St. Louis directory :
Springmeyer, August, clerk , 46 Morgan
Springmeyer, Frank W., carp'tr , bds. 128 n.north 16th
Springmeyer, Frederick, carpenter , rear 294 Biddle
Springmeyer, Frederick, lab.laborer al.alley b.between 10th and llth nr.
Springmeyer, Frederick, tobacconist , 133 n.north 9th
Springmeyer, Frederick W., carp'r , 339 Franklin avavenue>
Springmeyer, Frederick W., carpenter , 128 n.north 16th
Springmeyer, Henry, cooper , r.residence ns. Monroe b.between 2d and
Springrose, Bernard, teamster , r.residence ws. 13th b.between Spruce
and Poplar
Sprinkelmeyer, E., at Belchers' sugarhouse
Spristesborg, William, bricklayer , al.alley near 6th bet.between
Hickory and Rutgers
Sproule, Adam W., (A.W. Sproule & Co.) bds. Vir-
ginia Hotel
Sproule, Andrew, bookkeeper . S.C. Davis & Co. , r.residence
es. Moore b.between Market and Clark av
Sproule, Samuel, bookkeeper , A. Thorp & Co. , Mon-
roe b.between 16th and 17th
Sproule A.W. & Co. , (Adam W.Sproule, and
-,) clothing , Main nw.northwest c.corner> Vine, and 70 n.north 4th
Sproull, Gilbert M., clerk , I.M.R,R., r.residence ns. Jefferson
b. Broadway and 9th
Sproull, Nathaniel S., railroadman , r.ns.north side Jefferson b.between
Broadway and 9th
Spuhlar, Henry, bricklayer , r.residence al.alley b.between Jackson and Co-
lumbus near Miller
Spyer, Barnet, pawnbroker's goods , 47 Pine; r.residence ns.north side
Pine b.between 6th and 7th
Squier, Abner, Justice of the peace , r.residence alley b.between 9th
and 10th nr. Warren
Squire, John, ironwarehouse , 18 n.north Levee; r.residence 273
Squires, Stephen H., carpenter , rear 488s.south 10th
Srine, Augustus, bartender , bds. 451 Market
Staab, Francis, musicteacher , 127s.south 3d
Staats, C. H., clerk , printing office , bds. Franklin av.avenue
cor. llth
Staats, George, cabinetmaker , sw.c.corner> Madison & 10th
Staats, Henry, tailor , r.residence Franklin av.avenue , nr. Garrison av
Staats, John, peddler , r.residence Franklin av.avenue b.between 22d and 23d
Staber, Henry, machinist , r.residence 31 Carondelet avavenue>
Stacey, George, machinist , bds. 80s.south 5th
Stacey, William H., carpenter , bds. Princeton House
Stack, James, lab.laborer , 246 n.north 14th
Stack, Michael, stonecutter , r.residence Market c.corner> llth
Stack, Thomas C., salesman , Hayden & Wilson , res.
225 Green
Stacher, William, tailor , ns. Jefferson b.between 12th & 13th
Stacy, James B., cutter , Carr c.corner> 14th
Stacy, Warren, machinist , bds.boards 255 n.north 5th
Stacy, William F., (Stacy & Stone,) r.residence 53 Carr
Stacy & Stone , (William F.Stacy, and John D.
Stone, ,) architects , 207 n.north 5th
Stadler, Henry, boarding , Franklin av.avenue nr. 21st
Stadler, John, lagerbeersaloon , es. Decatur nr. Geyer
Stadler, Martin, painter , 11 Walnut
Stadtler, Christian, shoemaker , bds. Franklin av.avenue b.between
22d and 23d
Staebla, Edward, shoemaker , side 2d bet.between Spring
and Wright
Staebler, Peter, brewer , bds. 37s.south 2d
Staedler, Frank, 178 n.north 10th
Staeffen, John, grocer , 245 Carondelet avavenue>
Staeger, Amelie, dressmaker , se.c.corner> Lafayette and
Staeger, Franz, cabinetmaker , ss. Lafayette east
c. Fulton
Staehl1N, Christian, (Staehlin & Halm,) 2d
Carondelet av.avenue c.corner> Lafayette
Staehlin, George F., (Staehlin & Bro.) Poplar c.corner> 3d
Staehlin, Jacob, 129s.south 3d
Staehlin, Jerome, (Staehlin & Bro.) Poplar c.corner> 3d
Staehlin & Bro. , (George, F. and JeromeStaeh-, ,) liquors , 37 Market
Staehlin & Halm , (ChristianStaehlins, and
JosephHalm, ,) Phoenix brewery , Lafayette, av.avenue
c. 2d Carondelet av
Staenbruge, John F., r.residence 111 n.north 16th
Staer, Lewis, brewer , r.residence ns. Sidney b.between Carondelet av.avenue
and 7th
Staer, Martin, shoemaker , sw.c.corner> Convent ands.south 2d
Staeter, Paul, baker , es. Buel near Emmet
Staetzen, Charles, bartender , 188 n.north 4th
Staffelbach, Michael, confectioner , rear 88 n.north 3d
Staffer, Jacob, lab.laborer , alley near Miller bet.between Jackson and
Stafford, James, shoemaker , r.residence 8th b.between O'Fallon and
Stafford, John, lab.laborer al.alley b.between High and 14th nr. Biddle
Stafford, Robert, moulder , r.residence 3 Harrison
Stafford, Thomas, moulder , r.residence ss. Dock b.between Broadway
and 2d
Stage, Henry, fishdealer , r.residence Gratiot b.between 15th and 16th
Stager, Louis. butcher , r.residence Columbus nr. Lesperance
Stagg, Edw., sec. St. Louis gas co. , r.residence 128 Chesnut
Stagg, Henry, ins.agt.agent , 20 Pine; r.residence 255 Morgan
Stagg, Kearn. lab.laborer , ns. Morgan c.corner> 20th
Stah, Albert, tailor , s. 7th b.between Carroll and Marion
Stahl, Christian, r.residence Franklin av.avenue se.south east c.corner> Leffingwell avavenue>
Stahl, Fritz, musician , 5th near Biddle; bds.boards 84
Franklin avavenue>
Stahl, George H., baker , alley b.between 12 th and 13th near
Stahl, Gustav F., jewelry , 109 Franklin avavenue>
Stahl, Jacob, bds. 363 Market
Stahl, Jacob, umbrellamaker , s. 3dse.south east c.corner> Myrtle
Stahl, John, carpenter , rear ns.north side Mulberry b.between 2d & 3d
Stahl, John, mason , Menard b.between Emmet and Geyer avavenue>
Stahl, John, shoemaker , bds.n.north Market ab.above 16th
Stahl, Joseph, shoemaker , r.residence ns. Wash b.between 17th & 18th
Stahl, Louis, tailor , Carr c.corner> 15th
Stahlberg, Charles, confectioner , 227 n.north 8th
Stahlberg, William, watchmaker , bds,52 Franklin avavenue>
Stahlberger, Frederick, carpenter , bds. Franklin av.avenue
c. llth
Stahler, Matthias, stonemason , r.residence alley nr. Lesper-
ance b.between Jackson and Columbus
Stahmann, John, shoemaker , rear 156 Franklin avavenue>
Staid, Christopher, blacksmith , rear 378 Franklin avavenue>
Stal, John, tailor , rear 226s.south 2d
Stalberry, John, cabinetmaker , r.residence ns. Franklin av.avenue b.between
llth and 12th
Staley, John P., carpenter , bds.boards 47 n.north 12th
Stalhold, Christopher, porter , 17s.south 6th
Stalker, Jonathan, painter , r.residence St. Charles ne.northeast c.corner> 9th
Stall, Jacob, lab.laborer , r.residence ss. Ann av.avenue b.between 7th and Decatur
Stallborg, William, porter , Monroe, b. 13th and 14th
Stam, John, engineer , Lafayette b.between 8th and 9th
Stamford, George P., bds. 245 Broadway
Stamkar, Theodore, lab.laborer , 25 Spring
Stamler, Henry, shoemkr , Franklin av.avenue b.between 12th & 13th
Stamm, Anton, schoolteacher , bds. 85s.south 2d
Stamm, Charles, harnessmaker , 240 Carondelet avavenue>
Stamm, Ernst, tailor , bds. 399s.south 2d
Stamm, Frederick, tailor , 399s.south 2d
Stamm, Henry, shoemaker , bds. 616 Broadway
Stamm, Henry, tailor , 190s.south 2d
Stamm, Hermann, bottledealer , 273s.south 7th
Stamm, Philip, grocer , 402 Market
Stammer, Ficholas, bartender , 310s.south 5th
Stammer, William, bookkeeper , bds. 255s.south 2d
Stamps, Martin, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between s.south 3d & 4th nr. Convent
Stamps, William S., brickmaker , 49 Florida
Stanard, Edwin O., (Gilbert, Miles & Stanard,) r.residence 9
Stanard, William, clerk , Barnett & Weber , bds. 58
n. 8th
Stanback, James, riverman , bds. 88 n.north Levee
Stancliff, Lewis J., (Diven, Stancliff & Co.) r.residence El-
mira, N.Y.
Stancliffe, James, carman , 15 Chambers
Stander, Alvos, blacksmith , wks. Gravois road near
McNair avavenue>
Standing, John, miller , 18 e.east Mound
Standford, Harris, carpenter , 22d bet.between Davis and
Stankewicz, Peter, deputy marshal , r.residence 164s.south 4th
Stankowsky, Anton, bricklayer , ns. Soulard nr. Buel