St. Louis directory :

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Stearns & Marvin ,
Manufacturers Of
Vault Doors,
Plate & Money Chests,
Locks, &C., &C.,
No. 29 North Main St. Louis.

Agents For
Cady's Patent Burglar Proof Safes and Vault Doors,New York Wire Railing Company's Composite Wrought Iron Railings, for Cemeteries, Dwellings, &c.,

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Patent Wire Railings, for Offices, Cottages, Window Guards, &c.
Improved Wire Netting Fence, For Farms, Lawns, Arbors, &C.; Dealers In
Iron Bedsteads And Iron Furniture, Scales.

Lightning Rods, Warehouse And Store Trucks, Bells, &c. Also, sole Agants for
Howe'S Scales, Strong & Ross' Patent.