St. Louis directory :
Cqx, William, bookkeeper , bds.boards American House
Cox, William, clerk. J.Rosenbauin, ,r.residence es. Gth b.between Gra-
tiot and Ccrre
Cox, William, drayman , 13th b.between Poplar and Randolph
Cox, William, machinist , bds.boards es. 12th b.between Wash and
Franklin av
Coy, Abram, steamboat engineer ,r.residence 41w.west Mound
Coy, John, lab.laborer ,r.residence ws. Buel b.between Sidney and Lynch
Coy, William, s.b.between engineer ,r.residence 427n.north 9th
Coyle, Bernard, clerk , Belchers' sugar refining Co.Company ;
r.317n.north 8th
Coyle, Coarles, lab.laborer ,bds.boards 331 Broadway
Coylc, Daniel, blacksmith , 9th b.between Biddle and O'Fal-
Coyle, James, basrgagewagon. bds.boards 331 Broadway
Covle, James, blacksmith , O'Fallon b.between 21st and 22d
Coyle, James C., locksmith , 99 Green;r.residence 325 Morgan
Coyle, John, ostler , alley near Morgan b.between 7th and 8th
Coyle, John, riverman , ss.south side O'Fallon near Lewis
Coyle, John E., clerk , R.M. Fuukhouser & Co.Company ,r.residence
Walnut b.between 2d and 3d
Coylc, Joseph, engineer ,r.residence alley b.between 10th and llth near
Coyle, Margaret, widow Patrick, ,r.residence alley b.between 6th and
7th near Wash
Coyle, Michael, dept. countymarshal, ,r.residence 703 Broad-
Coyle, Patrick, grocery , Gratiotb., 10th and llth;r.residence
Coyle, Patrick, lab.laborer ,r.residence 190n.north 6th
Cyle, Patrick, mason , alley near Biddle b.between 10th and
Coyle, Patrick, riverman , bds.boards 331 Broadway
Coylc, Perry, watchman , ws. 14th near Poplar
Coyle, Peter, lab.laborer , bds.boards 331 Broadway
Coyle, Timothy, lab.laborer , 44 Wash
Coyne, John, mason alley near Carr b.between 6th and 7th
Coyne, Michaeljr.junior bartender , bds.boards 478n.north Main
Coyne, Michael, saloonkeeper. 478n.north Main;r.residence same
Coyne, Phillip, (Wheelan & Coyne,) r.residence 4th b, Morgan
and Franklin av.avenue
Coynen, Thomas, lab.laborer , 19 Collins
Coyns, Patrick, lab.laborer , 207n.north 2nd
Cozens, William H., surveyor , 111 Elm
Cozwell, Alexander, painter , 144 Chesnut
Cozzens, James G., bookkeeper , Crow, McCreery & Co.Company ,
r.108 Pine
Cozzens, William F., (Hull, aud Cozzens, ,)r.residence Grand av.avenue
w. of reservoir
Crahbin, Edward, carp ,r.residence ns Ann b.between 7th & Decatur
Crabtree, Tillman, brickmoulder ,r.residence Thomasc., Glas-
Cracalms, Christian, lab.laborer ,r.residence Delialb b.between Lafayette and
Cradaii, John, lab.laborer , Biddle b.between 12th and 13th
Cradan, William, boarding, 113 Gay
Craden, John, clerk , WoodyiileWiley, ;r.residence Christy av.avenue
b. 16th and 17th
Craeden, Peter, teamster ,r.residence 2 Spruce
Craser, Louis, weaver , 56 Convent;r.residence same
Craft, Adam, cooper , bds.boards 1027 Broadway
Craft, Heury P., pressman , Republican office; 113
Franklin av.avenue
Craft, Mary A.M., widow Nathaniel, , 113 Franklin
Craft, Moses B., foreman pressroom Republican ;r.residence
80 Collins
Cragan, James, lab.laborer . 161n.north 8th
Cragen, Patrick, waiter , bds.boards 27 Walnut
Cragin, Mary J., teacher Fiainklin school, bds.boards 19th
b. Clark av.avenue and Walnut
Crahan, Catharine, widow Bryan, , ss.south side O'Fallon near
Craiig, Alexander, (Craig & Hambleton,) r.residence country
Craig, George, painter , bds.boards 74 Franklin av.avenue
Cr.iig, Horace G., (Brannin, Craig & Co.Company ,) 72n.north 5th
Craig, James, Furniturtdealcr , 56.n. 2d;r.residence 248 Ches-
Craig, Mrs., widow, bds 166 Locust
Crnig, Robert E.printer ,r.residence 116 Collins
Craig, Thromas, lab.laborer , bds.boards 18 Chambers
Craig & Hambleton , (AlexanderCralg, and Sainuel
Harnbleton, ,) blacksmiths , Levee b.between Gberry and
Craine, Aliee, dressmaker , ns. Clark av.avenue c.corner 14th;r.residence
Crainc, Daniel, earn. ,r.residence n.s Clark av.avenue c.corner 14th
Crake, James, porter , courthouse ,r.residence rear 221 Biddle
Cramer, Adam, bricklayer , ws. Menard near Emmet
Cramer, Adotphus, saloon , es. Main b.between Plum and Ce-
dar;r.residence same
Cramer, Albeit, lab.laborer ws. Menard near Carrcll
Cramer, Charles, lab.laborer ,r.residence Cheruolee b.between Iroquois and Il-
Cramer, Conrad, lab.laborer , 157n.north 9th
Cramer, Francis, blacksmith , ws. Lafoyette near Ro-
Cramer, Ferdinand, cigarmaker ,r.residence es. 13th b.between Carr
and Biddle
Cramer, George H., grocer , 188s.south 3d:r.residence same
Cramer, Henry, grocer , Waidic.corner 15th:r.residence same
Cramer, James, stonecutter ; bds.boards 387 Broadway
Cramer, John F., clerk , 50 Market,r.residence 53 2d
Cramer, Nicholas, hairdresser , bds.boards ss.south side Franklin av.c.corner
Cramer, Philip, carpenter , bds.boards 201s.south 4th
Cramer, Theodore, clerk ,r.residence 187n.north 8th
Cramer, William, boxmaker , 154.n.north 8th
Cramlie, John, drayman ,r.residence ai. near Marion b, Jackson
and Columbus
Crancer, Ferdinand.tobacconist , Morgan b.between 3d and 4th;
bds.boards 189n.north 13th
Crancer, John, 189n.north 13th
Crancer, Valentine, cigarstorc , 30 Morgan;
bds.boards Missouri Hotel
Crandal, Levi, nailpacker , bds.boards Carondelet av.avenue , 1st
Ward House
Crandann, Edward D., painter , se.southeast c.corner Green and 3d
Crandaun, Lucy A., dressmaker , se.southeast c.corner Green and 3d;
r. same
Crandelt, J. D.cashier U.S. Express; bds.boards Virginia
Crane, Andrew, ostler , bds.boards 3S9 Broadway
Crane, Arba N., lawyer , 581/2s.south 4th; bds.boards Everett
Crane, Benjamin F., (Ben F. Crane & Co.Company ) r.residence 7s.south 15th
Crane, Charles, (I.P. Crane & Co.Company ,) r.residence sw.south west c.corner 7th and
Crane, Daniel, carpenter , Clark av-c.corner 14th
Crane, Francis W.,broker , 89n.north 2d; i. 126 Olive
Crane, Henry: carpenter. 1008 Broadway
Crane, Isaac P., (1. F. Crane&Co.,) r.residence sw.south west c.corner Tth and
Crane, James, ostler , bds.boards 380 Broadway
Crane, John, ostler , bds.boards 499 Broadway-
Crane, John C., bookkeeper , O.J. Wood & Co.Company , bds.boards
Burnett House
Crane, John H., furniture , 29 and 31n.north 3d;r.residence 24
n. 15th.
Crane, John W., (Crane & Fowler,) r.residence 151n.north 12tb, b.between
Morgan and Franklin av
Crane, John W.Cel.,regis,wat. rates City Hall. 16
Chesnut;r.residence es. 12th b.between Morgan and Franklin av
Crane, Joseph, millwright , ws. 10th b.between Wright and
Crane Ben.F. & Co.Company , (Benjamin F.Crane, and
Prince H.Jones, ,) jewellers , 4th,nw.northwest c.corner Locutt
Crane I.F. & Co.Company , (J. L.Lyon, and CharlesCrane, ,)
proprietors Burnett House, fcw.c.corner Tth and Gra-
tia;r.residence same
Crane & Fowler , (John W.Crane, and Edwin
Fowler, ,) insurance agents , 38 u. Main
Crangle, John, clerk , bds.boards ns.northside Chambers near 10th
Crauiken, James, lab.laborer , 92n.north 8th
Ciaumer, Thomas C., engineer , 157 Collins
Crans, Charles, teacher , es. 13th b.between Madison and Jef-
Cranwill, Samuel, wholesale grocer and com-
mer. , 219 and 221n.north Main;r.residence Washington av.avenue b.between
llth and 12th
Crary, Patrick, lab.laborer ,r.residence Green, se.southeast c.corner 9th
Crasby, John, lab.laborer , bds.boards 79 Green