St. Louis directory :
Chenot, Francis, (C. & F. Chenot ,)r.residence 135s.south 3d
Chenot C. & F. , (Charles, and Francis, ,) drygoods,
groceries, &c., s. Main, ne.northeast c.corner Spruce. (See advt,,
p. 92.)
Cheuung, Christian, lab.laborer ,r.residence ne.northeast c.corner Allen avand Decatur
Cherot, Charles L., cigars and tobacco, 75 Chesnut;r.residence
3 Christy av
Cherot, C. Rudolph, druggist , Bacon, Hyde & Co.Company ;r.residence
llth b.between Green and Orange
Chesley, John,r.residence es, 9th, b, Buchanan and Anprelrodt
Chester, Thomas C,lawyer , sw.south west c.corner Market and
2d;r.residence 487 Carondelet av
Chevillon, Laurence, carpenter ,r.residence rear 235s.south 3d
Cheviron, August, hatblockmaker , Franklin, av.avenue , b.between
20th and 21st;r.residence same
Chew, James S.,sec'y Board of Underwr's, 37s.south 6th
Cbeyne, Robert, bookstore, 115 Wash
Chidester, John H., insurance agent , 375 Frank-
Ha av
Chick, Lavinia, wid.Richard, W.,r.residence 366 Broadway
Chick, Theodore H., student , bds.boards 366 Broadway
Child, Albert A., (Goodrich, Willard & Co.Company ,) bds.boards Mon-
roe House
Chjld, Alonzo, (Child, Pratt & Co.Company ,)r.residence New York
Child, D.Alonzo, , clerk , 139 and 141n.north Main
Child, Pascal P., cutlery clerk , Child, Pratt k Co.Company ;r.residence
150 Locust
Child, Pearly A., (Child, Pratt & Co.Company ,)r.residence 150 Locust,:
Child, Pratt & Co.Company , (Alonzo, Child, Elon G-Pratt,
Pearly A.Child, , Stephen C.Mansnr, and E. Wil-
liamsFox, ,) importers hardware and cutlery, and
agents Herring s safes , 139 and 141n.north Main
Childs, Adelaide, teacher , 27n.north 6th
Childs, B. G.,r.residence 266 Chesnut
Childs, N.jr.junior , lumberdealer , 79n.north 10th
Childs, Theodore F., lawstudent , office T. C.Reynolds, ,
bds.boards 79n.north 10th
Childsdorff, Charles, cooper , bds.boards 173 Carondelet av
Chiles, Franklin P., supt.superintendant State Tobacco Warehouse:
bds.boards City Hall
Chiles, Henry T-, (Chiles & Carr .) 104 Elm
Chiles, John, (Chiles, Gofif & Scott ,) bda. Barmum's
Chiles, Goff k Scott , (JohnChiles, , Thomas J.
Goff, and JosephScott, ,) produce dealers , 54 Com-
Chiles & Carr , (Henry T.Chiles, and Walter C.
Carr, ,) com.merchts. , 58n.north Levee and 6n.north Com-
Chili, Charles, blacksmith , ss.south side Franklin av.avenue near 18th,
r. same
Chill, Edmond, painter , bds.boards 88s.south 2d
Chio, John A., saloon,8n.north Levee;r.residence same
Chipman, Eliza, seamstress , al.alley rear es. 10th near
Chippendale, Mary, wid.John, , bds.boards ws.west side Bellefontaine
rd b.between Angelrodt and Destrehan
Chitz, Christian, carpenter ,r.residence Locustc.corner Pratte av
Chlauda, Franz, boot and shoemaker , park av.avenue ,c.corner
Buel;r.residence same
Choisel, Augustus, (Choisel k Genet ,)r.residence 69s.south 4th
Choisel & Genet , (AugustusChoisel, , and Coustant
Genet, ,) boot and shoe makers , 59s.south 4th
Choisy, Marius,(Schultz & Co )r.residence n 5th b.between Washington
av.avenue aud Green
Cboisy, Meyer, (Welff & Choisy ,)r.residence 5th b.between Washington
av.avenue and Green
Cholwitz, Charles, bookbinder ,r.residence ws. Jackson b.between Barry
aud Marion
Chorton, George, papercarrier , rear 167 Franklin av
Chouner, Joseph, driver fuel cart engine no. 2;r.residence
engine house
Chouteau, Charles, 172 Market
Chouteau, Charles, 14 Washington av.avenue ;r.residence 93 Olive
Chouteau, Charles P., (J.J. O'Fallon & Co.Company ,
and Pierre Chouteau & Co.Company ,)r.residence 6thnw.northwest c Olive
Chouteau, Clemence G., ss.south side Clark av.avenue , b.between llth and 12th
Chouteau, Edward A., 13n.north 8th
Chouteau, Gabriel 8., 73s.south 6th
Chouteau, Gustavus, (col'd,) oarriagedriver , Thornton
aud Pierce
Choatean, Henry, blacksmith , aw.c.corner Almond and 2nd
Chonteau, Henry, engineer , bds.boards 70 Elm
Chouteau, Henry, engineer , 99s.south llth
Chouteau J.Gilman, , (Chouteau& Edwards ,)r.residence Clark
av.avenue b.between llth and 12th
Chontean, P. S.,r.residence 308 Morgan
Chouteau, Pierre, 83 Pine
ChouteauPierre, Jr.junior , (Pierre Chontean, Jr.junior & Co.Company ,
and Chouteau, Harrison & Valle ,)r.residence 172 Market
Chouteau, Sophia, wid.Augustus, P., 8th bet.between Gratiot
and Chouteau av
Chouteau, Harrison & Valle , (PierreChou-, Jr.junior , JamesHarrison, , Jules Valle & Felix
Valle ,) Laclede rollingmill; office 18 Washing-
ton av
Chouteau Pierre, Jr.junior & Co.Company , (PierreChontean,
Jr.junior , WilliamMaffitt, 4 Charles P.Chouteau, ,)
American Fur Co.Company , 18 Washington av
Chouteau & Edwards , (J. GilmanChouteau,
& James E.Edwards, ,) forwd.forwarding and com. , 26s.south
Choven, August, elk, ,r.residence 341s.south 3d
Chriaman, Francis, stonemason ,r.residence sa. Ann av.avenue Betbetween ,
Carondelet and 7th
Chrismer, Joseph A., salesman ,239 Broadway
Christ, Arnold, shoemaker , bds.boards 233s.south 4th
Christ, Jacob, boatman , rear 156 O'Fallon
Christ, Joseph, machinist ,r.residence al.alley b.between Carondelet av.avenue and
Jackson, near Miller
Christ, Valentine, cooper , bds.boards Cherokee, near 2nd
Carondelet av
Christen, Jacob, saloon, 726 Broadway;r.residence same
Christen, Nicolas, butcher ,r.residence Herbert and 19th
Christery, John, carpenter , al.alley b, Wash and Franklin
av.avenue near 15th.
Christian, Francis, carpenter , rear 192s.south 2nd
Christian, Henry, quarryman , Augustin & Co
Christian, Hermann, blacksmith , 2nd near Myrtle
Christian, Nathan U., foreman , E. Jaccard & Co.Company ,r.residence
32 Orange
Christian, William,carpenter ,bds.boards 15th, sw.south west c.corner Frank-
lin av
Christiansen, Christian, blacks'h ,r.residence Webster ab, 10th ]
Christman, George, bricklayer , 138n.north 13th
Christman, John, bellmaker , bds.boards Marine Hospital
Christman, John, carpenter , bds.boards Market near
Adolph av
Christmann, Frederick,barkeeper , 2nd,sw.south west c.corner Chesnut
Christmann, Jacob,r.residence 3d, b.between Market and Chesnut
Christmann, Jacob, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Carondelet av.avenue and 7th,
near Soulard
Christmann, Jacob, tailor , 185 Franklin av.avenue ;r.residence same
Christmann, Philip, tailor , bds.boards 185 Franklin av
Christoff, Casper, lab.laborer , ws. Rosattic.corner Emmet
Christoff, Henry, lab.laborer ,r.residence ws. Columbia
Christoffer, Frederick, tinsmith , bds.boards ne.northeast c.corner Sidney
Christopal, John, Missouri beer saloon, 20th, bet.between
Market and Estelle;r.residence same
Christoph, John J., bartender , bds.boards 172s.south 2nd
Christoph, Casper, (Christoph & Kublenbeck ,) Em-
cmetc.corner Rosatti
Christoph & Kublenbeck , (CasperChristoph, &
HenryKuhleubeck, ,) wagonmakers , ws. Menard
near Emmet
Christopher, Frederick, peddler , ne.northeast c.corner Easton and
Christopher, Hiram, physician , 174n.north 5th;r.residence same
Christopher, Jacob, moulder , ws. Menard near Carro
Christopher, John, (Christopher 4 Richards ,)r.residence 207
Christopher, Julia, boardinghouse, 123 Chesnut
Christopher, Louis, moulder , llth e.east Clark av
Christopher & Richards , (JohnChristophe, ;
and EbenRichards, Jr.junior ,) com.mer.merchants and brokers
9n.north 2nd
Christy, Andrew, prest. Wiggins' Ferry Co.Company
bds.boards Planters' House
Christy, Betsy, wid.Charles, , col'd.,r.residence ws. 2nd Betbetween
Monroe andn.north Market
Christy, Calvin M., salesman , Woods, Christy & Co.Company
bds.boards 5th b.between Locust and St. Charles