St. Louis directory :

George H.Lawyer, 'S


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Machine Job Press.

The Lawyer Press,
As now improved, and running in all the principal cities of New-York, Pennsylvania,
Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri, has, in every instance, met the decided
approbation of Practical Printers, who un hesitatingly pronounce it

The Cheapest, And Best Job Printing Press

Ever offered to the craft in the United States. Within the past two years, this truly
excellent Press has been greatly improved by Mr. Lawyer: the principal improvement
being the introduction of of the Oscilating Cylinder, in the distribution—taking the place
of the old "Distributor"—which was about the only objectionable feature of the Press,
formerly. With this advantage, and the increased size and weight of the Fly-Wheel,
—adding greatly to the ease of working—the Lawyer Improved Printing
Press must commend itself to the attention of Printers throughout the country. It
was invented by the Proprietor, Mr.George H.Lawyer, , himself a Practical Printer,
and is manufactured of the best material, under his own immediate supervision, at Green-
wood's celebrated Foundry, Cincinnati. ☞ We have one of these Presses in use, and
like it very much.

Address, or call on R. V.Kennedy, ,
Publisher of the City Cirectory, Sole Agent in Saint Louis.