St. Louis directory :
Carroll, Jeremiah, 18th b.between Davis and Cass av
Carroll, Jeremiah, lab.laborer , bds.boards alley b.between 6th and 7th near
Carroll, John, bookkeeper St. Loob theater, bds.boards 285
n. 6th
Carroll, John, bricklayer ,r.residence Wash b.between 21st and 22d
Carroll, John, carpenter , bds.boards 26 Collins
Carroll, John. clk. D.Carroll, , bd*. O'Fallon se.southeast c.corner 17th
Carrol1, John, contractor , r,Olivec.corner Ware av
Carroll, John, cooper ,r.residence n. 9th bet.between Madison and Jef-
Carroll, John, drayman , bds.boards Biddle b.between 17th and l8th
Carroll, John, drayman , alley b.between Wash and Carr near
Carroll, John, finisher , Washc.corner 12th
Cairoll, John, laborer , 202s.south 5th
Carroll, John, laborer , 42 Poplar
Carroll, John, pilot ,r.residence ns. Poplar b.between 12th and 13th
Carroll, John, porter Ryan & Louthan , alley bet.between 7th
and 8th near Biddle
Carroll, John, quarryman , 20th near Dodier
Carroll, John, stonemason ,r.residence 462n.north Main
Carroll, John, tailor , bds.boards 75n.north 8th
Carroll, John, teamster ,r.residence near 19th b.between Morgan
and Christy av
Carroll, Joanna,r.residence rear 262 Chesnnt
Carroll, Julia, wid.John, , O'Fallon se.southeast c.corner 9th
Carroll, Julia, wid.John, , Biddle b.between 17th and 18th
Carroll, Julia, wid.William, , porterhouse, 366 Market;
r. same
Carroll, Martin, lab.laborer , ss.south side Clark av.avenue b.between 14th and 15th
Carroll, Mary B., schoolteacher , s. 4thc.corner Spruce
Carroll, Mary T., wid.William, , 124s.south 5th
Carroll, Matthew, lab.laborer , 222n.north 2d
Carroll, Michael, lab.laborer ,r.residence ss.south side Howard b.between Main and 2d
Carroll, Michael, lab.laborer ,r.residence 174n.north 10th
Carroll, Michael, tobacconist ,r.residence 191n.north 5th
Carroll, Morris, quarryman , Benton b.between 21st and
Pratt av
Carroll, Morris, lab.laborer , 45 Center
Carroll, Patrick, lab.laborer ,r.residence 309s.south 2d
Carroll, Richard,r.residence es. llth, b.between Montgomery and
Carroll, Robert, lab.laborer , Cass av.avenue c.corner 16th
Carroll, Thomas, lab.laborer ,r.residence 181n.north 7th
Carroll, Timothy, drayman , bds.boards Biddle b.between 17th and
Carroll, William, brassmoulder ,r.residence 86 Mulberry
Carroll, William, carpenter , rear 42 Lombard
Carroll, William, cutter , John V.Metlar, , bds.boards Plant-
ers' House
Carrolls, William, engineer , 429 Carondelet av
Carroll, William, grocer , 195 Christy av;r.residence same
Carroll, William L., merch. r.residence ws. 10th, near Madison
Carroll, William P., bartender , bds.boards 42s.south 6th
Carson, Adam, butcher , 20thc.corner Herbert
Carson, Henry G., steamboat pilot , 140n.north 14th
Carson, Henry H., saddler , ws. 10th b.between Wright and
Carson, Henry S., saddler ,r.residence 10th, near Spring
Carson, James O., salesman , John B. Carson,r.residence Lo-
cust b.between Ewing and Leffingwell av
Carson, John B., com. drygoods and Pres. Atlantic
Ins. Co.Company ,49n.north Main;r.residence Garrison av.avenue ,c.corner Morgan
Carson, Thomas M., bricklayer ,r.residence ss.south side Mullanphy b.between
Main and 2d
Carson, William, clk. , steamboat Alonzo Child, bds.boards
Virginia Hotel
Carsten, Henry, teamster , 17th, b.between Cass av.avenue and Mul-
Carstens, N. H., grocer , nw.c.corner 7th and Gratiot;r.residence
Carstens, William, marketmaster , Biddle market, 221
n. 13th
Carswell, Alexander, painter , 41 Olive
Cartun, David, (David Cartan & Co.Company .) r.residence 92 Collins
Cartan, Lawrence, bookkeeper , David Cartan & Co.Company ,
bds.boards 92 Collins,nw.northwest c.corner Biddle
Cartan David & Co.Company , (DavidCartan, and Fran-Hocker, ,) lumberdealera , Broadwaynw.northwest c.corner
Cass av
Carten, David. (W. & D. Carten,) bds.boards 61n.north 16th
Carten, John, tailor , rear l69s.south 3d
Carten, William. (W. & D. Carten,) bds.boards 61n.north 16th
Carten W. & D. , (William, and DavidCarten., ) house
and sign painters , 100 Wash
Carter, Adam C., expressman ,r.residence Austin, near 14th
Carter, Duncan S., (D.S. Carter & Co.Company ,) bds.boards Vir-
ginia Hotel
Carter, Frank, clk. . Carter & Conn ,r.residence in the country
Carter, James, (colored.) hairdresser , bds.boards 50 Vine
Carter, John, carpenter , Hickory near Provenchere
Carter, John, salesman , Robert H.Franklin, ,r.residence Elm
b. 2d and Main
Carterer, John B., plasterer . 205n.north 14th
Carter, John F., (H, & R.B. Whittemore & Co.Company ,) r.residence 26
n. 6th
Carter, Stewart, clk. , Bank of Missouri,r.residence 22 Centre
Carter, Walker R., (Hnrdesty. Carter & Ransom,) and
Pres. St. Louis Floating Pock and Ins. Co.Company ; and
Cutler & Conn ;(r.residence in the country
Carter, William, lab.laborer , 20th. near Reservoir
Carter, Willium M., (colored,) teacher , 7th h. Carr
aud Franklin av:r.residence al.alley b.between Cass and O'Fallon,
near 6th
Carter, William W., bricklayer ,r.residence ns, Poplar b.between 12th
and 13th
Carter D.S. & Co.Company , (DuncanS, , Carter, and William
G.Bartle, ,) meatmarkct , Commercial b.between Wash
ington av.avenue and Vine
Carter & Conn . (Walker R.Carter, aud Joseph H.
Conn, .) shipchaudlers , 51n.north Levue
Cartin, William, carpenter ,r.residence Market b.between 10th and llth
Cartledtre, Jamas J., (Haywood, Carr & Co.Company ,) r.residence Comp-
ton Hill. Lafayette av
Cartlertge, Paul. foundryman , bds.boards 138n.north 3d
Cartwright, Emanuel, Rev., (col'd,)r.residence es. 9th, near
Carty, George, porter ,r.residence 113 St. Charles
Carty, Jane, wid. of John, , 282n.north 8th
Carty, Patrick, lab.laborer , 16th b.between Davis and Cass av
Carver, Leroy, engineer ,r.residence ss.south side Hepburn, b.between 15th and
Carver, R. H., boxmakcr , al.alley b.between 10th and llth. near
Cary, D. J., carpenter , at Giles F. Filley's
Cary, Esther, wid.Emery, ,r.residence es. Maui b.between Webster and
Cary, John, drover , 16th, near Dodier
Cary, Mary, (col'd.) washerwoman , 31 Elm
Cary, Michael, harnassmaker , bds.boards 141n.north 3d
Cary, Michael, lab.laborer , rear 190n.north llth
Cary, Thomas, lab.laborer , al.alley near Carr, b.between 10th and llth
Cary, Thomas, stonecutter , bds.boards 370 Franklin av
Casboum, John W., engineer , O'Fallon,nw.northwest C. lith
Cascel, Frederick, grinder . 281s.south 7th
Case, Benjamin,fireman , bds.boards 109n.north 3d
Case, Charles B., (Case & Strain)
Case, George S., (Case & King;) r.residence ss.south side Morgan, near
Case, George S., physician , and (Case & King;) r.residence
Stoddard's addition
Case, Gilbert M., butcher , 5 Lucas Market;r.residence 211
Case, Joseph H., (James L. Thompson & Co.Company ;) bds.boards
12th b.between Austin and Randolph
Case, Luther, omnibus stable , ss.south side Park av.avenue near 2d
Carondelet av.M;r.residence es. 8th, b.between Chouteau av.avenue and
Case, Thomas, lab.laborer , al.alley near Carr, b.between 10th and llth
Case & King, (George S. Case A William J. King,)
omnibus line , Morgan near Ewing
Case & Strain, (Charles B. Case & J.B. Strain,)
prod, dealers , 319 Broadway
Casell, W , rooms Merchants' dining saloon
Casey, Bryan, lab.laborer , 18th, b.between Davis and Cass av
Casey, Charles, (Armstrong & Casey;) 330 Morgan
Casey, Cornelius, teamster ,r.residence Pratte av.avenue c Cass av
Casey, Daniel, lab.laborer , Malony & Tilton
Casey, Daniel, moulder ,r.residence Christy av.avenue , b.between 15th and
Casey, Dennis, drayman , llth, bet.between O'Fallon & 16th
Cass av