St. Louis directory :

Northern Assurance Company ,
1, Moorgate Street, London.

For Fire And Life Assurances At Home And Abroad.

Established In 1836--Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament.

Capital, L1,259,760 or $6,298,800 00.

Annual Revenue Upwards Of $900,000.

Office in St. Louis, N.W.Cor. (Second & Chesnut Sts.

Fire Department.

$30,000 May Be Taken On Any One Risk.

This Company insures against loss or damage by Fire, almost every description of property. The rates of premium
are moderate, and the conditions of insurance are framed with the greatest liberality.

The Policies of this Company are not only guaranteed by a large Capital, but also by the unlimited personal responsi-
bility of nearly 1000 Shareholders.

☞ Losses promptly adjusted and paid without reference to London.☜

Eife Department.

All the advantages of a Mutual Association are united with the security of a Proprietary Company.

The Rates Op Premium
are based upon the safest and most approved data, and may be tnaie payable In any of the following modes, or otherwise,
to suit the convenience of the insured:

By uniform Annual Payment daring life.

By Single Payment.

By payment to cease on the party attaining a given age.

By increasing or decreasing payments.

Premiums may be paid yearly, half yearly, or quarterly.

One-half of the First Five Annual Premiami on Policies for the whole of life, may remain on credit till the Policy
becomes a claim, or

One-third of the whole Annual Premiums may. in like manrier, remain on credit, to be deducted from the Sum
Assured, when it becomes a claim, or be previously paid off at convenience, but interest thereon must he paid annually
in advance.

I shall be glad to furnish full information respecting Fire or Life Insurance.

Prospectuses. Table Of Rates, Applications, Etc.,
Mat Be Obtained At The Officf.

Examinations Foe Life Insurance, Daily, At 12 O'Clock, M.

Thomas E.Souper, ,
Agent And Attorney Fob St. Louis.

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