St. Louis directory :

H.M. Thompson & Co. ,
31 North Commercial Street,
C0Mmis810N Merchants,
And Dealers In All Kinis Of
Foundry Supplies.

We have on hand, or can furnish, at short notice, the following article tor Foundry uw, at the lowwt market ratat:
Pig Iron, Hot Or Cold Blast ;
Scotch Pig; Ohio; Hinging Rock; Indiana; Tennn**e; Iron Mountain; Pilot Knob.

Facings :

Clark's R.I., fur fine work. st3)f e.east per lb.; Orentt'j Albany, at 3 e.east pet p).; Clmrcoel, 3,50 per bbl.: Lehigh, 3,50
per bbl.; Stouecoal, 2,50 per bbl.; Seacoal, 3,75 per bbl.; Soapstone; Pittsburgh Coal. 3,00 bbl.

Coal, In Casks Or Bulk:

Anthracite, Lehigh—Lamp, tgg, or Nut sixes; Pittsburgh.

Cokfi, In Casks Or Bulk:

Pittsburgh; City-made, or from the Gaj Work*.

Moulders' Tools:

Bellows, Riddles. Black Lead, Crnctbloi, tin Brick, &e.

Coal Oil.

For Burning And Lubricating Purposes, At Wholesale And Retail, By Packages.

Stone Pipe.

We are Agents for the Western Stone Pipe Company'. "Shsam Pressed" Water, Skiver And Drainaoe
Piping—a splendid and durable article, of various arses and forms, from 2 laches to 3 feet in size.
Paper & Rag Warehouse.

Cash paid for Rags and Paper Stock of all kinds,
woolen rags, cotton rags- rope, hemp, gunney bags,
Cotton And Hemp Waste, Old Copper, Brass, Zinc, Lead, Iron, &c., &c.

Print. Book. Letter, Bag and Straw Wrapping,
Manilla, Tea And Various Kinds Of
Paper, Twine, Printers' Ink, &C.

The Farmer'S Eagle Mills, For Grinding Cobs And Small Grain.