St. Louis directory :
Clearly, Edmund, clerk ;r.residence 109 Christy. v
Clearly, Ellen, wid.John, ;r.residence rear 216n.north 16th
Clearly, Michael, feedstore, 243 Market;r.residence 9th Betbetween -
O'Fallon and Biddle
Clearly, Michael, plaster , bds.boards 32 Wash
Clearly, Redmond, grocer , 170n.north 9th and feedstore 174
n. 9th;r.residence 168n.north 9th
Cleary, Timothy, butcher , bds.boards 627 Morgan
Cleary, William, lab.laborer , bds.boards 18 Chambers
Cleaer, Henry, foreman McDonal & Wessels ;r.residence 224
Cleveland, Mary;r.residence 368 Morgan
Clee, Henry, cigarmaker , bds.boards ns.northside Spruce b.between 12th and
Clegg, Charles, whitener , 167n.north 6th
Clegg, James, Clegg & Woodward ;)r.residence ws 13th bet.between
O'Fallon and Cass av
Clegg, James, lock-smith , 294n.north 13th
Clegg, John, carrier :r.residence es. 8th b.between O'Fallon and Cass av
Clegs, Samuel, blacksmith , es. Fulton near Soulard
Clegg, Samuel, papercarrier ;r.residence es. 19th bet.between Morgan
and Christy av
Clegg & Woodward , (JamesClegg, and JamesWood-, .) locksmiths , 25 Morgan
Cleggis, William, teamster ;r.residence es. Main bet.between Chambers
and Webster
Cleigh, Adam, hairdresser , 12 Morgan;r.residence same
CleintophDorothea, , wid.Conrad, ;r.residence 310s.south 3d
Clemens, George C, saloon, 303 Carondelet av.avenue ;r.residence
Clemens, Jacob, tailor , bds.boards 303 Carondelet av
Clemens, John, (J. Clemens & Co.Company ,) rear 388s.south 7th
Clemens, Samuel L., pilot ,r.residence ss.south side Locust b.between 8th and 9th
Clemens, Theresa, wid.Franklin, , al.alley b.between Bellefontaine
road and 9th, near Salisbury
Clemens J.Co.Company , (JohnClemens, and John R.
Johnson, ,) bag and tarpaulin manfrs.manufacturers , 12n.north Levee
and 24 Commercial. (See advt., p. 88)
Clement, Antoine, lab.laborer , es. Fulton, near Marion
Clement, Franklin, moulder . 38 Plum
Clements, James J., 32n.north 3d;r.residence 8s.south 6th
Clements, Cuppuneix, steward , bds.boards 46s.south 7th
Clemme, Gotleib, woodsawyer , 193n.north 13th
Cleudenin, James M.,r.residence 15th, se.southeast c.corner Clark av
Clcudenin, John P., elk. , Haywood, Carr & Co.Company , Clark
av.avenue se.southeast c.corner 15th
Clendenin, William A.,r.residence 144 Pine
Clendenin, William G., (fishdealer , 283n.north 7th
Clcutnn, Louis, engineer ,r.residence ss.south side Dodier b.between 15th and
Cleric, Francis J., Rev.,r.residence Marion Place b.between llth
and 12th, on Warren
Cleveland, Charles M., (J.S. Post & Co.Company ,)r.residence Gratiot
b. 5th and 6th
Cleveland, Henry, foreman , J.C. Wilson & C. ,r.residence 69
Christy av
Cleveland, John, joiner ,r.residence 180s.south 4th
Cleveland, William, (S.S. Homans & Co.Company ,) Hickory, ,
near Provenchere
Cleverstone, George; carpenter , bds.boards 72 Washing-
ton av
Clexton, John, lab.laborer , 284n.north 8th
Clextou, William J., saloon, 108s.south 4th;r.residence same
ChbbornRobert C,bookkeeper , William H. Card &
Co.Company ,r.residence 24 Ashley
Clifford, Edward, salesman , 228 Broadway
Clifford, Edwin, elk. ,r.residence ws. Targee b.between -Market and
Clifford, John, teamster , 155 Morgan
Clifford, John, shoemaker , Carrc.corner 14th
Clifford, Johnshoemaker , 7 Olive
Clifford, Philip, riverman ,r.residence 24 Collins
Clifford, Thomas, riverman , bds.boards 213 Broadway
Clifford, William, lab.laborer ,r.residence ss.south side Grand av.avenue , near 16th
Clifton, Andrew J., pilot ,r.residence 55n.north 6th
Clifton, Daniel W., bookkeeper , Gordon & Rootes ,r.residence
137n.north 12th
Clifton, Eli.pilot , 137n.north 12th
Cligg, William, blacksmith , works at St. Louis car
Cline, Augustus, elk. , 21w.west Mound
Cline, Benjamin, saddler , bds, 87s.south 5th
Cline, Francis M., moulder , bds.boards 320n.north 2d.
Cline, Fredrick H., salesman , 239 Broadway
Cline, George W., lawyer , 52 1/2 Chesnut
Cline, Nichols, cooper ,r.residence es, 13th near Poplar
Cline, Rudolph, treasurer ,r.residence ws. Broadway b.between Mont-
gomery and Benton
Cline, Thomas, drayman ,r.residence ss.south side Lynch b.between Menard and
Cling, John, waiter , Randle House
Cling, Thoedrore, moulder , at Giles F.Filley, 's
Cline, Jacob, gasmaker , gas works
ClinefelterGeorge, , bartender , 136 Franklin av
Clint, Henry, gardener . Arsenal near Gravois road
Clinton, Charles, (Drown & Clinton .)r.residence 490 Morgan
Clinton, George, steamboat mate , bds.boards 283n.north Main
Clinton, John, cutter , Ferguson & Co.Company ,r.residence 17 Cham-
Clinton, Joseph, grocery clk. , bds.boards 153 7th
Clinton, Joseph F., clk. , P.O., bds.boards 105n.north 8th
Clinton, Joseph, lab.laborer , al.alley near Biddle, b.between l0th and llth
Clinton, Mary, wid.Thomas, , al.alley near 10th, b.between Frank-
lin av.avenue and Morgan
Clintwort, Henry. Porter . 140 Carr
Cloak, Martin, teamster , bds.boards Wash b.between 24th and 25th
Cloereu, Edward, brewer , bds.boards 670 Morgan
Clonev, John F.carriagepainter bds.boards 96 Olive
and Columbus.
Clooney, Robert, lab.laborer , bds.boards 102 Green
Close, Burton, lab.laborer , bds.boards 387 Broadway
Close, Christiana, wid., 229n.north 12th
Close, David, carpenter , bds.boards 387 Broadway
Close, Philip, patternmaker . 153 Wash
Clossmann, Joseph, barkeeper , bds, 255 Franklin av
Clough, Joseph, shoemaker , 83 O'Fallon
Closten, Charles, boatman , 129 O'Fallon
Closterman, Heinrich, bds.boards 363 Market
Clough, Gilbert, salesman ,r.residence 263 Baordway
Clouse, Henry, pressman ,r.residence ns. Monroe bet.between 13th and
Clouth, Dora, widow Joseph, , washerwomen , 13th bet.between
Randolph and Poplar
Clover, Henry A., Judge criminal court, court
Clowds, James,r.residence 284 Market
Clowes, John C., telegraph operator , courthouse;r.residence
284 Market
Clownay, Thomas, marine hospital. Marine av.avenue near
Carondelet av
Clowrv, Robert, operator Ill. and Miss. tel. line: bds.boards
114n.north 4th
Clowry, Robert, tel. operator , bds.boards 96n.north 4th
Clucas, James, lamplighter , Wash b.between 22d and 23d
Clucas, Thomascarpenter ,r.residence 11th bet.between O'Fallon and
Cass av
Cluck, Elizabeth, wid. of Fredrick, , physician , r-227
s. 4th
Clumber, William, boatman ,r.residence ws. llth b.between Mallinck-
rodt and Destrehan
Clune, Michael, clerk . 144n.north 3d: bds.boards 182 Morgan
Clusky, Thomas, U.S.asst.assistant treas.treasurer officer ; bds.boards Monroe
Clusky, Mary. widow of Bernard, , bds.boards 24th b.between Biddle
and O'Fallon
Cluton, John, at Belcher's sugar house
Cluts, Eli, agent Baldwin, Meyer & Co.Company , of Baltimore, ;
r.219 Christy av
Clyne, Jacob, jeweller ,r.residence 167n.north 7th
Clyne, William, carpenter .r.residence 251n.north 7th
Cnade, Harman. lab.laborer ,r.residence 917 Broadway
Coady, Edward, banker , ns. O'Fallon b.between 7th and 8th
Coakley, James T., clerk , Helfenstein, Gore & Co.Company se-
c.7th and Pine, room 13
Coaltr, John D., lawyer , 8n.north 5th;r.residence same
Coates, John. Jr.junior , butcher , city mkt:r.residence ss.south side Franklin av
b. Leffingwell and Garrison avs.
Coates, Mary E.boardinghouse, 314n.north 7th
Cobb, Charles, wagonmaker .r.residence llth bet.between Biddle and
Cobb, David, bookkeeper , bds.boards 41 Green