St. Louis directory :
Black, Peter H., bookkeeper , ws. 12th, bet.between Madisoun
and Jefferson
Black, Philip, wood boatman ,r.residence Cedar, bet.between 2d and
Black, Samuel, (Black & Wing, )r.residence 181s. 5th
Black, Samuel, coopper , bds.boards es. 9th, b.between Salisbury and
Black, Uriah, malster , 72 Plum
Black, W m., trunkmaker , bds.boards 10th, b.between Soulard and
Lafayette av
Black, W m.M.,r.residence 29n.north nth
Black, A.Wing, (Samuel Black, and Andrew H.
Wing ) liverystable, . 5 n, 7th
Black, Thomas, baker , 17th, b.between Biddle and Carr
Blacker, Henry H., tieket agent , 0. & M.R.R., 4th
nw.c.corner Chesnut, bds.boards King's Hotel
Blacker, Stephen, boatman , 12th, b.between O'Fallon and Cass
Blackie, Stephen, gasfitter. 88n.north 3d
Blackman, Gustaph, bds.boards 36s.south 10th
Blackman, James, (J.F. Comstock & Co.Company )r.residence 27n.north 13th
Blackman, Wm. L., tinworker. r.residence ti3n.north 17th
Blackmer, JohnA., foreman Wm.M. Barron & Co.Company 's ,
bds.boards 120 Collins
Blackmore, Wm., lumber measurer ,r.residence es. 15th, bet.between
Montgomery and Spring
Blackwell, Thomas, baker , es. 17th, b.between Carr and Bid-
Blackwell, Wm., bartender , bds.boards Walnut sw.south west c.corner 3d
Blackwood, Robert K., bookkeeper G.Gorin's, ;r.residence 320
n. 6th
Blackwood, Wm. G., lawyer , 20 Chesnut;r.residence 103
Blades, Benjamin L., carpenter , 3571/2 Franklin av.avenue ;r.residence
Blaeachen, Henry, cigarmaker , rears.south 7th,nw.northwest c.corner La-
Blaetteman, Albert, salesman E. Berger ;r.residence 18th,nw.northwest
c. Morgan
Blaho, John, carpenter , ns. Marion near 7th
Blaich, Wm., cabinetmaker , bds.boards 712 Broadway'
Blain, David, clerk , bds.boards 445 Broadway
Blaine, John L., bagging and rope factory, Mul-
lauphyc.corner Levee; v. 143 Locust; office 16 Pine
Blair, David, riverman ; bds.boards 175n.north 4th
Blair, Edward A., bookkeeper Lucas , Thompson & Co.Company ;
r.108 Wash
Blair, Francis P., att'y. at law ;r.residence 2Gl Washing-
ton av
Blair, John, bds.boards Demson House
Blake, Aaron, dentist , 52n.north 5th;r.residence same
Blake, Ann, wid.Peter, ;r.residence ss.south side Convent nears, 2d
Blake, Caroline, wid.Simon , Yankee uotiuns, 333s.south
4th;r.residence tame
Blake, Ellen, wid.John, , 116n.north 8th
Blake, George, moulde . r.residence 110 Christy av
Blake, George.lab.laborer , St. Louis steam forge
Blake, James, 216 Carr
Blake, John, bricklayer , 216 Carr
Blake, John R., carpenter , 27s.south 6th
Blake, John N., (Daughtrey & Blake, )r.residence c.corner 3d and
Blake, JohnW., clerk , B. Douglas & Co.Company 205 Morgan
Blake, Patrick, bricklayer ;r.residence 260 Market
Blake, Peter, lab.laborer , rear 81n.north 10th
Blake, Richard, lab.laborer , ns. Clark av.avenue c.corner Center
Blake, Thomas, lab.laborer ;r.residence 27 Biddle
Blake, Wm., tinsmith , 133 Market;r.residence same
Blakeley, Thomas, brushmaker ;r.residence Cedar, b.between 2d and
Blakeslee, Abraham, tailor and draper , 62n.north 4th ;r.residence
115 Olive
Blakeslee, PhilanderC., brakesman ,r.residence near
22nd, b.between Franklin av.avenue and Morgan
Blakeslee G.S. & Co.Company , (G.S. Blakeslee & C.S.
Brown. ) clocks, 42 Maiket
Blakesley, George, teamster ,r.residence es.n.north 6th, bet.between Biddle
and O'Fallon
Blakey, JohnC.farmer ,r.residence 144 Washington av
Blakey, Stephen, laborer . Locustc.corner 3d
Blakey, John, foreman , Charles Marlow,r.residence 80n.north 5th
Blakley, John, machinist. N.Sts.Streets Louis, 80n.north 5h
Blakley, William.154n.north llth
Blaksley, Henry, patent medicines , 2nd. sw.south west
c. Vine;r.residence nw.northwest c.corner 7th and Walnut
Blamenberg, Henry, tailor , ss.south side Park av.avenue near Menard
Blanch, Hackley.barkeeper. 90 Collins
Blanchard, Alexander, carpenter. bds.boards 43n.north 12th
Blanchard, Benjamin, salesman. 186n.north 2nd;r.residence 133
Blanchard, Charles, bookkeeper , bds.boards 83s. 14th
Blanchard, Dewitt C., drugclerk. r.residence 93 Franklin av
Blanchard, James G.. Monumental house. 143 Maiket;
r. same
Blanchard, William, painter , 322n.north 7th
Blanchton, Paul, condlemaker. r.residence es.2nd Carondelet
av.avenue near Geyer av
Bland, Peter E., (Bland & Colman., ) Clayton road,n.north
Bland, William, carpenter , bds.boards 245 Broadway
Bland & Colman. (Peter E. Bland & Charles D.
Colman. ) lawyers. 97 Chesnut
Blaney, Henry, drayman ,r.residence Randolph, bet.between 12th and
Blank, Charles, physician. 318s.south 5thr.residence same
Blank, John, painter ,r.residence 610 Morgan
Blank, Oscar, physician. 122n.north 11th:r.residence same
Blanke, Andrew E.. bookkeeper. (Brolaski & Beckett ) Cerre and Gratiot
Blanke, August, mnusictencher. r.residence 169n.north 14th
Blanke, August, tailor , rear 155n.north 14th
Blanke, August A., (Bhuikc & Bro. )r.residence 49 Center
Blanke, Detlef J., clerk , (Blanke & Bro., ) bds.boards 49
Blanke, Frederick, silversmith , al.alley near Biddl e.east bet.between
Uth and loth
Blanke, Henrv.moulder. (Giles F.Filley, )
Blanke, Henry W.. (Blanke & Bro. .)r.residence 49 Center
Blanke, Henrv W., confectioner , 150 Chesnut
Blanke, John H., 210 Market
Blanke, H., (Belchers sugarhonsc. )
Blanke, Theodore, carpenter, .r.residence ns.northside Park av.avenue b.between Bue1
and Menard
Blanko, Patrick, bricklayer , bds.boards 1s.south 14th
Blanke & Brother, (August H. & Henry W., )
confectioners , 166 Market
Blankenhorn, Jacob, hairdresser , 69s.south 2nd;r.residence same
Blanker, Henry, moulder ,r.residence rear 20S Praukliu av
Bluntz, Adam, butcher ,r.residence Franklin av.avenue se.southeast e.east 24th
Blantz, Conrad, butcher , 4 City market;r.residence ss.south side Frank-
liu av.avenue c.corner Lefiiuftwcll
Blautz, John, butcher ,r.residence Franklin av, near Leffing-
Blaschka, William, musician , ns. Marion b.between 7th and
Fulton,c.corner ul
Blasdeal, William, engineer , es.9th b.between Destrehan and
Blase, Imitz.paperhanser. r.residence 3s.south 2nd
Blasien, Henrv.cigarmaker ,r.residence c.corner Lafayette
Blasins, Nicholas.(Hofa & Blasius. )r.residence 115 Curonde-
let av
Blashus, Nicholas, lab.laborer ,r.residence al.alley near Lafayette, bet.between
Jackson and Columbus
Blasmnnn, William, watchman. (Pacific R.R. depot)
15th b.between O'Fallon and Cass av
Blassing, John, lab.laborer , (Malony &, Tilton.)
Blatchford, Eliphalte W., (Hutchford & Collins, )r.residence
Blatchpord & Collins. (Eliphalet W. Blatch-
ford & Morris Collins. ) lead manfrs. ws.west side Mainc.corner
Blattau, Charles F.. (Ruegg, Rosse & Co.Company , ) notary
public,r.residence Park av.avenue b.between Carondelet av.avenue and 7th
Blnttenberg, Ansrust.carpenter. 148n.north 13th
Blatterman, Albert, elk. , Morgan
Blattler, John.lab.laborer , es. Pulton near Soulard
Blattuer, Adolph.lab.laborer . 479 Carondelet av
Blattner, Jacob, math, insttumcut maker , 44
Market:r.residence 86 Elm., See advt.p. 42
Blattner, Jacob, porter , bds.boards 62 Morgan
Blattncr, John, machinist. (Hardcsty. Carter & Ran-
son )