St. Louis directory :
O'Brian, John, drayman , ss. Convent nr.s.south 3d
O'Brian, John, foreman in quarry, Webster c.corner> 13th
O'Brian, John, lab.laborer , Spruce b.between 17th and 18th
O'Brian, Michael, ss. Franklin av.avenue nr. 24th
O'Brian, Michael, lab.laborer , es. Jackson b.between Lami and Ca-
rondelet avavenue>
O'Brian, Patrick, riverman , ws. Lewis b.between Diddle and
O'Brian, Peter, ostler, , side Market c.corner> 19th
O'brian, Thomas, shoemaker , bds. Biddle
O'Brien, -, lab.laborer , ws. 9th nr. Gratiot
O'Brien, Andrew, (A.& D. O'Brien,) ns. Chouteau
av.avenue b.between 15th and 16th
O'Brien, Andrew, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Targee b, 14th & 15th
O'Brien, Ann, wid.widow Cornelius. 92 n.north 14th
O'Brien, Ann.wid.widow Michael, , 32 n.north 16th
O'Brien, Betsy, wid.widow Patrick, , Austin nr. 12th
O'Brien, Callahan, policeman , Wash b.between 22d and 23d
O'Brien, Catharine, wid.widow Andrew, , al.alley near Morgan b.between
8th and 9th
O'Brien, Catharine, wid.widow Patrick, , Warren nr. 16th
O'Brien, Charles, carpenter , 239 n.north 9th
O'Brien, Charles, drayman , Warren nr. 16th
O'Brien, Charles, lab.laborer , c. Jefferson av.avenue and Chippewa
O'Brien, Charles, lab.laborer , rear 239 n.north 9th
O'Brien, Charles.lab.laborer , bds. 577 Broadway
O'Brien, Charles F., ostler, , Peter Wiles
O'Brien, Dennis, finisher , Washington foundry
O'Brien, Daniel, (Redmond & O'Brien, and A. & D.
O'Brien,) r.residence Chouteau 16th
O'Brien, Daniel, teamster , 43 Center
O'Brien, Dennis, blacksmith , 16th bet.between Cass av.avenue and
O'Brien, Dennis, boatman , 21st b.between Wash and Carr
O'Brien, Dennis, lab.laborer , Carr b.between 20th and 21st
O'Brien, Dennis, lab.laborer , Wash b.between 21st and 22d
O'Brien, Dennis, tanner , bds. Anna bet.between Easton and
O'Brien Edmund, sodamanfr., O'Fallon c.corner> 17th
O'Brien, Edward, drover , Warren near 16th
O'Brien, Elizabeth, wid.widow James K., 289 n.north 9th
O'Brien, Elizabeth, wid.widow of William, , rear 264 Chesnut
O'Brien, Hugh, lab.laborer Laclede ironworks , ws. Broadway
b. Bremen av.avenue and Angelica
O'Brien, Hugh, muckshearer , Laclede ironworks
O'Brien, James, cooper , Christy av.avenue c.corner> 16th
O'Brien, James, lab.laborer , 261 n.north 12th
O'Brien, JamesRev. , r.residence ws. 10th b, Jefferson and
O'Brien, James, tailor , r.residence al.alley bet.between 10th and llth near
O'Brien, Johanna, wid.widow Thomas, , al.alley
O'Brien, John, blacksmith , bds. Choutz nr. Pratte avavenue>
O'Brien, John, carpenter , bds, 22d b.between Carr & Biddle
Otirien, John, drayman , r.residence ns. Benton, b.between 15th & 16th
O'Brien, John, foreman , F.A. McDonald & Co. , r.residence es.
13th b.between Brooklyn and Webster
O'Brien, John, (Hassinger & O'Brien,) bds. O'Fallon
c. 17th
O'Brien, John, lab.laborer , 134 n.north 16th
O'Brien, John, lab.laborer , bds. 11 Center
O'Brien, John, lab.laborer , bds. 26s.south 5th
O'Brien, John, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Morgan b.between 8th and 9th
O'Brien, John, lab.laborer , Jefferson av.avenue b.between Arsenal and Wy-
O'Brien, John, lab.laborer , ns. Monroe b.between 2d and Main
O'Brien, John, ostler, , bds. McCormick's ons.south 5th
O'Brien, John, policeman , 33s.south 13th
O'Brien, John, policeman , rear 239 n.north 9th
O'Brien, John, porter , E.J. Gay & Co. , al.alley b.between Morgan
and Franklin av.avenue b.between 8th and 9th
O'Brien, John, riverman , 25 Cherry
O'Brien, John, saddler , 189 n.north 8th
O'Brien, John, stonecutter , bds. 23 Collins
O'Brien, John, streetinsp'r , b.between 10th and llth
near Market
O'Brien, John, tailor , bds. 91s.south Main
O'Brien, John, tanner , Ann b.between Easton and Jackson
O'Brien, John, teamster , r.residence ns.St. Charles c.corner> 24th
O'Brien, Marcus, lab.laborer , ne.c.corner> 22d and Wash
O'Brien, Margaret, wid.widow David, , r.residence ws. 20th b.between Morgan
and Franklin avavenue>
O'Brien, Margaret, wid.widow Jeremiah, , al.alley bet.between llth and
12th near O'Fallon
O'Brien, Margaret, wid.widow Matthias , r.residence es. 2d bet.between Mont-
gomery and Spring
O'Brien, Martin, carriagetrimmer , bds. 60 Morgan
O'Brien, Martin, moulder , Washington foundry
O'Brien, Mary, fruit , 43 n.north 5th
O'Brien, Mary, wid.widow John, , al.alley b.between 7th & 8th nr. Biddle
O'Brien, Mary, wid.widow Patrick , es. 9th b.between O'Fallon and
Cass avavenue>
O'Brien, Mary, wid.widow Thomas, , bds. 250 n.north 2d
O'Brien, Mary, wid.widow Thomas, , r.residence 278 Chesnut
O'Brien, Michael, Bellefontaine road near junction
O'Brien, Michael, carpenter , 336 n.north 6th
O'Brien, Michael, grocer , 56 Center
O'Brien, Michael, (Hassinger & O'Brien,) r.residence O'Fallon
c. 17th
O'Brien, Michael, lab.laborer , 441 n.north Main
O'Brien, Michael, lab.laborer , es. Main b.between Howard and Mul-
O'Brien, Michael, lab.laborer , n. Market near reservoir
O'Brien, Michael, quarryman , r.residence ss. Chambers bet.between 2d
and Broadway
O'Brien, Michael, waiter , bds.boards 13 n.north 4th
O'Brien, Patrick, drayman , al.alley b.between 8th and 9th near
O'Brien, Patrick, grocer , 165 n.north llth
O'Brien, Patrick, harnessmaker , r.residence 8th bet.between Carr and
O'Brien, Patrick, lab.laborer , Franklin av.avenue b.between 21st and 22d
O'Brien, Patrick, moulder , Decatur bet.between Marion and
O'Brien, Patrick, Rev. , ws. 10th b, Jefferson and
O'Brien, Patrick, saddler , r.residence 189n. 8th
O'Brien, Patrick, tailor , r.residence alley b.between 10th aud llth nr.
O'Brien, Patrick H., carpenter , bds.P.R.R. House
O'Brien, R.Harry, river reporter , Times Office, r.residence
4 Orange
O'Brien, Thomas, boatman , alley b.between 7th and 8th near
O'Brien, Thomas, carpenter , 4s.south 9th
O'Brien, Thomas, carpenter , 81 n.north 10th
O'Brien, Thomas, gardener , Chouteau av.avenue b.between Paul and
O'Brien, Thomas, lab.laborer 299 n.north 7th
O'Brien, Thomas, lab.laborer , ns. Morgan c.corner> 20th
O'Brien, Thomas, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Main and 2d nr. Myrtle
O'Brien, Thomas, lab.laborer , rear 79s.south Main
O'Brien, Thomas, riverman , bds. 11 Morgan
O'Brien, Thomas, shoemaker , 33 Biddle
O'Brien, Thomas J., brassmoulder , 114 Carr
O'Brien, Timothy, drayman , r.residence 434 Morgan
O'Brien, Timothy, fireman , r.residence City waterworks
O'Brien, Timothy, lab.laborer , 76 Gay
O'Brien, Timothy, porter , alley b.between 9th and 10th near
O'Brien, William, engineer , Moloney & Tilton
O'Brien, William, harnessmkr , bds. Lewellan House
O'Brien A. & D. , (Andrew, and Daniel, ,) Foreign ex-
change , 38 Chesnut
O'Brock, Charles, (Charles & Bro. O'Brock,) r.residence 1156
O'Brock, Harman, (Charles O'Brock & Bro.) 1156
O'Brock Charles & Bro. , (Charles and Harman,) gro-
cers , 1156 Broadway
O'Bryan, Jerry, gasmaker , gasworks
O'Bryan, William, lab.laborer , 516 n.north Main
O'Byle, James, stonemason , r.residence 192 n.north 6th
O'Byrne, Charles, stonecutter , side Carr bet.between 6th
and 7th
O'Calahan, Martin, quarryman , ne.c.corner> llth and Carr
O'Conall, Patrick, carman , Wash b.between 22d and 23d
O'Connan, Joseph, cooper , bds.ns.north side Manchester road
near Clark avavenue>
O'Connell, Andrew J., policeman , r.residence 73 Carr