St. Louis directory :

Theological, Sunday School, Bible, Tract and Religious
Book Depository.

The Subscriber has taken charge of the united Depositories of the American Sunday School Union
and American Tract Society, and to this large and choice assortment of books has been added the valua-
ble religious publications of

Robert Carter & Bros. , Sheldon & Blakeman ,
A. F.Randolph, , M. W.Dodd, ,
Gould & Lincoln , Amer. Temperance Union ,
With selections from the Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal, Congregational, Cumberland, O.S. And N.S.
Presbyterian Boards of Publication, and other publishers; all of which we sell at publishers' prices.

Bibles, Testaments, Prayer and Hymn Books,
In great variety of styles and prices; School Books, Stationery, &c.

Any Publications not on our shelves, we will take great pleasure in procuring for our friends

J. W.McIntyre, , No. 9 South Fifth Street,
Between Market And Walnut, St. lOuis.