St. Louis directory :

Republican Gremium Blank Book
No. 11 Chesnut Street, Bet. Man and Second,
St. Louis, Mo.

Blank Books made at this Establishment,
Paged Without Extra Charge.

[missing figure]

We have a machine expressly for numberin Railroad
Tickets and Bank Notes,
From No 1. To 99,99.

Our Book-Bindery and Blank Book Manufactory

Is well supplied with a heavy stock of Blank Book Paper, Leathers, &c.,
which gives us every facility to furnish Merchants, 'Clerks of Courts,
Railroad and Insurance Companies, and all others, with complete sets of
Blank Books, with or without printed headings.

We also pay particular attention to binding whole editions of books.

Blank Books Made To Order At New York Prices.

☞Having been awarded the Premium at the St. Louis Fair in 1856 for
the best specimens of Blank Books and Blank Book Paper, we feel confident of
giving entire satisfaction.

Old Books, Magazines, &c., bound in any style desired.

George, Knapp,
N., Paschall,
John, Knapp.

George Knapp & Co.