St. Louis directory :

Fire & Water-Proof Roofs,
Roofing Materials.

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Samuel D.Warren, ,
—Manufacturer Of—
Warren's Improved Fire and Water-Proof
Composition Roofs And Roofing Materials,
Office, No. 11, Over Post Office S.E. corner Second & Chesnut sts, St. Louis.

City Work Cone With Promptness, And Warranted!

Roofing Materials, of the best quality, always on hand and for sale, with directions for rise. Letters of inquiry
promptly answered. This Roof is no Mere Experiment, but has been in extensive use in this city for the last ten
years, and has given great satisfaction. The undersigned, the Original Introducer of the Composition Roof,
having been, for the last twelve years, extensively engaged in the business, during which time his Roofs have been
thoroughly tested, and have given general satisfaction, now offers his Roof to the public with Many Improvements,
suggested by long experience, confident that,
For Durability, Cheapness & Protection Against Fire And Water,
It Is Not Surpassed By Any Roof Now In Use.

For particulars call at my office, where I will take pleasure in showing specimens of my work—or address by mail.

☞I refer to the following gentlemen, many of whom have had the Roof in use since 1849:

James H.Lucas, ,
JosephCharless, ,
CharlesMarlow, ,
Adolphus Meier & Co. ,
Wm. HBelcher, .
S.V. Papin & Bro.
Chouteau, Harrison & Valle


Z. T.Knott, ,
L.Thurwell, ,
L. D.Baker, ,
Barnett & Weber ,
JosephO'Niel, ,
Wm. F.Stacy, ,
Weston & Son.
EugeneGreenleaf, ,
HenryPilche, ,
HenryKennedy, .