , rear 79s.south Main
Looker, Jeremiah, pastrycook , rear 322n.north 6th
Loomis, Anson, (Shidy & Loomis,) r.residence 5th b.between Pine and
Loomis, Henry, saddletreemaker ,r.residence es. Columbus b.between
Marion and Carroll
Looney, James, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Biddle b.between 10th and 11th
Loney, Jeremiah, saddler ,r.residence Washington av.avenue b.between 10th
and 11th
Looney, Patrick, driver , bds.boards 254 Market
Loos, Adam, butcher ,r.residence ns. Picotte b.between Carondelet av.avenue
and Jackson
Loos, Louis, grocer , Manchester road
Lopez, Moses E., clk. , 105 and 106n.north Levee
Lopez, Simon, (Meyer & Lopez.) r.14n.north 3d
Lor, Henry, lab.laborer ,r.residence 319s.south 3d
Loranz, Gabriel, wagonmkr ,r.residence es. 17th near Market
Lorbe, Frederick, tinsmith, 299n.north 12th
Lorch, Boltos, tailor ,r.residence ss.south side Geyer av.avenue nr. Decatur
Lord, Charles B., Judge Land Court,r.residence Pine b.between 15th
and 16th
Lord, Charles D., (C.D. Lord & Co.) bds.boards Virginia
Lord, James, mailer , bds.boards 7 Russell av
Lord, Samuel D., clerk , C.D. Lord & Co.Company , bds.boards Wash-
ington av.avenue c.corner 5th
Lord C.D. & Co.Company ,(Charles D. Lord and John H.
Tice,) gasfixtures, 13s.south 4th
Lord'S, Detecter, Johnson Phillips &Co.Company , pub-
lishers, 31 Chesnut
Lorenberg, Adolphg, clerk , bds.boards 750 Broadway
Lorensen, Marx, tailor , 338s.south 3d
Lorentz, Francis J., Collarmkr. , bds.boards ns.northside Morgan nr.
Lorentz, Mark, tailor ,r.residence 342s.south 3d
Lorenz, Charles, optical inst.mkr.maker , bds.boards 29s.south 2d
Lorenz, Francis A., (Gehrke & Lorenz,) bds.boards sw.south west c.corner
Marion and 9th
Lorenz, Gerper, butcher , bds.boards es. 2d. b.between Mallinckrodt
and Salisbury
Lorenz, Henry, quarryman , Angustin & Co
Lorenz, John, bartender , 271 Market
Lorenz, Martin, cooper ,r.residence al.alley b.between Carondelet av.avenue and
7th nr. Geyer av
Lorenz, & Gabel, (Martin Lorenz adn Frederick Ga-
bel,) berrvault , Jefferson av.avenue nr. Cherokee
Lorham, Peter, Paver ,r.residence al.alley nr. Emmet b.between Carondelet
av.avenue and Jackon
Loring, Charles, carpenter , bds.boards c.corner 14th and Market
Loring, Charles E., farmer , 111n.north 8th
Loring, Charles F., (H.I. Loring &Co.) bds.boards Vir-
ginia Hotel
Loring, Henry I., (H.I. Loring & Co.Company ) bds.boards Monroe
Loring H.I. &Co.Company , (Henry I. and Charles F. Lo-
ring and Robert D. Patterson,) books, paper and
stationery, 136n.north Main
Lortz, Joseph, moulder , Hardesty, Carter & Ransom
Lose, Henry F., lab.laborer ,r.residence rear 233n.north 7th
Losee, Simoen, (Penfiled &Co.Company ) bds.boards Kings's Hotel
Loseing, Henry, tobacoonist , al.alley b.between 11th and 12th near
Loss, Adam, stonemason , 254n.north 12th
Lothbrock, John, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between 10th and 11th nr. Biddle
Loth, Adolphus, (Krammer &Loth,) r.residence 100n.north 4th
Lother, Mary, wid.Robert, ,r.residence Randolph near 14tg
Lother, William, confectioner , 14thc.corner Randolph
Lott, Bernhard, bartender , 283n.north Main
Lott, Henry, feedstore, 259n.north 12th
Lott, John, clerk , H.Lott, , bds.boards 250n.north 12th
Lott, Philip, cook , H.Lott, , bds.boards 259n. 12th
Lotte, Anthony, clerk , bds.boards Market nr. machester rd
Lotte, Jopst H., teamster , 21st b.between Carr and Biddle
Lottich, Daniel, cabinetmkr. , 8th nr. Rutgers
Lottmann, Alois, carpenter , ss.south side Soulard b.between Decatur
and Duel
Lottur, Emanuel, carpenter , 23d b.between Biddle and Carr
Loudam, Gilbert R., bds.boards 6thc.corner Washington av
Londen, Andrew, painter , 199 Green
Londen, Robert, painter , 81n.north 3d;r.residence 199 Green
Loudenkamper, John, clerk ,r.residence 9th bet.between O'Fallon and
Cass av
Loudenschlecher, Jacob, lab.laborer ,r.residence sw.south west c.corner Madison & 10th
Louderfeldt, Joseph, butcher , Center market;r.residence es.
Kosciusko b.between Lesperance and Picotte
Louderman, Jamces C.,r.residence 265 Morgan
Louderman, John H., clerk ,r.residence 265 Morgan
Loudes, Joseph, lab.laborer , 219n.north 12th
Louga, P., bds.boards Monroe House
Louge, Mary Ann, wid.Michael, ,r.residence 96 Christy av
Loughborough, JamesM., realestate dealer ,
99 Chestnut;r.residence Carondelet
Loughborough, John, Surveyor General of Missouri
and Illionis, ss.south side Chesnut b.between Main and 2d
Loughruaun, William, shoemaker ,r.residence wa. St. Charles
near 21st
Loughran, Patrick, carpetstore , 58 Main;r.residence 10 Collins
Loughran, Patrick P., (A. McDowell & Co.) r.residence 10
Loughran, Thomas, salesman , A. McDowell & Co.Company ,
bds.boards Barnum's Hotel
Loughridge, Samuel, piolot ,r.residence 9 Christy av
Lougley, Nancy, wid.Stephen , Hickory nr. Stoddard
Louis, Alexander, Yankee notions, 313s.south 4th
Louis, Andrew, fruittdealer , 441 Broadway
Louis, Julian, stonecutter , bda.aa. Franklin av.avenue near
Louis, William, steamboathand. bds.boards 315 a. 2d
Loungman, Anthony, porter , rear 854 Broadway
Lounsbory, James C., mate , Pruvenchere near Chou-
teau av
Louthan, Frank H., (Ryan & Louthan.) bds.boards Monroe
Louthsclaclacher, Harman.whipmaker ,r.residence aa.Arrow. b
7th and Decatur
Loux, Jaoob, policeman ,r.residence 7tb aw.e.east Marior,
Lovack, Mittthias, stonecutter , m. Emmet b.between Decatur
and Ituel
Love, Amberton, plumber , bds.boards 314n.north 7th
Love, Hamilton, plumber , bds.boards 214n.north 7th
Love, James, blacksmith ,r.residence 456 Morgan
Lovs, s.south , Ostler at Belcher's Sugarhouse
Lovejoy, Samuel, s.b.between engineer, 35 Gay
Lovering, George P., with John, How, 8s.south 5th
Lovesy, Edmond, bookstand, 301 Broadway;r.residence 195
Lovett, James, wks. St. Louis carworks
Low, Frederick, carpenter , bds.boards 10w.west Brooklyn
Low, William, (Low &Eagleson,) r.residence 13s.south 15th
Low, William, (Porter & Low,) es. 16th b.between Market
and Clark av
Low, William G., carpenter , bds.boards Sts.Streets Louis Hotel
Low, & Eagleson, (William Low and William H. Ea-
gleson,) carpenters , es. 15th b.between Pine & Chesnut
Lowe, Gustave, wagonmaker ,r.residence 8thc.corner Wash
Lowe, Samuel B.,(S.B. Lowe and Co.Company and Robertson
& Lowe,) r.residence 180s.south 3d