St. Louis directory :
McDonald D.A. & W.P. (David, A. & William, P.,)
grocers , Carrc.corner 17th
McDonald P.A. & Co.Company (F. A.McDonald, & Jnllas
Raiip, ,) quary, es. Main b.between Bogy and Hempstead
McDonald & Wessblls , (JohnMcDonald, and
LawrenceWessells, ,) livery, n. 6th se.southeast c.corner Green
McDonnell, Alexander, fnrnaceman , ns. Victor b.between
Columbus and DeKalb
McDonnell, Anthony, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Washington av.avenue and
Green near 7th
McDonnell, Dennis, biker , bds.boards 40 Wash
McDonnell, James, butcher ,r.residence al.alley b.between Washington av.avenue
and Green near 7th
McDonnell, James, lab.laborer , bds.boards 30 Collins
McDonnell, Jeremiah, lab.laborer ,al.alley b.between Main and 2d near
McDonnell, John, steamboat agent ,r.residence 145 Olive
McDonnell, Michael, lab.laborer , bds.boards Levee sw.south west c.corner Main
McDonnell, Michael, tinware , 180 Franklin av
McDonough, Eliza, millinery , 417 Market
McDonough, Hugh J., salesman , Maurice & Henry ,r.residence
52n.north Main
McDonough, James, collector state and county
tax, court houser.residence 214 Pine
McDonough, James R.,r.residence 417 Market
McDonough, Patrick, lab.laborer , Cass av.avenue ne.northeast c8th
McDonough, Richard, lab.laborer , 140n.north 10th
McDonough, Thomas, lab.laborer , ns. Bates b.between Lewis andn.north
McDonough, William, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Carr b.between 6thand 7th
McDougali, Robert G., foreman , Livermore and Allen
plaining mill
McDowal, Hugh, fireman , bds.boards Chouteau nr Pratte av
McDowell, Archenge, wid.Robert, , 48n.north 10th
McDowell, Augustus, (A. McDowell & Co.Company ) bds.boards Plan-
ter's House
McDowell, Charles, agt.agent omnibus line, bds.boards City Hotel
McDowell, Charles, O. & M.R.R. , bds.boards 245 Broadway
McDowell, Drake, physician , 46 Olive
McDowell, John, porter , bds.boards 90s.south 2d
McDowell, John B., physician , 151 Olive
McDowell, John A., wagonmaker , bds.boards 48n.north 10th
McDowell, John J., physician , 46 Olive
McDowell, Joseph N., physician , c. 8th and Gratiot
McDowell, Maxwell, clerk , Dutcher & Co.Company ,r.residence 151
McDowell, Robert U., speculator , hds. 48n.north 10th
McDowell A. & Co.Company , (AugustusMcDowell, and
Patrick F.Loughran, , carpets and oilcloths, 58
n. Main. (See advt.)
McElhenney, Andrew, limedealer , Washc.corner 12th
McElroy, Frank, bds.boards 327 Broadway
McElroy, Hugh, porter , Hyman & Hollister ,r.residence c Bid-
dle and Broadway
McElroy, Michael, lab.laborer , 221n.north 7th
McEnaney, John, feedstore, Franklin, av.avenue c.corner 18th;r.residence
267 Carr
McEnaney, John, plasterer ,r.residence 33n.north 12th
McEnaney, Owen, shoemaker , r,106 Christy av
McEndree, Daniel M., cashier , 168n.north 2d, bds.boards Vir-
ginia Hotel
McEneany, Patrick, marbleworker , bds.boards St. Louis
McEnnis, Elizabeth, wid.John, ,r.residence 683 Morgan
McEnnis, Michael, (McEnnis & Co,Company ,)r.residence 310 Morgan
McEnnis, Thomas F., clerk , McEnnis & Co.Company , 683 Mor-
McEnnis & Co.Company , (Michael M.McEnnis, and John W.
Yeats, ,) boatstores, 29n.north Levee
McEnroe, James, fireman , bds.boards 319s.south 2d
McEntee, John, lab.laborer , bds.boards ns.northside Allen av.avenue bet.between Fulton
and Decatur
McEntee, Mary, wid.Barney, , washwoman ,St. Joseph
nr.b.between 5th
McEntee, Thomas H., streetcontractor , ss.south side Lafayette
av.avenue nr. Mississippi av
McEntire, James, finisher , Washington foundry
McEntlre, Joseph,s.south b.between agt.agent and ford, and com.
merchts.59 Levee and 8 Commercial;r.residence 8th b.between
Hickory & Rutgers
McEntyre, Patrick, porter , McBride & Co.Company ,
McEvoy, Lawrence, lab.laborer , bda. 41 a. 13th
McEvoy, Lawrence, policeman ,r.residence 137 Christy av
McEwayoy, Michael, lab.laborer , bds.boards 254 Market
McEwen, William B., patternmaker , 303n.north 7th
McFadin, Henry, (MeFaddln & Lynch, and Cal-
laway. Lynch & Co.Company ,)r.residence 18 Wash
McFadin, Jame8 M., (J.M. McFadin & Co.Company ,)r.residence 18
n. 8th
McFadin J.M. & Co.Company , (James X.McFadin, and
-, com. and farwd.merchts. , 58 Commer-
McFadin A Lynch , (HenryMcFadin, and Michael
Lynch, ,) qnarriers , ss.south side Grand av.avenue nr. 16th
McFali, Frank, late rollingmill proprietor ,r.residence 233 a.
McFalf, john, boardinghouse, 64 Market
McFariand, Alexander, boilermaker , 147n.north 17th
McFsrland, Archibald, plumber , wks.Kirkham &
McFariand, Catharine, wid.John, ,r.residence 28 east Mound
McFariand, Charles, salesman , Robert Campbell &
Co.Company , bds.boards Virginia Hotel
McFariand, Willia m, foreman , Hichcock & Co.Company ,r.residence es.
DeKalb b.between Picotte and Lesperance
McFarleu, Mary, dressmaker 364 Market
McFaul, Ambrose, porkpacker , 160n.north 14th, bds.boards
158n.north 14th
McFaul, Eneas, 158n.north 14th
McFee, James, printer , bds.boards 217n.north 7th
McFee, Mary, wid.Patrick, ,r.residence 217n. 7th
McFeele, John, cigarmaker , bds.boards 199n.north 7th
McGahhen, James, 323 Morgan
McGan, Easton J., boarding, 74 Franklin av
McGan, Thomas, lab.laborer , bds.boards ns.northside Poplarc.corner 13th
McGaon, Joseph, stonecutter ,r.residence al.alley nr. 9th bet.between Mar-
ket and Walnut
McGann, Mary, wid.Frederick, , al.alley rear Market bet.between
9th and 10th
McGaregan, Edward, bds.boards 245 Broadway
McGarl, John, peddler , alley near 5th bet.between Green and
McGarrin, Patrick, drygoods store, s. Main;r.residence 265
McGarry, Catharine, wid.John, , dressmaker ,8n.north 14th
McGarry, Hugh, tailor , bds.boards Washington av.avenue c.corner 6th
McGarry, John, baker , 112 Green
McGarry, Lawrence, grocer , es. 2dc.corner Spruce
McGarvey, Levi, cabinetmaker , 738 Broadway
McGarvey, Owen, lab.laborer , bds.boards nr. Carr b.between 6th and 7th
McGauen, James, printer , bds.boards 134 Market
McGavri, Michael, lab.laborer , ss.south side Mound b.between 9th and 10th
McGaw, 0., baker , Wash b.between 20th and 21st
McGeargin, Dominick, shoemaker , bds.boards 45 Locust
McGcary, Margaret, wid.Michael, , ns. Tradeau bet.between
DeKalb and Columbus
McGeary, Patrick, drayman , 167n.north 9th
McGeary, Thomas, bricklayer , al.alley b.between High and 14th nr.
McGee, Charles, waiter , Everett House
McGee, Henry A., (col'd,) producedealer , 121n.north 8th
McGee, J. W., (J.R. Ball & Co.Company )r.residence Chicago
McGee, James, tailor , rooms 56 Pine
McGee, James, trunkmaker , 2n.north 7th
McGee, Jennie, dressmaker , 2n.north 7th
McGee, John, nw.c.corner 13th and Chambers
McGee, John, stonemason , al.alley bet.between llth and 12th near
McGee, Michael, lab.laborer , bds.boards 61 Green
McGee, Patrick, blacksmith , bds.boards 368 Broadway
McGee, Patrick, furniturewagon, ns. Chouteau av.avenue nr.
Pratte av
McGee, Stafford, c Broadway and Ferry
McGee, William, drayman , bds.boards Randle House
McGehan, John, policeman , 323 Morgan
McGehan, Michael, quarryman , al.alley b.between Carr and Bid-
dle nr. 20th
McGeorge, Thaddens C, (Getty & McGeorge ,) bds.boards
Collins b.between Carr and Cherry
McGeough, Catharine, wid.James, , 6th nr. Poplar
McGery, Francis J., harnessmaker , es. 22d b.between Frank-
lin av.avenue and Morgan