St. Louis directory :
Crater, Georx, foundry ,r.residence 324 a. 2d
Cats, Frederick.(Caraz & C0,) r.residence 74 Carondelet av
Cratz & Co.Company , (FrederickCratz, and WilhelmWildhau-, ) wines and liquors , 74 Carondelet av
Craven, Patrick, quiirryman , bds.boards sw.south west c east Mound
and Main
Crawford, Alexander A..upholsterer ;r.residence 331 Morgan
Crawford, Edward (cold) drayman , Pratte
av.avenue c.corner Chouteau av
Crawford, James, lab.laborer , rear 81n.north 10th
Cfawford, James, mouilder , Division b, 19th and 20th
Crawford, James M.. booka and stationery , 30
and 32 Chesnut;r.residence same
Crawford, John, waiter , ns. Orchard near Barlow
Ormwford, John A., ticket agent Wabash Valley R.R.,
bds.boards King's Hotel
Crawford, Joseph, (col'dcolored ) drayman , bds.boards ea. Pratte
avc.corner Chouteau av
Crawford, Levi S., bds.boards 131n.north 6th
Crawford, Samuel H-,r.residence ws. 7th b.between Sidney 4 Lynch
Crawford, Samuel W., (Crawford &. White,) r.residence ws.7th
b. Sidney & Lynch
Crawford, Thomas, lab.laborer , 81n. 10th
Crawford, William H.. clerk , bds.boards 10n.north 9th
Crawford & White , (Samuel W.Crawford, and J.
RichardWhite., ) wooddealers , Lami st.street , depot
Crawley, Cornelius, lab.laborer ,r.residence 6th, above Biddle
Crawley, Daniel, carpenter , at Giles P. Filley's
Crawley, Dennis, carpenter , at Giles P. Filley's
Crawley, George F., bookkeeper , Gill & Bro ; bds.boards at
Barnutn's Hotel
Crawley, Mutthew, porter ,r.residence 177s.south 4th
Cfuwsbaw, Joseph, salesman , E.P. Pettis & Co.Company , 211
Crawshaw, JosephJr.junior , salesman , E.P. Pettis & Co.Company ,
211 Pine
Cruwshaw, Henry, salesman. 230 Broadway
Creamer, George, clerk , 45 Walnut
Creamer, John C., wholesale confectioner , 9s.south
4th;r.residence same
Creamer, Philip, bds.boards 134 Christy av
Creamer, Philip S., blacksmith , bis. 17 Christy av
Credc, Charles, blacksmith , bds.boards 277 Carondelet av
Credeu, Thomas, teamster ,r.residence Bremen av.avenue , se.southeast c.corner 17th
Credon, Patrick, lab.laborer , bds.boards ss.south side Spring, b.between 9th and 10th
Creedon, Daniel, lab.laborer ,r.residence us. Warren, b.between Broadway and
Creedon, Patrick, lab.laborer ,r.residence 177n.north 7th
Cregar, Nicholas, drayman ,al.alley near Barry, b.between Jackson
and Columbus
Creel, Jamea,r.residence Leffinwell, near Laclede av
Creite, Charles, (Kene & Creite;) r.residence 225 13th
Creley, Charles, bookkeeper , Samuel McCartney &
Ca. ;r.residence Rosatti,nw.northwest c.corner Arrow
Creley, Eugene, works at St. Louis carworks
Cemer, Adam, grocer , 10th, se.southeast c.corner Montgomery;r.residence
Cremer, John F.; bookkeeper , Wm. Adriance & Co.Company ;
r.53s.south 2d
Creney, Francis, tanner , es. Enston, near Barton
Crenshaw, Robert A.W., com.mer.merchants , 5n.north Commercial;
r. 244 Chesnut
Creshnmer, Frederick, plasterer ,r.residence ns. Jefferson, b.between
12th and 13th
Cress, John, lab.laborer , al.alley near Park av.avenue , b.between Rosatti and
Crest, George, shoemaker , bds.boards Washington House
Cretien, Albert, sawyer , es. Decatur, b.between Soulard and
Crevtling, Henry, trainmaster , O. & M.R.R. ;r.residence 128
n. 13th
Crerier, John, drayman ,r.residence es. Jackson, h. Carroll and
Criddle, Alexanders., steamboat pilot , bda. 17th, b.between
Biddle and O'Fallon
Cries, Adam, lab.laborer ,r.residence ea. Jackson, b.between Marion and Carroll
Criesarber, Adolph, lab.laborer ,r.residence al.alley near Carroll, b.between Jack-
son and Colummbus
Crilley, John C , carpenter , bds.boards 14n.north 12th
Crinmu, Richard, contractor , North Reservoir, near
Cass av
Crinniun, Mitchel J., bookkeeper , Bragg & Borrowes
bds.boards at Merchant's Hotel
Crinnigan, James, clerk. 32 Franklin av
Crinnun, James.mason , 69 Carr
Critfai, Michael, cook. bds.boards 45 Locust
Crist, Wenzel, cigarmaker ,r.residence ws. 10th, b.between Mont-
goraery and Warren
Criswell, James, foreman , Thornton & White ; bds.boards 122
Criswell, Robert H., clerk , Thomson & White ; bds.boards
122 Pine
Crittenden, Hiram, paper warehouse , 117n.north
Main;r.residence Paul, b.between Chouteau av and Hickory
Croak, Edward, stonemason , 18th, b.between Riddle and
Croake, John, deputy sherif bds.boards 221 Biddle
Croake, John, porter , courthouse;r.residence al.alley b.between 8th and
9th, near Cass av
Croake, William, ostler , bds.boards 7th, Betbetween Biddle and
Croft, Henry, batcher ,r.residence ns. Christy av.avenue , near 23d
Crogan, James, painter , 409 Market
Croghan, James, painter ,r.residence c. 18th and Market
Croker, James, machinist , bds.boards 364n.north 2d
Crombie, John, bookkeeper , bds.boards 106n.north 4th
Crombie, John C, clerk , H.M. Thompson & Co.Company ;r.residence
room 8 Jones' Commercial College
Cromer, Christopher, foreman , MatthiasSteiz, ;r.residence 350
s. 2d
Cromley, John, drayman ,r.residence 133 Broadway
Cromwell, Caroline J., boardinghouse, 41n.north 8th
Cromwell, Curtis A., 41n.north 8th
Cromwell, James, carpenter , bds.boards 270 Franklin av
Cronan, —, wid.quarry, , es. Main b.between e.east Mound
and Bogy
Cronan, Bridget, wid.Thomas, ,r.residence 117 St Charles
Cronan, William, lab.laborer , 366 Market
Cronenbold, Charles, (F.W. & C. Cronenbold, and
Croneubold & Co.Company ,) r.residence Carroll b.between Jackson nod
Cronenbold, Ferdinand, (F.W. & C. Cronenbold, and
Cronenbold & Co.Company , also foreman Republican job
office, and alderman 2d ward,)r.residence 56 Caronde-
let av
Cronenbold F.W. & C , (FerdinandW., and
Charles, , hardware and ironstone , 56 and 58
Carondelet av
Cronenbold & Co.Company , (Ferdinand W.Cronenbold.,
CharlesCronenbold, and MelchorFalckenheiiner, ,)
plowmakers , 305s.south 3d
Croncr, Lewis, butcher ,r.residence Lefflngwell, neu Frank-
lin av
Croney, Josephine, wid.Charles, ,r.residence aLb.between Jackson and
Columbus, near Miller
Cronin, Dennis, lab.laborer , r. 20th, nearn.north Market
Cronin, James, marblepolisher ,r.residence 31 Centre
Cronin, John, clk. ,r.residence w. Moore b.between Clark av. and Market
Cronin, Margaret, wid.Jeremiah, , O'FaUon b.between 15th
and 16th
Cronin, Timothy, lab.laborer . 18th b.between O'Fallon and Csew av
Cronk, Peter, teamster ,r.residence ne.northeast c.corner 9th and Destrehan
Crunk, Peter W., teamster ,r.residence ns. Destrehan b.between Broad-
way and 9th
Cronk, William, policeman ,r.residence ns. Barlow b.between Gratiot
and Orchard
Cronk, William V., railroad contractor ,r.residence 95 Pine
Crooks, John B., painter. 6th sw.south west c Biddle
Cruoken, Joseph, (Branch, Crookes & Co.Company ,) 673n.north 9th
Cropp, Charles, teacher , bds.boards Decatur b.between Lafayette and
Geyer av
Cropper, John, painter ,r.residence 813 Broadway
Crosby, Chester W., sewing machines , 87n.north 4th;r.residence
105 Locust
Crosby, D. C, civil engineer , bds.boards 43 a. 6th
Crosby, Edward, trunkniaker ,r.residence 19n.north 9th
Crosby, William, lab.laborer , bda. Randle House
Crosby, William, sawraaker ,r.residence 74n.north Main
Crosby, Wilson, (Charles D. Pond & Co.Company ,) ss.south side Morgan
b. Garrison and Ewing avs.
Crosman, Frederick E., salesman , Sbaplebrh, Day &
Co. ,r.residence 180 Pine