St. Louis directory :

Paper Hangings,
Window Shades, &c.corner

Geo. BMichael, ,
Importer, Manufacturer, And Jobber Of
French, English, German and American
Paper Hangincs,
Borders, Views, Decorations,
Wood, Marble And Granite Imitations, Statuary, Poetic
Figures, Chimney Screens,
Gold, Velvet, Transparent, Holland, India & Paper
Window Shades, & C.,
No. 80 Fourth st.street ,
West Sieke, Between Olive And Locust,
St. Louis.

☞ This Is The Largest
Paper Hangings Warehouse
In The Union.

Stock unequalled, both of Foreign and Domestic manufacture. Terms And Prices as favorablo as any Manu-
facturing or Jobbing House in the East.

☞ All approved orders faithfully and promptly executed.

The Retail Department
Will at all times embrace the Newest and Most Desirable Productions of the various manufacturers of
Eurore and America. suitable for Parlors, Halls, Chambers, Dining and Drawing Rooms, such as Gold, Silver. Velvet,
Embossed, Copperplate, Flowered, Landscape, Foulard, Forest, Column, Pilaster, Scroll, Gothic, Medal'.ion and Fresco
Wood, Marble And Granite Imitations. Plain And Figured Satins, of every Price, Quality and
Style, together with every description of Goods usually kept in an Extensive
Paper Hancings Emporium,
Varying from the commonest kind to the most recherche and elaborate Decorations.

A Net Saving of Twenty per Cent.

Is guaranteed to those who purchase at thu Establishment. Over any other House in the West

☞ Public Rooms and Halls decorated in the latest Parisian Style.

Practical, Paper Hangers will be sent to any part of the country when desired.

Geo. B.Michael, ,
Importer And Manufacturer ,
No. So Fourth Street, Between Olive & Locust