St. Louis directory :
Templeton, John, Rev., 12 Lucas place
Templcton, Peter, innfr.veg. gas , 23 n.north 3d
Templcton, William, sb. captain , r,507 n.north Sth
Templin, Pat-rick B., watchman , r.residence 54 Biddle
Tenain, John J,, bookkeeper , Joseph B. Elder & Co. ,
64s.south Main
Tenhrock, Henry, salesman , JohnSow, , r.residence Franklin
av.avenue b.between 14th and 1.3th
Tenderline, Anth., lab.laborer , llth b.between Biddle & O'Fallon
Tenderlioe, John, lab.laborer , llth b.between Biddle and O'Fallon
Teney, Henry, tinner , Iwoadway c.corner> Ferry
Tenger, Herman, drayman . 20*i n.north !)th
Teiiges, Frederick, tailor , bds. 222 High
Tenkink, John Ii., htb. , ss. Mallinckrodt near 13th
Tennapel, Henry A., lab.laborer , 97 Carr
Tennent, Alucrt, (Tennent & Co.) bds. Planters'
Tennent, J. Hooper, salesman , Tennent & Co. , r.residence
Washington av.avenue opp. loth
Tennent, James A., salesman , Collins, Kellogg &
Kirhy , r.residence Washington av.avenue opp. I5th
TenneDt, Mary A., wid.widow James, , r.residence 335 Washington
Tennent & Co., (Albert Tennent & George A.
Kerr,) wholesale silks and fancy drygoods , 101
a. Main. (See advt.)
Tennett, Elizabeth, (cold,) 13th b.between O'Fallon and Cass
Tennhauser, Joseph, lab.laborer , 423s.south 7th
Tennille, George, r.residence ns. Clark av.avenue b.between Center and 13th
Tomiison, John S., steamboatpilot , r.residence 50n. Oth
Tennesson, Anthony, driver , C. Veil, bds.boards es.east side 2d bet.between
Poplar and Plum
Tenny, Caleb P., machinist , bds. Gratiot ns.north side Pratte
Tenny, S- T., asst.assistant sup. T.H.H.R., r.residence at Bunker Hill
Tensink, Henry, currier , r.residence 41 n.north 16th
Tensler, Julias, musicteacher , 263s.south 7th
Tenting, J.Herman, jeweler , 294 Franklin avavenue>
Tentsch, John, basketmaker , al.alley h. Geyer avavenue> and
Allen av.avenue near Decatur
Tens, Ernst M., cabinetmaker , 171s.south 5th
Tept'or, William, fonndryman , 129 n.north 10th
Tebre Haute Alton & St. Louis R.R. Office ,
ne.c.corner> 4th and Olive, freight depot nw.northwest cor. 2d
and Poplar. (See advt.)
Terre, Haute, Alton & St, Louis Railroad
ticket office , F. M., Colburn, agt.agent , 32 n.north 4th
Terre, Haute, Alton & St. Louis Telegraph
office, 10 Chesnut
Terrell, Edward D., (Terrell & Buchanan,) bds. Wedge
Terrell & Buchanan, (Edward D.Terrell, and
—Buchanan, ,) manuf. of wheat drills , Frank-
lin av.avenue c.corner> 20th
Terrill, James, drayman , Glasgow av.avenue c.corner> Benton
Terry, Charles, tailor , 156 Franklin avavenue>
Terry, Lucius Il, (Humphreys. Terry & Co.) r.residence Ca-
rondelet road near Green Tree tavern
Terry, Robert, upholsterer , 149 Washington avavenue>
Terry, Robert E.Rev., St. Paul's rectory,sw.south west c.corner>
Olive and 17th
Tescbemacher, Emil, lithographic printer , r.residence al.alley bet.between
10th and llth near Market
Tesson, Edward M., asst.assistant bookkeeper , TessonDan-, , r.residence 245s.south 7th
Tesson, Edward P., (Tesson & Danjen.) r.residence 245s.south 7th
Tesson & Danjen, (Edward P. Tesson, Antoine
L. Danjen, & Lamar E. Saber,) bankers 41 n-
Main. (Sec advt.)
Tetard, Adrien, clerk , recorder of deeds , officer 101
Tettenhurst, Christian H., lab.laborer , ss. Salisbury b.between llth
and 12th
Tetu, Louisa, wid.widow Francis, , r.residence 113 Green
Tetz, Henrv, gardener , Cass av.avenue b.between 25th and26th
Teutcberg, Christian, boot and shoes , 267 Market
Teuteberg, Justus, bootmaker , 716 Broadway; r.residence 12th
b. Spring and Montgomery
Teutenberg, Francis, baker , 300 Franklin avavenue>
Teutenberg, George, clk. , Plant & Bro. , 218 Broadway
Teutschmann, George G., druggist , 147 Carondelet
Tewes, Otto, grocer , 235 Carondelet avavenue>
Tuacher, Alexander H,, clfc , Kelsey & Smith , r.residence 110
Thale, Charles, boxraaker , r.residence 53 Chambers
Thamm, John I.., clerk , bds. 213s.south 2d
Thannberger, Arthur, collector , German sav.in3., r.residence
2dsw.south west c Chesnut
Thatch, Thomas ti., (Brown, Thatch&Co.) bds. Vir-
ginia Hotel
Thatcher, Daniel A., bookkeeper , G.W. Thatcher &.
Co. . r.residence 90 Washington avavenue>
Thatcher, George W., (G. W, Thatcher & Co.) r.residence 214
Thatcher, Thomas P., ctcrk , G.W. Thatcher & Co. .
r,214 Olive
Thatcher G.W. & Co. , (George W. Thatcher &
Francis Webster,) wool, gro- & com. mers. 12L
n. 2d. rSee advt.)
Thatcher, William, agt.agent , n. 2d; r.residence 772 Broadway
Thayer, —bda. Washington House
Thayer, —sewingmachiucs , 4th; r.residence 59 n.north Sth
Thayer, Dennison B., shoestore , 256 Brondway; bds.boards
Monroe House
Thayer, Henry, forwarding and com.commission 15 Com-
mercial; r.residence 267 Olive
Thayer, Napoleon B., (Thayer, Hart & Co.) 130
Washington avavenue>
Thayer, Seth F., salesman , 241 Morgan
Thayer, William P., saloon , 73 Chesnut; r.residence 200.
Washington avavenue>
Thayer, Hart & Co. , (Napoleon B. Thayer, John
Q. Hart & Charles B. irnum,) clothiers , 182 n.north
Theamann, Ernst H., porter , 193 Franklin avavenue>
Thecbadeau, Emil, carpenter , bds. 209 u. oth.
Theboldt, George, carpenter , 264 Wash
Theby, George, policeman , r.residence Lesperance smCo
Thehan, Johu, kb. , bds. 135 Carr
Thehan, Timothy, lab.laborer , bds. 13.5 Carr
Theilte, Charles, boxraaker , Chouta b.between 9tfo. and 10 th
Theilkraft, Daniel, baker , Lafayette beL. Decatur and
Theis, Porter, lab.laborer , ss. Buel nr. Carroll
Thetss, George, lab.laborer , 8. 3d b.between Mulberry and Cedar
Theit, Henrietta, wid.widow Barnhard , Gth nr. Poplar
Them, Gustavus, bricklayer , bds. 3dse.south east e-. Hazel
Themaier, Frederick, lab.laborer , Franklin awbet.between . 21st and
Theobald, Oxrifim P., (Theobald A.Co.) . bds. 35 b.between 6th
Theobald, Nathaniel B.clerk , Theobald & Co. , r.residence ss.
Elm b.between 2d and 3d
Theobald & Co. , (Grffin P.Theobald, and Ed- R.Montgomery, ,) storage and com. , 18 and
20 Elm
Theobold, A. B., clerk , bds. 134 Market
Theoboldt, George M., carpenter , Wash bet.between 17th and
Theodore, Frank, at Belchers'sagarhouse
Therruy, Edward, draftsman , r.residence ss. Convent b.between s.south 2d
and 3d
Thevenin, Petrase, distiller , 15s.south 2d
They, Johu, carpenter , r.residence 33 Carondelet avavenue>
Thiarauf, John, tailor , r.residence Bell c.corner> Alby avavenue>
Thias, Francis, (A. Reipschlaeger & Co.) 193 Frank-
lin avavenue>
Thias, Herman, r.residence 364 Market
Thias, John H., grocer , 77s.south Main
Thibadoux, Emil, carpenter , bds.boards 228 n.north 5th
Thiebes, William, pianoforte maker , 228 Franklin avavenue>
Thiele, William, painter , r.residence ss. Chouteau av.avenue near
Pratt*: ar
Thielemann, John G., blacksmith , ns. Decatnr near
Thiemann, Caspar H., lab.laborer , albet.between 12th and 13th nr.
Thiemeyer, George, porter , 18th b.between Wash and Carr
Thiemeyer, Gerhard L., grocer , 38s.south lOtb.
Thiemeyer, Herman, teamster , bda. 38s.south 10th