St. Louis directory :

Machine Shop,
G. H.Timmermann, ,
Eos. 25 k 27 Myrtle St., Bet. Second & Third,
Saint Louis.

Manufacturer Of
Steam Engines,
Of different Patterns, from 4 to 8O Horse Power, upright and horizontal. Also,
Flouring & Saw Mill Work,
Malt Mills, Lard. Tobacco and Book Presses, Lithographic Presses, and Printing Presses. All kinds of
Such as Hydraulic. Air Pumps, and Lifting Force Pumps, single and double acting.
Turning Lathes, Planers, Screw-Cutting Machines, Shaping Machines, Drillpressbs & Boring Mills
All Kinds Of Machinery Made To Order, & Warranted.
Different kinds of Steam Engines And Boilers always on hand.
Call At The Shop And Leaye Orders!