St. Louis directory :

E.Mawdsley, . H.Mepham, .

W.G. Ashdown & Co. ,
Gas & Steam Pipe Fitters ,
40 North Third Street,
Between Chesnut and Fine,
Wholesale & Retail Dealers in all kinds of Chandelierz.

Always On Hand A Rich Assortment
Chandeliers, Brackets And Pendants.
Privte And Public Buildings,
Offices And Stores,
Fitted up for use of Gass in the most approved

[missing figure]

Steam Buildings, Factories & Stores
Fitted Up
Inthe most approved manner, for stectm.
All kincs of Steam Pipe Work d ne in the
best styles, and warranted to give

Always an hand, all kinds of
Steam Pipe Fittings, Valves, Gauges, Stop Cocks,
And everything connected with Steam Pipe Work.