St. Louis directory :
Manuel, —, bds.boards 174n.north 8th
Manz, Frederick, brewer , bds.boards Ann ar.sw.south west c Decatur
Many, J. M.,14n. 13th
Manyon, Lawrence, lab.laborer , wks.Laclede Ironworks
Manyon, Patrick, lab.laborer , 382n.north Main
Manzendeck, Ferdinand, batcher , ws. 11th b.between Mal-
linckrodt and Destrehan
Mapother, DillonH., (Hart, Mapother & Co.Company ) r.residence at
Louisvilte, Ky
Mappes, George, bootmaker , 760 Broadway
Mar, Mary, wid.James, , 28 e.east Mound
Mar, Patrick, lab.laborer , ss.south side Pratte av.avenue nr. railroad
Mara, Antoine, steamboatmate , es. Fulton b.between Marion
and Barry
Mara, Daniel, carpenter , Biddle o. 24th
Marsh, Daniel, carpenter , 21st b.between Wash and Carr
Maraa, Joseph, carriage trimmer , 2d b.between Spruce and
Maratta, Daniel, 305 Franklin av
Mrratta, Varner, (H. Ashbrook & Co.Company ) r.residence 305 Frank-
lin av
Marbech, Wendling, cooper , ws. 2d b.between Angelrodt and
Marburg, Catharine, wid.Frederick, , grocer , Caronde-
let av.avenue nr. Potomao
Marburg, Henry, lab.laborer , rear Menard c Lafayette
Marce, Alexander, grocer , 36n.north Levee;r.residence Myrtle b.between
Main and 2d
March, Francis, steamboat engineer , al.alley b.between Wash and
Carr nr. 24th
March, John, cooper , 283 Carondelet av
Marcof, Louis, bartender , bds.boards 32s.south Levee
Marcotte, Maxime, ironmoulder , bds.boards 65 Florida
Marcrander, Adam, butcher , 12 South market;r.residence ss.south side
railroad nr. 21st
Marcrander, Conrad, butcher , 20 South market;r.residence ss.south side
Gratiot nr. 22d
Marcroft, John, watchman , St. Louis Glass Co.Company ,r.residence
rear 712 Broadway
Marcus, Elias, peddler , 81 Franklin av
Mardarf, Herman, beersaloon, 102 Carondelet av
Marde, Patrick, lab.laborer , bds.boards ws.west side 20th b.between Brooklyn and
Marden, Daniel G., patternmaker , bds.boards Princeton
Marek, Frank L., clerk , bds.boards 287 Pine
Marek, Joseph F., grocer , 287 Pine and Clark av.avenue c.corner
16th ;r.residence 287 Pine
Mares, Joseph, carriagemaker , bds.boards 90s.south 2d
Marggrof, Joseph, cooper , 353n.north Main
Margnau, William, supt.superintendant Planters' House,r.residence 129n.north
Margo, Peter, mason , DeWalser nr. Gravois road
Margraff, John, cooper at Belcher & Bros
Marguish, Albert, carpenter ,r.residence Gratiot bet.between 15th and
Marienan, Frederick, porter , 270 Wash
Marienscheck, Philip, draughtsman , al.alley b.between Caronde-
let av.avenue and 7th nr. Marion
Marina, Frederick, porter , Wash b.between 18th and 19th
Marine Hospital , Marine av.avenue b.between 2nd Caronde-
let av.avenue ands.south city limits
Marine Insurange Company Of St. Louis ,
Locust sw.south west c Main
Marion, Joseph, grocer . 81s.south Main
Mark, Emil, (Schneider, Mark & Co.Company ) r.residence Em-
met b.between Columbus and Jackson
Mark, Emil, gtassblower ,r.residence 273s.south 3d
Mark, John, lab.laborer , Carrc.corner 24th
Mark, John, tailor , bds.boards 255 Carondelet av
Mark, Joseph, cigarmaker , bds 39 Walnut
Markel, Rudolph, porter , 56 Almond
Markendorff, Frederick, carpenter ,r.residence 318s.south 2nd
Markendorff, Minnie, midwife ,r.residence 318s.south 2nd
Markham, William H., (Reid & Markham,) r.residence Comp-
ton Hill
Margraf, August, musician , bds.boards 107n.north 3d
Markland, Thomas T., tinsmith , 158s.south 5th
Markle, Oliver, carpenter ,r.residence ss.south side Lafayette av.avenue bet.between
Gravoisrd.road and Compton av
Markley, A., teamster ,r.residence 344s.south 3d
Markman, Louis, hatter , 37 Green
Marts, Alexander, speculator ,r.residence 75 FrankHn av
Marks, AmbroaUts, shoemaker , Park ar.b.between Caronda-
let av.avenue and Rutgers
Marks, Delaney, lab.laborer , 353n.north Main
Marks, Dennis, floormill , ss.south side Bates bet.between n.north Main and
Lewis;r.residence 290 Olive
Marks, Prank, porter . W.L. Ewing & Co.Company ,r.residence ws. 9th
b. Cass av.avenue and O'Fallon
Marks, Frederick, blacksmith , al.alley bet.between Jefferson and
Monroe nr. 14th
Markworth, Harman, copyist , 1114 Broadway
Marks, Henry, millinery . 194 Broadway
Marks, John, candlemaker . Goodwin & Anderson
Marks, Johanna, milliner , 75 Franklin av
Marks, Joseph, musician , ws. Buel nr. Sonlard
Marks, Landalin, lab.laborer , aLb.between Carondelet av.avenue and 7th
nr. Park av
Marks, Peter, Belcher's sugarhouse
Marks, Samuel U., 103n.north 3d
Marks, Sebastian, tailor ,r.residence 69s.south 2nd
Marky, Anthony, porter , 69n.north 3d
Marley, Joseph?., housepainter , 44n.north 6th
Marley, Louis, painter ,r.residence ns. Salisbury bet.between llth
and 12th
Marley, Michael, drayman ,r.residence as. Gamble av.avenue near
Pratte av
Marlin, E. M., policeman , 49 Muilanphy
Marlin, Gerard W., policeman , ss.south side Clark av.avenue Betbetween 20th
and 21st
Marling, Jacob, moulder ,r.residence es. 2nd bet.between Howard and
Marllata, Euaa, carpenter , bds.boards 268 Franklin av
Marlon, Julia, wid.John, ,r.residence 117n.north 6th
Marlow, Charles, furniture manfr. . Jeffersonc.corner
Main; warerooms 36 and 38 Washington av.avenue ;r.residence
35s.south 3d
MarlowCharles, Jr.junior , salesman , C. Mariow,r.residence 252
Marlow, Parmenee, bds.boards 54s.south 4th
Mariow, Samuel, elk. , C. Harlow, bds.boards 35s.south 3d
Marlow, William, bookkeeper , C. Marlow, bds.boards 35
s. 3d
Marmaduke, Dowiu W,; (Harwood & Marmaduke,)
es. 12th b.between Market and Chesnut
Marney, Garrett, printer ,r.residence sw.south west c.corner Madison and 10th
Maroe, Joseph, tinner , bds.boards ss.south side Franklin av.avenue nr. 21st
Marolet, Peter, ss.south side Lombard b.between 2nd and 3d
Marotte, Nicholas,r.residence Cherokee bet.between Missouri av.avenue and
Maiowsky, Filo, finisher , bds.boards sw.south west c.corner Lafayette and
Marquard, John H., grocer , 9th and Brooklyn
Marquat, Zean B., cooper , 381 Franklin av
Marts, John, carpenter , Carrc.corner 21st
MarrattaDaniel, Jr.junior , steamboat steward , 305 Frank-
lin av
Marratta, Hardesty, steamboat steward , 305 Frank-
lin av
Marreck, Anton, musician , rearnw.northwest c.corner Fulton and
Marrel, Frank, carpenter , bds.boards 47 b.between Main
Marren, Barney, lab.laborer , ss.south side Lami b.between Congress and Ca-
rondelet av
Marriott, William, cigars and tobacco, 78 Elm
Marsch, Adam, shoemaker , bds.boards 19 Carondelet av
Marsch, Henry, tailor , 111 Biddle
Marschsl, John A., barber . 18 Carondelet av
Marsden, Samuel, carpenter , 242 Market
Marsdin, Charles, steamboat mate , bds.boards 53 Hempstead
Marsh, Elias J., physician , 141 Market
Marsh, Els ton, (Webster, Marsh & Co.Company ) r.residence Plainfield,
Marsh, Calvin W., com. salesman , Goodrich, Willard
& Co.Company ,r.residence 232 Chesnut
Marsh, David C, roller ,r.residence se.southeast c.corner 2nd and Ferry
Marsh, Darius, 121n.north 11th
Marsh, Edward W., salesman , Moies & Co.Company , 155 Pine
Marsh, James, livery stable , nw.c Lombard and 4th,
and ne.northeast c.corner Lombard;r.residence 4th D. Gratiot and 5th
Marsh, John, tailor , 119n.north 8th