St. Louis directory :
Alewel, H., at Bclrber 's sugar house
Alexander, Andrew, steamboat hand, 12th, near
Alexander, Andrew J., (Cary Grute & Co.Company ,) ns.
Washington av., het. 12th and 13th
Alexander, Augustus W., (Bates & Alexander ,) bds.boards
ns. St. Charles b.between 7th and 8th
Alexander, Baffe, grocer , 60n.north Levee;r.residence same
Alexander, Basil W., (Bast, Alexander & Co.Company and
Prest.Com.Commission Ins.Co.Company ,) 5th b, Olive and Pine ;r.residence
ws. 5th b.between Pine and Olive
Alexander, Charles, deputy constable ;r.residence 75 Morgan
Alexander, Charles, steamboat engineer , bds.boards 40 Col-
Alexander, Charles, tinner ,r.residence 319s.south 3d
Alexander, Charles H., clerk T.H. Larkin & Co.Company ;
r.17thc.corner Christy av
Alexander, Francis, (col'dcolored ,) carriage driver , alley,
near Walnut b.between 3d and 4th
Alexander, Franklin R., (J.H., and P. R.Alexander, )
199 Pine
Alexander, George W., merchant tailor , 13
Olive ; bds.boards Barnum's Hotel
Alexauder, H. McGee. (col'dcolored ,) produce dealer , 13s.south
Commercial b.between Walnut and Market ;r.residence 121 8th
b. Franklin av.avenue and Morgan
Alexander, J. B., bds.boards Barnum's Hotel
Alexander, Jacob, dry goods and clothing, 745 Broad-
way ;r.residence same
Alexander, James, carpenter , 146n.north 10th
Alexander, John G., salesman , (Child, Pratt & Co.Company )
r.17th b.between Christy av.avenue and Morgan
Alexander, Joshua H., (J.H., & F. R.Alexander, , and
W. H.Chappell, & Co.Company )r.residence 197 Pine
Alexander, Junius B., (Alexander, Newcomb & Co.Company ) side Olive b.between 12th and 13th
Alexander, Linden C.clerk at W. L.Ewing, & Co.Company ;
r.5th b.between Olive and Pine
Alexander, Mary L., (colored,) Cerre b.between 5th and 6th
Alexander, Morris W., druggist , 4th c, Market;
r. 167 Pine
Alexander, Philip, lather , bds.boards 164n.north 10th
Alexander, Philp, plasterer , bds.boards 94 Almond
Alexander, Samuel, nailor , bds.boards es. 7th b.between Lafayette
and Soulard
Alexander, Sarah B.,wid.William, , nurse , 146n.north 10th
Alexander, Thomas, architect ,r.residence 18 Gay
Alexander, William, machinist ,r.residence Bernard near
Pratte av
Alexander, J. H. & F.R., , (Joshua, H. and Frank-, R.) forwd.forwarding and com.mers. , 14 Pine
Alexander, Newcomb & Co.Company , (Junius B.Alex-, , Horatio D.Newcomb, , WarrenNewcomb, ,
FrankNewcomb, , and S. A.Hartwell, ,) wholesale
grocers , 7n.north 2d
Alfeilt, Frederick, laborer , ws. 12th b.between Madison and
Alflese, Louis, lab.laborer , bds.boards ne.northeast c.corner Rosatti and Soulard
Alhorn, Win., tailor , Monroe, b. 13th and 14th
Alis, Charles, ws.s.south 2d near Lombard
Alkire, Josiah, (Alkire & Bro. ) bds.boards Barnum's Hotel
Alkire, Wesley J., (Alkire & Bro. )r.residence ss.south side Chesnut b.between
Leffingwell and Ewing av
Alkire & Bro. , (Wesley, J. and Josiah, ,) grocers ,
1 s. Levee
Aiklaeus, Ferdinand, laborer ,r.residence ns. Monroe b.between 15th
and 16th
Allard, Elizabeth, wid.John, ,r.residence es. 2d b.between Hempstead
and Lebaume
Allen, Benjamin, machinist , alley near Biddle b.between 8th
and 9th
Allen, Buford J., physician , Myrtle, c. 4th ;
r. 43s.south 4th
Allen, Diivid, carpenter ,r.residence nw.c.corner Chesnut and 15th
Allen, Edward, machinist , bds.boards alley near Biddle b.between
8th and 9th
Allen, Edward E., lawyer , 62 Chesnut;r.residence Hebert b.between
15th and 16th
Allen, Elisha R., (Allen &, Thompson ;)r.residence ss.south side Pratt
av.avenue near Gamble av
Allen, Eugene B., (Samuel & Allen ;)r.residence 141 Chesnut
Allen, Fenno, wid.Allan, , r,13 Monroe
Allen Foundry , aw.c.corner 7th and Russell av
Allen, Frank D., bootmaker , 93 Spruce;r.residence same
Allen, Frederick L., (F. L.Allen, & Co.Company )r.residence Connec-
Allen, George, pilot ,r.residence 64 Plum
Allen, George O., (Allea & Wright ,)r.residence se.southeast c.corner Spring
and High
Allen, Gerard B., Fulton Foundry . 2d se.southeast c.corner
Carr, andpres.president Covenant Mutual Life Ins.Co.Company ;
r. 14n.north 8th
Allen, Harvey S., bricklayer ,r.residence 85w.west Brooklin
Allen, Henry, turner , r,13 Monroe
Allen, James, intelligence office, 162½ Broadway;r.residence
Allen, James, tailor ,r.residence 111 Green
Allen, James M., apothrcary , 5thnw.northwest c.corner Locust; bds.boards
65n.north 7th
Allen, Janewid.,r.residence ws. Broadway near city limits
Allen, Jane C.wid.Charles, ,r.residence 261s.south 7th
Allen, John, speculator , bds.boards Manchester road, near
Allen, John A., (Claflin, Allen & Co.Company ;)r.residence at Kirk-
Allen, John B., turner , rear 275 Franklin av
Allen, John W., moulder ,r.residence as. Gratoit near 10th
Allen, Joseph, (colored,) drayman ,r.residence Pratte, av.avenue c.corner
Chouteau av
Allen, Judson, (John C.Wilson, & Co.Company ;)r.residence 53w.west
Allen, Lewis D., (Allen & Snow ;)r.residence 152n.north 6th
Allen, Lewis D., Jr.junior , bookkeeper , (W.P. & L.R.
Shryock ;) 152n.north 6th
Allen, Lewis J.,r.residence 7 Christy av
Allen, Lewis L., (P. L.Vandeventer, & Co.Company ;)r.residence
Taylor, av.avenue b.between Olive and St. Charles
Allen, Margaret A.,r.residence 279 Pine
Allen, Market, nw.c.corner Gravoisrd.road and State
Alien, Martha, wid.Cato, , (col'dcolored ,) alley rear Market
b. 7th and 8th
Allen, Mary E., wid.Geo. H., millinery, 33 Franklin
av.avenue r.residence nw.northwest c.corner 5th and Wash
Allen, Nathan D., bookkeeper , (Mechanics' Bank ;)
r.c. Pratte av.avenue and Bernard
Allen, Robert, moulder , bds.boards 264n.north Main
Allen, Robert C.plasterer , bds.boards 593 Broadway
Allen, Sarah, wid.Otis, , bds.boards se.southeast c.corner Spring and High
Allen, Sarah, wid.Thomas, , ss.south side O'Fallon near Lewis
Allen, Silas M., agt.agent American Express Co.Company ;r.residence
128 Pine
Allen, Stephen, 114 Green
Alien, Thomas, (Allen, Copp & Nisbet ,) and (Liver-
more & Allen ; and pres. First Ward Sav.
Inst.;)r.residence ws. Decatur b.between Ann and Russell av
Allen, Valentine R., stencil cutter , 12 Vine;r.residence 113
n. 16th
Allen, William, at Belcher's sugar house
Allen, William, clerk , (Muses,) 4th;r.residence 149 Chesnut
Allen, William, cooper , bds.boards 14th near Randolph
Allen, William S., Republican office
Allen, William, printer , 6th sw.south west c.corner Biddle
Allen, William W., carpenter , 135 Collins
Allen, F. L. & Co.Company , (Frederick L.Allen, & Samuel B.
Warner, , (coal oils, 61 Market
Allen, Copp & Nisbet , (ThomasAllen, , Samuel
Copp, Jr.junior , & Robert N.Nisbet, ,) bankers , 2dnw.northwest
c. Chesnut
Allen & Snow , (Lewis D.Allen, , R. B.Snow, ,)
wh. grocers , 44 Washington av
Allen & Thompson , (ElishaAllen, and Wm.
H.Thompson, ,) plumbers , 125 Locust
Allen & Wright , (George O.Allen, , ErieWright, .)
carpenters , res.16th,c.corner Chesnut. See advt.p. 22
Alendoler, Charles, tailor , 182 Franklin ay.r.residence Hame
Aller, Louis, carpenter , r,rear 13th, b.between Webster &
Allers, Christian, carpenter , ss.south side Benton b.between 12th and
Allers, William, lab.laborer Benton, , bet.between 12 and 13th
Allerton, John P., moulder at Giles F.Filleys,
Alles, Henry J., harnessmaker , 234 Marketr.residence same