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1859. 1859.

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The New York Weekly News,
A Large 8 Page Paper, Published Every Saturday, Containing

From all parts of the World, and terefore, for the
Broker Or
It stands unrivalled. Besides the
News Of The Day,
For which it is unequal'ed, it contains weekly full and accurate reports of
The Cattle Market,
Horse Market,
Hay Market,
Hide And Leather Market,
Wool Market,
Fur Market,
Dry Goods Market,
Grocers & Provision Market,
Cotton Market,

In short, everything that is worth reporting, is eac week carefully noticed.

There may also be found upon its ample pages Financial and Commercial Reports, which, for ability and
value to the reader, are second to no other.

We have a daily Correspondent At Washington, anoter at Albany, who will keep you well posted upon all
national and political questions.

We canot, in this short notice, tell you one half the good things it contains—send for a specimen—it will be sent
gratis to all who ask it—which, after reading, hand to your neighbor, that he, too, may have a chance to send on

One Dolar

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The Daily News,
A Large 8 Pages Paper, is issued daily, containing all the Current News, Markets, &c., &c., &e., &c., at the low price of
$6 per year. Address,
W. DrakeParsons, ,
138 Nassan Street, New York.