St. Louis directory :
McCarty, Charles, carpenter , bda. 105n.north 3d
McCarty, Daniel, painter , bds.boards 240 Franklia av
McCarty, Edward, stonecutter ,r.residence ws. 17th b.between Biddle
and O'Fallon
McCaity, Enoch, blacksmith , bds.boards 330n.north 2d
McCarty, James, lab.laborer , 284n.north Sth
McCarty, Jeremiah, lab.laborer , 215n.north 13th
McCarty, John, bnteher , bds.boards ss.south side Franklin av.avenue nr. 23d
McCarty, John, elk. , bds.boards O'Fallon House
McCarty, John, lab.laborer , bds.boards Pinenw.northwest c.corner LerSngwell av
McCarty, John, lab.laborer , Wash b.between 22d and 23d
McCarty, John, riverman , bds.boards 170n.north 4th
McCarty, John, shoemaker , bds.boards es. Broadway bet.between
Carr and Biddle
McCarty, John R., elk. , bds.boards 96 Olive
McCartv, Joseph, engineer , bds.boards 228 Biddle
McCarty, Julia, wid., 10th b.between Biddle aud O'Fallon
McCarty, Lackey, lab.laborer , es. Lynch bet.between Carondelet av.avenue
and 7th
McCarty, Martin, lab.laborer , Wasbiuirton foundry
McCarty, Mary, wid.Cornelius, 215n.north 13th
McCarty, Mary, wid.Jeremiah, , 182 Wash
McCarty, Matthew, riverman , 65 Green
McCarty, Michael, stonecutter ,r.residence 327 Washington av
McCarty, Patrick; lab.laborer , 374s.south 2d
McCarty, Peter, blacksmith , rear 157 Biddle
McCarty, Rhodie, lab.laborer , ws. Lewis b.between Florida and Co-
McCarty, Theopkilus, steward, , bds.boards 9 Washington av
McCartv, Thomas, foundryman , bds, O'Fallonc.corner
McCarty, Thomas, lab.laborer , bds.boards 38 a. 10th
McCarty, Thomas, riverman , bds.boards Is Morgan
McCarty, Timothy, wagonmaker , bds.boards 7thnw.northwest c.corner Carr
McCarty, William, finisher , Washington foundry
McCasy-, , carpenter ,r.residence al.alley bet.between 6th and 7th nr.
McCaughie, Thomas, gunsmith. 112 Morgan
McCaul, Charles W., (C.W. McCaul & Co.) r.residence Christy
av.avenue b.between 20th and 21st
McCaul C.W. & Co.Company , (CharleB W. McCaul and David
M. Branch,) tobacco manfrs.manufacturers . es. Commercial nr.
McCauley, Charles, (C. McCauley & Co.Company ) r.residence ws. 9th
b. Spring and Wright
McCauley C. & Co.Company , (Charles McCauley, John S.
Dunham and William H. Gregg,) forwarding
and commission, Commercial se.southeast c.corner Walnut.
(See advt.)
McCauley, Josiah, brickmason , 220 Franklin av
McCauliffe-, , carter , 47 Wright
McCaull, Charles C, tobacconist. Wash b.between 20th and
McCaulley, Samuel, maltster , bds.boards Lewellin House
McCaullitf, Ellen, wid., rear 186n.north 10th
McCausland, Andrew J., railroad contractor , bds.boards 102
McCausland, James, bricklayer , 36 Gay
MoCausliiud, James, (J. Fine & Co.) r.residence St Louis co
McCausland, Mark, 359 Morgan
McCausland, Thomas, bds.boards 10thc.corner Gratiot
McCaw, Daniel, (D. & J. McCaw,) ss.south side Mound b.between 10th
aud llth
McCaw, James, (D. & J. McCaw,) bds.boards Randle House
McCaw, William, ice agent , 114w.west Mound
McCaw, D. & J., (Daniel McCaw and James McCaw,)
wholesale and retail grocers, 174 Broadway
McCawley, Thomas, drayman , 312 Biddle
McChesney, Samnel, foreman. Evening News,r.residence 242
McChesney, Thomas, finisher , es. 17th nr. Bremen
McClain, George, Cedar b. 3d and 4th
McClannin, Robert F., actor , 132n.north fith
McClaring, CharleB, 93 Elm
McCleary, Richard, moulder , bs. 13th b.between Madison and
McCleavy, Henry, bricklayer , bds.boards 74 Franklin av
McCleery, Andrew P., money deliverer , U.S. Ex-
press,r.residence 579 Broadway
McCleery, John B., daguerrean , bds.boards 29 Olive
McClein, Alexander, taUor. bda. St. Louis Hotel
McClellan, Josriah G., (HcCleUan, Moody & Hillyer,)
r.Bishop's Bow, Pine st
McClellan, William, saddler , 312n.north 9th
McCleUan, William, botanic physician , 312n.north 9th
MoClellan, Moody A Hillyer, (Joslah G.
McOlellan, James C. Moody and William S.
Hillyer,) lawyers. 35 Pine
McClelland, Matthew Van L.. (McClelland, Scruggs
& Co.Company ) bds.boards Barnum's Hotel
McClelland, Peter, porter. Baldwin & Dodd
McClelland, Peter, salesman, 43 Howard
McClelland, Thomas, stairbnilder , bds.boards 304 Broadway
McClelland, Scruggs A Co.Company , (Matthew Van
L. McClelland, Richard M. Scruggs and -,)
dry goods, 4th sw.south west c.corner Sts.Streets Charles
McClenahan, J.W., 143 Locust
McClenahan, Jeremiah, (col'd,) drayman , al.alley b.between 3d
and 4th nr. Cedar
McClintock, Matthew, (Park AMoClintock., )r.residence 9th
nr. Green
McCloud, Murdoch, watchman , bds.boards 47s.south Main
MuCload, Samuel, plasterer. Wash b.between 22d and 23d
McCloy, John, (McCloy & Greene, ,) r.residence 541 Morgan
McCloy, A. Greene, (John McCloy and C.
Greene.) steamboat agents , 70 Commercial
McCluney, Isabella, wid.James, , boardinghouse, 6th
b. St. Charles and Washington av
McClung C.M. & Co.Company , (in liquidation,) 99n.north Main
McClure, George L., clerk, rear ss.south side Walnut nr. 9th
McClure, George W., cattledealer , bds.boards Manchester
road nr. Market
McClure, James, porter , 72 Washington av
McClureJames H,, architect , 3dc.corner Pine;r.residence 134
Washington av
McClure, Margaret, principal Hamilton school;r.residence
Brooklyn b.between 10th and llth
McClure, Robert, beersaloon , ns. Manchester road
McClure, Robert, cattledealer , Wedge House;r.residence es.
Pine b.between Ewing and Lefflngwell av
McClure, Robert J., lab.laborer ,286n.north 13th
McClure, William, butcher , Leffiugwell ne.northeast c.corner Morgan
McClnskey, DenniB, plasterer , Austin nr. 16th
McClnsky, John, peddler , 18th b.between Davis and Cassav
McCoaid, William, sailmaker. Wash sw.south west c.corner llth
M'Colgan, Francis, drayman , 681 Morgan
NcColgan, John, Wash b.between 21st and 22d
McCollach, James, carpenter , 8th nr. Rutgers
McCollan, Owen, boardinghouse, 5 Washington av
MoCollie, William, cooper, Sprnce b.between 18th and 19th
McCollister, Charles E., book'r. , Rhoades, Price & Co
McCollom, Alexander, (S.B. Kellogg & Co.Company ) bds.boards
King's Hotel
McCollom, John H., (Penfield & Co.Company ) bds.boards Virginia
McCullough, James, moulder at G.F. Filley's
McCullough, John, salesman ,r.residence ss.south side Mound b.between 10th and
McComb, Ephraim C, (Bartlett, McComb & Co.) r.residence
25n.north 9th
McComb, James J., (Bartlett, McComb & Co.Company ) r.residence at
New Orleans
McCombie, James A., oik. , Child, Pratt A Co.Company ,r.residence 150
McConnall, James, teamster ,r.residence Wash b.between 23d and 24th
McCorkin, Charles A., (L. Forbes & Co.,) bds.boards Mon-
roe House
McCnnnel, Georgedaguerrean ,r.residence 295 Morgan
McConnell, Eliza, wid. Noah, dressmaker , 193n.north 3d
McConnell, George H., dag'otypist , 3d sw.south west c.corner Green;
r. Morgan b.between Uth aud 15th
McConnell, John B., clerk , Barnard & Co.Company ,r.residence 543
Washington av
McConnell, Martin, lab.laborer , Everett House
McConnell, Patrick, barkeeper , 73 Chesnut
McConnell, Phoebe Ann, wid.Andrew, , dressmaker ,
103n.north 3d
McConnell, Robert, bda. 33 Howard
McConnell, Robert, lab.laborer , rear 146 a. 10th
McConuellogue, James, boatman , al.alley b.between Carr and Bid-
dle near 14th