St. Louis directory :
Clark, Joseph, shoemaker , ll8n.north 10th
Clark, Joseph J.. physician and surgeon . 7thnw.northwest c.corner
Pine:r.residence 107 Pine
Clark, Joseph W.. (Clark, Bros, & Co.Company .)r.residence at Boston
Clark, Jotham, 112 Market, bds.boards Everett House
Clark, Lawrence, bottle-dealer . O'Fallonc.corner 9th
Clark, Lawrence, peddler , 240n.north 8th
Clark, Letruciawid. of Charles, H.. 80s.south 6th
Clark, Luther C., (Clark. Brothers & Co.Company .)r.residence at New
Clark, Marcus, bartender , bds.boards 107 Carondelet av.avenue
Clark, Mrs.schoolteacher , bds.boards 41n.north 8th
Clark, Nathaniel H.. gents ' furnishingstore. 120n.north 3d;
Clark, Nicholaslab.laborer , bds.boards 107 Carondelet av.avenue
Clark, Owen, drayman , 227n.north 8th
Clark, Patrick, grocer . Bellefontaine c.Buchanan, :r.residence
Clark, Patrick, lab.laborer , alley b. 7th and 8th near Biddle
Clark, Patrick, lab.laborer ,r.residence es. Columbia, b.between Ann av.avenue and
Clark, Richard, lab.laborer , near Morgan, b.between 9th and
Clark, Robert B., (W.G. Clark & Co.Company ;)r.residence 163 Pine
Clark, Rollin. (Clark. Richardson & Co,Company ;) Washing-
ton av.avenue , sw.south west c.corner Garrison av
Clark, S. R., sec'y American Ins.Co.Company , Pine, ne.northeast c.corner
2d:r.residence 138s.south 5th
Clark, Samuel, carpenter , 207n.north 6th;r.residence same
Clark, Samuel, drayman , bds.boards 213 Broadway
Clark, Samuel, stonecutter , bds.boards 30 Wash
Clark, Sarah, wid.Phineas, ,r.residence 63w.west Mound
Clark, Simon, architect , bds.boards 30 Wash
Clark, Simon, carpenter , bds.boards 74 Biddle
Clark, Thomas, boot and shoe manf. , 222 Market:r.residence
Clark, Thomas, al.alley lab.laborer bds.boards near Morgan, bet.between 8th
and 9th
Clark, Thomas, lab.laborer ,r.residence Biddle. near 8th
Clark, Thomas, teamster . 74 Biddle
Clark, Thomas. lab, Carr b.between 19th and 20th
Clark, Thomas, sea captain , bds.boards 539 Broadway
Clark, Thomas, stonecutter , al.alley b.between Franklin av.avenue and
Wash, near 17th
Clark, Thomasteamster , 302,s.south 7th
Clark, William, (Clark & Voorbics ) 36 Mullanphy
Clark, Williamclerk . bds.boards Pontiac,c.corner California
Clark, William, drayman . Ryau &, Louthum , Spring
st.street Gamble addition.
Clark, William, roller ,r.residence se.southeast c.corner 2d and Ferry
Chirk, William, shoemaker . O'Fallon near 5th
Clark, William A.. (Marshall & Co.Company .)r.residence 300n.north 6th
Clark, William G., (W.G. Chuk & Co.Company ,)r.residence 163 Pine
Clark, William S.. tailor . 120n.north llth
Cla.k, William O.. (Hodgrnan & Clark ;)r.residence 36 Mul-
Clark Brothers & Co.Company , (Joseph, W. & Luther
C.Clark, . EdwardDodge, & EdwardChase, , bank-
ers .) Main.c.corner Olive
Clark James A Co.Company . (Daniel B.Clark, .) hides
and leather. 153n.north Main
Clark W.G. & Co.Company . (William G.Clark, . Robert B.
Clark, , and MniivilleSeymour, ,) sawmill, ss.south side 2d,
b. Benton aud Wurren
Clark. Richardson & Co.Company . (RollinClark, ,
Almond L.Richardson, and Amos B.Norris, .)
St. Louis agricultural works. 346. 348. 350 and
352n.north Mainc.corner Biddle (Sec adv.p. 204)
Clark & Hickman . (James C.Clark, & Benja-Hickman, .) land agents . 29n.north 4th
Clarke, Albert, clerk . Planters' House: bds.boards same
Clarke, Chablds S., manfr. of Excelsior,c.corner 10th
and Washington av.avenue :r.residence 10rn.north 5th
Clarke, Daniel A., bookkeeper , Clarke & Co.Company ;r.residence s.
Main.nw.northwest c.corner Walnut
Clarke, Elizabeth W.. wid.r.residence 4th and St Charles
Clarke, George B. (Clarke. Soley & Clarke. )
bd.s. American House
Clarke, George R.. clerk , bds.boards 144n.north 3d
Clarke, George W., (Clarke & Co.Company ;) bds.boards Barnum's
Clarke, Henry, (col'd.) whitener , al.alley b.between 5th and 6th
near Cerre
Clarke, Mary, wid.,r.residence 26 Morgan
Clarke, Owen, lab.laborer ,r.residence ns. Dock, b.between Broadway and
Bellefontaine road
Clarke, Robert L., Publisher Clarke's Detector, ,
16s.south 8th
Clarke, Robert P., produce dealer , 59n.north Levee and 8
Commercial;r.residence 210n.north 5th
Clarke, S. R., secretary American Ins.Co.Company ; 138
s. 5 th
Clarke, Sidney, (Clarke, Soley & Clarke ,) bds.boards
American House
Clarke, Thomas. baker , 131 Green;r.residence same
Clarke, Thomas H., U.S. Pension agent , 74n.north
Levee;r.residence ws.west side St. Ange av.avenue ,s.south of Chouteau av
Clarke & Co.Company , (George W.Clarke, & )
agents Fairbanksscales, , p. Main,nw.northwest e.east Walnut
Clarke. Soley & Clarke , (SidneyClarke, , A.
C.Soley, aud George U.Clarke, ,) Lyon's patent
copper lightning rod, office 291/2)n.north 3d. (See card
p. 98)
Clarke'S Counterfeit Detecter , Olive, , c.
Main. (See adv.p. 92)
Glarkson, John M., (Sawyer, Clarkson & Co.Company ,)r.residence in
Clarkson, Margaret, wid.Robert, , Austin, b. 12th and
Clarkson, Thomas, clerk Carr & Kennett ,r.residence s. 9thn.north
of Bremen av
Clarkson, William, clerk McKay & Hood ;r.residence 20 Wash
Clarkson, William, mer.merchants tailor , 56 Morgan, bds.boards 5th b.between
Wash and Franklin av
Clarkson, Wm.tailor , al.alley near Biddle b.between 9th and 10th
Clarna, Julius, candlemaker , bds.boards Park av.avenue near 22d
Clarner, Henry, teacher ;r.residence sw.south west c.corner University and 10th
Claude, Charles, clerk , bds.boards ss.south side Franklin av.avenue near 21st
Claudet, Henry, oilcloth maker ;r.residence ns. Gratiot near
Claudius, Charles, saddler , ws. Buel b.between Lafayette and
Clary, John, lab.laborer , Glasgow & Harness
Clater, John N.,st.street bt. engineer;r.residence 6 Orange
Claus, AdolphusRev.,r.residence ws. 13th near Salisbury
Claus, August, lab.laborer , 630 Broadway
Clans, Dietrich, coffee extract manuf'r ne.northeast c.corner Jackson
and Victory;r.residence same
Clans, Godfrey, cooper , ws. Columbus bet.between Barry and
Miller;r.residence same
Clans, Henry, bootmaker , 285s.south 7th;r.residence 283s.south 7th
Claus, John J.. foreman Schulenburg & Boeckler ;r.residence
Chambersc.corner Broadway
Claus, Michael, huckster . 110n.north 15th
Claus, Theodore, cigar manufacturer , 429 Caronde-
let av.avenue ;r. same
Clauslnk, Sutlield, porter ;r.residence 300s.south 3d
Clauson, John H., clerk , bds.boards 509 Broadway
Clauson, Henry, blacksmith ;r.residence es, 13th b.between O'Fallon
and Cass av
Clauson, L. J., (H.A. Homeyer & Co.Company ;)r.residence Alton, Iii
Clay, David P., (Swasey, Bassett & Co.Company ,)r.residence N. York
Clay, Henry, cooper , bds.boards 170s.south 2d
Clay, John, porter Plant & Bro. ;r.residence 14n.north Main
Clay, Littlebeiry B., pilot ;r.residence es. 21st b.between Morgan and
Franklin av
Clay, Robert J., boot and shoe dealer , 315 Broadway
r. 254n.north 8th
Clay, William, baker , bds.boards 74 Franklin av
Claymore, Eleanor, wid.Louis, ;r.residence 34 Madison
Claymore, Stephen, clerk , bds.boards 34 Madison
Clays, John H., caudlemaker , Goodwin & Anderson's
Clayton, George, filemaker , bds.boards 509 Broadway
Clayton, J. H., bds.boards Monroe House
Clayton, Jeremiah, carder ;r.residence ns. Randolph bet.between 12th
and 14th
Clayton, James, filemaker ; bds.boards Broadway b.between Howard
and Mullanphy
Clayton, James H.,salesman Bryan, Hardcastle & Co.Company ;
bds.boards Monroe House
Clear, Henry, lab.laborer ;r.residence Marion c, Columbia
Clear, Thomas, lab.laborer , 307n.north 6th