St. Louis directory :
Wiethhaup, John C., barkeeper , ws. Broadway near
Wiett, Caspar, carpenter , es. 9th b.between O'Fallon and
Cass avavenue>
Wiettfeld, Henry, (F. Chuette & Co.) bds. 939
Broad wa v
WifBemeyer, Frederick, lib. , Kossuth near Bremen
Wigenliorn, Benjamin, machinist , Rutgers near 5th
Wigge, Theodore, teamster , ss. Madison het. 15th
and 16th
Wiggenhern, Charlotte, wid.widow John, , Stoddard av.avenue nr.
Park avavenue>
Wigsonhorn, Henry, (J.T. Dowdall & Co.) res. 352
s. 7th
Wiggcnhorn, Henry, machinist , Stoddard av.avenue near
Park avavenue>
Wiggcuhnrn, Joseph, patternmaker , bds. Stoddard
av.avenue ur. Park avavenue>
Wiggins, Caspar, teamster , 1157 Broadway
Wiirgins, Charles, room 80 n.north 4th
Wiggins, Charles, real estate agt.agent , 42 Chesnut; r.residence 319
Wiggins Ferry Co. , office nw,cor. Main and
Wiggins, James, bookkeeper , L.A. Benoist & Co. ,
bds. Monroe House
Wiggius, James, (col'd,) whitewasher , 88 n.north 10th
Wiggins, L., bds. Monroe House
Wiggins, Robert R., bookstand , Morgan c.corner> Broadway; side Morgan b.between 7th and 8th
Wiggins, Samuel B., com.commission , 1ll Walnut
Wiggins, W. S., 78 Locust
Wight, Andrew, painter , side Labeaume bet.between
Broadway and 9th
Wightman, William, com.commission and fancy groceries ,
83 n.north 2nd; r.residence 112s.south 5th. (See advt.)
Wigman, Harmon, lab.laborer , al.alley b, Geyer av.avenue and Allen
av.avenue nr. Fulton
Wihlow, Henry, clk. I.M.R.R. office, r.residence es.east side 9th be.
O'Fallon and Cass avavenue>
Wiker, August H., tailor , bds. 305s.south 4th
Wiland, George, carpenter , at Giles F. Filley's
Wilbech, Charles, lab.laborer , bds. 90s.south 2nd
Wilber, John, drayman , ns. Madison b.between 13t. h and 14th
Wilbert, Matthias, glassblower , Emmet bet,
Columbus and Jackson
Wilbur, Benjamin, bookkeeper , bds.boards 133 n.north 5th
Witckens, William, (Wilckens & Schoenhals,) r, 279
s. 3d
Wilckens & Schoenhals , (William Wilckens k George
Schoenhals,) tailors , 277s.south 3d
Wilcox, Andrew, baker , r.residence 46 Carr
Wilcox, Horace, printer , St. Louis Advocate , r.residence Barry
c. Fulton
Wilcox, J.Jewett, rivcrrtk. , r.residence 53 Christy avavenue>
Wilcox, Jeremiah, bds. 182 Olive
Wilcox, John, locksmith , bds.nw.northwest c.corner> 13th and Cass
Wilcox, William, clk. , bds. 89 Franklin avavenue>
Wilcox, William A., clk. , Clark , Richardson & Co. ,
bds. 53 Christy avavenue>
Wilcox, William E., steamboatcaptain , bds. 354 n.north 2nd
Wild, David L., clk. , Swasey, Bassett &, Co. , bds.
Revere House
Wild, Henry T., liquors , 182 Franklin avavenue>
Wild, Jonathan E., paymaster I.M.R.R., bds.boards Bar-
num's Hotel
Wild, Louis, clerk , John, D.Harrison, bds. 47 n.north 12th
Wild, Philip, wines and liquors , 179s.south 2nd; r.residence 2nd c.corner>
Wild, Rudolph, bricklayer , es. Menard nr. Geyer av
Wilde, Amelia B., schoclteacher , bds. 166 Locust
Wilde, Lewis, waiter , Everett House
Wilder, John C, butcher , French market; r.residence ss.south side Gra-
tiot nr. 21st
Wildermuth, August, carpenter , r.residence 197s.south 3d
Wildermuth, Michael, candlemaker , r.residence 197s.south 3d
Wilduaber, Johannes, milkman , Baraaloux b.between Lynch
and Sidney
Wile, Isaac, peddler , bds. 165 Broadway
Wiles, Benjamin, carpenter , 22 Columbia
Wiles, Peter, auction and sale stable , 108 and 110
5th; r.residence 146 Collins
Wiles, Robert, r.residence Collins b.between O'Fallon and Bates
Wiley, George H., steaniboatclk. , r.residence ns. Buchanan nr.
Wiley, George H., (G.H. Wiley & Co.) bds. Virginia
Wiley, George W., (Watta, Wiley & Co.) r.residence 187 Pine
Wiley, John S., moulder , bds. 60 Collins
Wiley, Michael, dravman , ns. Gamble av.avenue nr. Mercer
Wiley, Strothcr.pilot , Herbert c.corner> 17th
Wiley, Thomas M., carpenter , r.residence ns. Morgan bet.between 7th
and 8th
Wiley, Woodville, milkdealer , Commercial al.alley ; res.
Biddle nw.northwest c.corner> 8th
Wiley George H. & Co. , (William, E.Gere,)
com.commission mers. , 5 Commercial; Ws. Virginia Hotel
Witgns Asa, bd3. Planters' House
Wilgns, Jamea S., (Wilgus, Noble & Co.) llthse.south east c.corner>
Wilgus, Noble & Co. , (James, S.Wilgns, Albert
J. Noble & —,) house, sign, steamboat and
ornamental painters , 32 Pine. (Set advt, op. map)
Wilhardt, Charles, tailor , b. 8th and 9th nr. Wash
Willhauer, Peter, cooper 'Ashley c.corner> 2nd
Wilhelm, Christopher, cooper , bds. 92s.south 14th
Wilikcn, Rudolph, grocer , 101 Carr
Wilk, William N., clerk , Charles, Hohnes, res. 208
Washington avavenue>
Wilke, Adolph, ss. Monroe b.between 13th and l4th
Wilke, Deitri;b, saddletreemaker , bds. 470 n.north 9th
Wilke, Francis N., plasterer , 64 Carr
Wilke, Frederick, plasterer , rear 296 Biddle
Wilke, Frederick W., blacksmith , r.residence llth b.between Biddle
and O'Fallon
Wilke, Henry, saddletreemaker , r.residence 470 n.north 9th
Wilke, Henry W., bricklayer , rear 294 Biddle
Wilke, Louis, carpenter , bds.boards 171 n.north 8th
Wilke, William, blacksmith , rear 216 n.north llth
Wilke, William, waiter , 136 n.north 16th
Wilken, William, schoolteacher , rearss.south side Walnut nr.
Wilkencr, Eberhard, grocerystore , DeWolser near
Gravois road
Wilkens, Robert, gardener. Prairie av.avenue nr. Warren
Wilkinson, George, bricklayer , r.residence Gratiot bet.between 15th
and 16th
Wilker, John, carpenter , r.residence ws. 17th near Bremen avavenue>
Wilkerson, Edward, bookkeeper , Pomeroy & Benton,
bds. Barnurn's Hotel
Wilkerson, John W., teamster , bds. Alby av.avenue c.corner> School
Wilkie, Agnes, (Wilkie, A.Stewart.) lll Morgan
Wilkie, Andrew, baker , 111 Morgan
Wilkie & Stewart , ( Agnes Wilkie & Mary P.
Stewart,) millinery , 111 Wash
Wilkin, Louis S., carpenter , bds. 8th b.between Wash and Carr
Wilkins, Albert, porter , D'Cench, Rives & Co. , r.residence
Menard nr. Marion
Wilkins, Charles, clk. , r.residence Franklin av.avenue b.between 22d and 23d
Wilkins, Henry A., saloon , 343 Broadway
Wilkins, John, millwright , bds. 201 n.north 2nd
Wilkins, John L., bookkeeper , Joseph, Summers, r.residence 19
n. 12th
Wilkins, John S., dep. sheriff , r.residence 344 n.north 9th
Wilkins, Theodore, collector , r.residence 115 Carondelet avavenue>
Wilkins, William, lab.laborer , rear 211 n.north 13th
Wilkinson, Francis, boarding , 201 Broadway
Wilkinson, Henry, porterhouse , 6th nr. Gratiot
Wilkinson, Joseph, moulder , 179 n.north 8th
Wilkinson, Joseph P., (Wilkinson & Bro.) 108s.south 5th
Wilkinson, Julia, milliner , 108 Market; r.residence 16s.south 4th
Wilkinson, Robert J., (col'd,) hairdresser , 62 Olive;
r. Clark av.avenue b.between 15th and 16th
Wilkinson, Sarah, wid.widow James, , 83 Pine
Wilkinson, Thomas L., (Wilkinson & Bro.) ss. Olive
b. 7th and 8th
Wilkinson, William, bookkeeper. Pine nw.northwest c.corner> 4th
Wilkinson, William, brakeman , bds. 245 Broadway
Wilkinson & Brother , (Joseph, P. and Thomas, L.)
com.commission and forw. , 69 Commercial b.between Olive & Locust