St. Louis directory :
Miller, John, machinist , rear 107n.north 9th
Miller, John, omnibusdriver , bds.boards 5thc.corner Almond
Miller, John, plasterer , ns. Douchouquette b.between Jackson
and Columbus
Miller, John, policeman ,r.residence ws. 13th bet.between Market and
Miller, John, sausagemaker , rears.south 7th b.between Marion aud
Miller, Jobn, shoemaker , 91 Carr
Miller, John, shoemaker , bds.boards 120s.south 2d
Miller, John, riversteward ,r.residence 67 n, 17th
Miller, John, tailor , bds.boards 190s.south 2d
Miller, John, tailor , Park av.avenue b.between Buel and Menard
Miller, John B., (Goodwin, Miller & Co.Company ) 2 City bldgs
Miller, John C, (Timmerman, Schulze & Miller ,) 7th
sw.south west c.corner Carroll
Miller, John D., bootmaker , 30 Morgan
Miller, John G., tailor , bds.boards 45n.north 3d
Miller, John H.clk. , (Simonds & Taylor ,)r.residence Sts.Streets Ange
b. Chouteau av.avenue and Park av
Miller, John M., watchman Franklin Bank,r.residence ns.northside
Emmet near Menard
Miller, John R., bricklayer ,r.residence 264 Chesnut
Miller, John S., bookkeeper , 3 Commercial;r.residence 44n.north
15 th
Miller, John J., (R.H. Miller & Sons ,)r.residence 5th
sw.south west c.corner Spruce
Miller, John W.clerk , Oliver Green. 26s.south 14th
Miller, John W., patternmaker ,r.residence ns. Wash bet.between 7th
and 8th
Miller, John Z., carpenter ,r.residence 10 Center
Miller, Joseph, rear 126s.south 2d
Miller, Joseph, carpenter , bds.boards 213n.north 7th
Miller, Joseph, engineer , Wm. Wade & Co.Company ,r.residence 18th b.between
O'Fallon and Biddle
Miller, Joseph, lab.laborer , al.alley bet.between Carondelet av.avenue and Jack-
son near Carroll
Miller, Joseph, lab.laborer , bds.boards ws.west side Columbus b.between Lafayette
and Emmet
Miller, Joseph, lab.laborer , ns. Salisbury b.between llth and 12th
Miller, Joseph. moulder , Ann av.avenue b.between 7th and Decatur
Miller, Joseph G., com.mer.merchants , 23 Market;r.residence ss.south side
Papin b.between 15th and 16th
Miller, Joseph P., salesman , Green & Bro
Miller, Josiah, salesman , Reed & Co.Company , Pinec.corner 5th
Miller, Julius, bartender , bds.boards 245s.south 4th
Miller, Lawrence, saloon, 257 Carondelet av
Miller, Louis, beersaloon Franklin av.avenue c.corner 11th
Miller, Louis, brickmaker , Moore near Market
Miller, Louis, jeweler , near P.O.;r.residence 99 Morgan
Miller, Louis, lab.laborer , ss.south side Short near Wood
Miller, Louis, moulder , bds.boards 163n.north llth
Miller, Louis, steamboathand , al.alley b.between 7th and Caronde-
let av.avenue near Carroll
Miller, Louisa, wid.Matthias, , seamstress , sw.south west c.corner La-
fayette and Buel
Miller, Madison, 66 Market;r.residence Carondelet city
Miller, Matthias, lab.laborer , 93 Carr
Miller, Martha, widow,r.residence 244n.north 5th
Miller, Martin, basketmaker , bds.boards John A. Winkler
Miller, Martin, lab.laborer , ws. Buel b.between Sidney aud Lynch
Miller, Martin, shoemaker , 218n.north llth
Miller, Margaret, wid.Abraham, Provenchere near
Chouteau av
Miller, Martha, wid.John, , boardinghouse, es. 10th
near Howard
Miller, Mary, widow, ss.south side Walnut near 9th
Miller, Mary, wid.Jacob, , al.alley nr. Carr b.between 6th and 7th
Miller, Mary A., trimmingstore , 11s.south 4th
Miller, Michael, lab.laborer , es. Jackson b.between Carroll & Sonlard
Miller, Michael J., erector of gasworks , 40n.north 3d;r.residence
106 Morgan
Miller, Nathan, boilermaker ,r.residence 165 Carondelet av
Miller, Orlando, cooper , ns. Sprucec.corner 13th
Miller, Patish, us. Douchouquette b.between Jackson and Co-
Miller, Peter, cigarmaker ,r.residence 80 Green
Miller, Peter, cooper . Belcher's sugarhouse
Miller, Peter, quarryman , De Wolser nr. Gravois rd
Miller, Peter, quarryman ,r.residence ss.south side Gravoisrd.road nr. Jeffer-
son av
Miller, Peter F., machinist , sw.south west c.corner llth and Brooklyn
Miller, Philip, tanner , bds.boards Lami st.street depot saloon
Miller, Robert H., (R.H. Miller & Sons ,)r.residence
Alexandria, Va
Miller, Richard, bootmaker , 472 Market
Miller, Robert, bookkeeper , J. Weil & Bro. ,r.residence 47
s. 2nd
Miller, Robert, lab.laborer , ws. Main bet.between Webster and La-
Milter, Rudolph, teamster , bds.boards ns.northside Arsenal bet.between 2nd
Carondelet av.avenue and 7th
Miller, S., cooper ,r.residence 55 Chambers
Miller, S., moulder , Washington foundry
Milter, Samuel, salesman , Wood, Christy & Co.Company , bds.boards
133n.north 6th
Miller, Sarah, dressmaker , 118 Wash
Miller, Surah J., dressmaker , 127 O'Fallon
Miller, Silas, tanner , Step se.southeast c.corner Douchouqnette
Miller, Stephen, mattressmaker , bds.boards 257 Caronde-
let av
Miller, Susan, wid.Charles, , dressmaker , s. O'Fallon
b. 5th and 6th
Miller, Sweathardt, (Miller & Howard .)r.residence Chambers
b. 9th and 6th
Miller, Thomas, baker , ws. Bellefontainerd.road b.between Angel-
rodt and Destrehan
MillerThomas, Jr.junior , clk. , W. N.Newell, , bds.boards 80
Miller, W., chemist ,r.residence 160 Broadway
Milter, Walter H., , (Miller & Scott ,) Barnum's
Miller, William, (Fisher & Miller ,) bds.boards 74 Franklin
Miller, William, baker ,r.residence 127 Christy av
Miller, William, brewer , bds.boards ss.south side Market nr. 19th
Miller, William, carpenter ,r.residence nw. of Reservoir
Miller, William, steamboat captain ,r.residence 11s.south 4th
Miller, William, cooper ,r.residence al.alley bet.between 3d and 4th nr. Con-
Miller, William, lab.laborer , ss.south side Ann av.avenue b.between 7th and Decatur
Miller, William, lab.laborer , cs. Hamtramck av.avenue nr. Soulard
Miller, William, lab.laborer , es. Jackson bet.between Marion and
Miller, William, lab.laborer , 293s.south 7th
Miller, William, lab.laborer , Wash b.between 20th and 21st
Miller, William, teamster ,r.residence ss.south side Dock b.between Bellefontaine
rd. and Broadway
Miller, William, vinegarmaker , ns. Carroll b.between Jackson
and Carondelet av
Miller, William A., (Fisher & Miller ,)r.residence 74 Frank-
lin av
Miller, William B., steamboat captain , 94 Walnut
Miller, William G., Sts.Streets Ange av.avenue nr. Hickory
Miller, William H., (Brackett & Miller ,) bds.boards Com-
mercial Hotel
Miller, William H., steamboat clk. ,r.residence 118 Wash
Miller, William H., (W.H. Miller & Co.Company ) bds.boards Ameri-
can House
Miller W.H. & Co.Company , (William H.Miller, &-,) car-
penters , 56 Locust
Miller, William S., conveyancer , 93 Chesnut;r.residence
138s.south 4th
Miller, William W., hardware , 137n.north 3d;r.residence
New Jersey
Miller & Gregory , (Jacob S.Miller, & IsaacGregory, ,)
painters , c. Cherry and Levee
Miller & Howard , (SweathardtMiller, and James M.
Howard, .) coopers , al.alley b.between 2nd 3d nr. Vine
Miller R.H. & Sons , (Robert H., Charles, and
John S.J., ) wh. china, glass and queensware, 11
and 13n.north 2nd. (See advt.)
Millers' & Scott , (Walter H.Miller, and Solo- Scott, Jr.junior ) carpets, Main sw.south west c.corner Vine
Millers' & Manufacturers' Insurance
Co.Company , 43n.north Main
Miltett, Henry S., printer , bds.boards Greenc.corner 7th
Milletzer, Julius, cooper , 17thc.corner Franklin av
Millhoupt, Mary, wid.Rudolph, ,r.residence al.alley bet.between 3d and 4th
nr. Convent
Millhousen, John, wheelwright ,r.residence nw.c.corner Julia and