St. Louis directory :
Ward, John, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Morgan b.between 7th and 8th
Ward, Jobn, machinist , bds.ns.north side Pacific near Sum-
mit avavenue>
Ward, Joseph, stmbt. engineer , 330 n.north 7th
Ward, Lawrence, brickmaker , Clark av.avenue nr. Pratte avavenue>
Ward, Lawrence, lab.laborer , Adams c.corner> Emil
Ward, Martin, clerk , 250 n.north 2d
Ward, Oliver S., stmbt. man , 29 Hazel
Ward, Owen, producedealer , 238 Broadway
Ward, Patrick, carpenter , 9s.south 13th
Ward, Patrick, lab.laborer , es. DeKalb nr. Barton
Ward, Patrick, lab.laborer , 4th nr. Poplar
Ward, Richard, carpenter , bds.boards 283 n.north 6th
Ward, Sylvia, wid.widow William, , laundress, 98 Carr
Ward, Theodore, carriagemaker , 14s.south 3d
Ward, Thomas, pilot , es. llth b.between Benton & n.north Market
Warden, John, 155 Locust
Warden, John, boots and shoes, 21 Vine; res. 202
Warden, John A., (Warden & Shaler .) r.residence 155 Locust
Warden & Shaler , (John A.Warden, and Jas.
RShaler, ,)'ts ,'taPenn.R.R.
and com.commission merchts. , 67 Commercial. (See advt.)
Wardinsky, Thomas, shoemaker , ss. Victor near Co-
Wardynski, John, shoemaker , ws. 7th b.between Russell and
Ann avs
WareAddison, Sr., gen'l bookkeeper T.H.R.R. , r.residence
3s.south 7th
Ware, Edward Y., sec'y Belchers ' refining co. , 235
Washington avavenue>
Ware, Frederick, (col'd,) lab.laborer , 97 n.north 7th
Warehoff, John, lab.laborer , ns. Sonlard b.between Jackson and Ca-
rondelet avavenue>
Warfeel, Watson, (col'd,) cook . 225 n.north 12th
Warmholz, Frederick, cigarmakr , bds. 952 Broadway
Warnacke, August, collarmaker , 293s.south 7th
Warne, Edgar W., marbleworks, Washington av.avenue
nw.c.corner> 5th; r.residence Walnut bet.between 15th and 16th. (See
Warne, John T., salesman , Warne, Cheever & Co. , r.residence
ss. Walnut b.between 15th and 16th
Warne, Marinus W., (Warne, Cheever & Co. )
Walnut b.between 15th and 16th
Warne, Thomas S., St. Charles, Lindell's block
Warne, Cheever & Co. , (Marinus W.Warne, ,
JoshuaCheever, and Mortimer N.Burchard, ,)
housefurnishmg and woodenware, 25 n.north Main.
(See advt.)
Warneck, William W., moulder , bds. 39s.south 3d
Warneke, John C., (Klentz & Warneke .) Barlow bet.between
Chouteau av.avenue and Gratiot
Warner, Benjamin, printer . 146 n.north 6th
Warner, Benoni, (Kinkle & Warner ,) ws. 5th b.between Frank-
lin av.avenue and Wash
Warner, Bernard, bartender , 167 Broadway
Warner, Charles A., foreman , Blatchford & Collins ,
r.17 Almond
Warner, Christopher, tailor , bds. Marion b.between 3d & 4th
Warner, Edward, carpenter , es. 2d bet.between Dock and
Warner, Edwin, teller St. Louis bldg.building and Savg.ins.,
r.10 n.north 5th
Warner, George, engineer , bds.ns.north side Jefferson b.between Broad-
way and 9th
Warner, John W., saloon, 167 Broadway
Warner, Samuel B., (T.L. Allen & Co. ) bds. 95
Warnhoff, Catharine, wid.widow John, , al.alley b.between Carr & Biddle
near 18th
Warnhoff, Frederick, lab.laborer , 75 Biddle
Warnke, Augustus, harnessmaker , 7th nr. Hickory
Warnke, John, cardriver , es. Columbus b.between Victor and
Warnock, James, accountant , 127 n.north 3d, room
no. 12
Warnz, Louis, shoemaker . 91½ n.north Levee; r.residence 20 Green
Waroerzinovsky, Henry, cigarmaker , 22 Market
Warr, Edward, shoemaker , bds. Washington House
Warren, Charles, 143 n.north 5th
Warren, Daniel, lab.laborer , bds. 20 Morgan
warren, Fanny, teacher . Benton school, res. 5th bet.between
Franklin av.avenue and Wash
Warren, James, druggist , 174s.south 5th
Warren, John, s.b.between mate , bds. Mechanics' Exchange
Warren, John, tinner , 53 Green
Warren, Joseph, carpenter , 150 n.north 13th
Warren, Joseph, importer cigars , 156 Market; r.residence 174
s. 5th
Warren, Joseph, saddler , 174s.south 5th
Warren, Margaret, wid.widow James, , (col'd,) chambermaid ,
al.alley nr. Wash b.between 6th and 7th
Warren, Mary J., dressmaker , 264 n.north 12th
Warren, Peter, 174s.south 5th
Warren, Philip, carpenter , Giles F.Filley,
Warren, Philip, lab.laborer , bds. 371 n.north Main
Warren, Richard, saddler , 20s.south Main; r.residence 174s.south 5th
Warren, Richard, (Warren & Reynolds ,)
Wasson, Henry D., clerk , 49 Green
Warren, Samuel D., cement roofing and roofing
materials, 11 P.O.bldg,; bds.boards Monroe House.
(See advt.)
Warren, S., Rev., gen'lag't Am. tract soc'y, 9s.south
5th;r. 89 n.north 5th
Warren & Reynolds , RichardWarren, and JohnRey-, ,) saddlery , 158 n.north 5th
Wasch, Frederick, pianofortemaker , 234 Franklin avavenue>
Wash, Mary, wid.widow Uhlich, 152 n.north 12th
Wash, Robert A., collector , Barksdale & Co. , r.residence in.
Washburn, George A., (Washburn & Parmelee ,) bds.
Planters' House
Washburn, Mathew, carpenter , 60 Locust; res. 221
Christy avavenue>
Washburn & Parmelee , (George A.Washburn, and
Don CarlosParmelee, ,) agts. Sharp's rifle mnfg.
co. , 13 Exchange building
Washington Avenue Mills. , A. B.. Howell, ,
prop. , 182 Washington avavenue>
Washington, Hall, Elm c.corner> 3d
Washington, House, M.Harman, , 176 n.north Main
Washington, James R., physician , 164 n.north 5th
Washington Mutual Fire Insurance Co. ,
of St. Louis, 22 Market. (See advt.)
Washington University ; ws. 17th b.between Wash-
ington av, and St. Charles. (See advt.)
Washington, William, daypolice . r.residence Elliot av.avenue c.corner> Cond6
Wasshausen, Henry, lab.laborer , es. Decatur nr. Geyer avavenue>
Wassmond, Frederick, lab.laborer , alley bet.between 12th and 13th
near Biddle
Wasson, John B., ale and porter , 144 Commercial; r.residence
12th c.corner> Benton
Wasson, Thomas D., clerk , r.residence 654 Broadway
Wastier, Jacob, butcher , 3 Center market
Water, Works, Levee c.corner> Bates
Waterman, Gustavus, wh. grocer , Washington av.avenue
and 2d; r.residence 776 n.north llth
Waterman, Richard, carpenter , 145 n.north 8th
Waters, Charles A., sb. engineer , r.residence 69s.south 2d
Witers, E. B., bds. Denison House
Waten, Henrietta, teacher , bds. 9th nw.northwest c.corner> Salisbury
Waters, George, (col'd,) janitor , r.residence 33 Pine
Waters, Henry, (col'd,) lab.laborer , 6th near Poplar
Waters, James, moulder , bds.ns.north side Wright b.between Broad-
way and 9th
Waters, Jas. L., (Von Phul. Waters & Co. ) r.residence 205 Olive
Waters, John, clerk , Waters & Christy , r.residence 50 Pine
Waters, John S., (Waters & Christy ,) r.residence 99 St. Charles
Waters, Mary, wid.widow George, boarding, 147 St. Charles
Waters, Patrick, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between O'Fallon and Biddle and
24th and 25th
Waters, Samuel, clerk , 186 n.north 2d; r.residence 97 n.north 10th
Waters, Samuel, drayman , 97 n.north 10th
Waters, Samuel, porter , Doan, King & Co. ,
Waters, William H., (Wilson, Levying & Waters ,)
r.297 Chesnut
Waters & Christy , (John S. Waters, and John
G.Christy, ,) wh. grocers , 28 n.north 2d. (See advt.)
Waterson, Arthur, carpenter , Ladd, Patrick & Co
Watford, John, blacksmith , bds. Manchester road nr.
Grand avavenue>
Watkins, Charles S., agt.agent G. F.Hill, , r.residence 110 Pine