St. Louis directory :
Phillips, Michael, fruit , Market c.corner> 8th
Phillips, Peter, carpenter , rear 160 n.north 10th
Phillips, Thomas, clerk s.b.between Flying Cloud, 261s.south 7th
Phillips, Thomas, plumber , r.residence 161 Washington av
Phillips, Thomas F., com.commission mer. , 167 Market
Pbillips, William W., City Hotel liverystable , boards
King's Hotel
Phillips & Co., (Thomas F. Phillips and—,)
com.commission and forwd.forwarding mers. , (6 City bldgs
Philyr, Peter, bds. 363 Market
Phipps, Chester M., printer , bds. Atlantic Hotel
Phipps, Hannah, wid.widow Samuel , r.residence ws. Collins near
Phipps, Lucius, bookkeeper , Mo. bank , es. Rosatti nr.
Phoenix, Brewery, (Staehlin & Halm, prop's,)
se.c.corner> Lafayette av.avenue and 2d Carondelet av
Phoenix Insurance Company , se.c.corner> Main
and Vine
Piatt, Michael H., agt.agent transfer Co. , r.residence 296 n.north 2d
Picher, Thomas B., clerk R.R. office , 2d c.corner> Poplar;
bds. 2dsw.south west c.corner> Hazel
Pick, Anna, wid.widow Joseph, , r.residence ns. Gravois rd.road c.corner> McNair
Pick, John, bds.ns.north side Gravois road c.corner> McNair av
Pickard, August, cooper , c. 2d and Lombard
Pickel, Anton, stonecutter , bds. 11th b.between Wash &Carr
Pickel, John, stonecutter , Carr c.corner> 18th; r.residence 11th bet.between
Wash and Carr
Pickelin, Charles, collarmkr , bds.ns.north side Morgan c.corner> 21st
Picker, Andrew, stonecutter , 135 n.north 11th
Picker, Charles, dep.cons'ble , es. Buel nr. Lafayette
Picker, FrederickRev. , r.residence 62 w.west Mound
Pickering, Esrom, copyist , Western Union tel. office ,
14thse.south east c.corner> Morgan
Pickering, Rebecca, wid.widow William, , r.residence 39 n.north 12th
Pickett, John, plasterer , bds. 71 n.north 15th
Pickett, William, lab.laborer , 193 n.north 8th
Pickle, Charles, speculator , es. Hamtramck av.avenue near
Pickles, George, (G. Pickles & Co.) r.residence 228s.south 4th
Pickles G. & Co. , (Geo.Pickles, , FrederickCollins,
and SamuelWilson, ,) plumbers and gas-fitters ,
228s.south 4th. (See advt.)
Pickup, James, glassblower , r.residence ws. Bellefontaine rd.
b. Buchanan and Dock
Pickup, Richard, carpenter at G.F. Filley's
Picot, Louis G., lawyer , 21 n.north 4th; r.residence Carondelet
Picotte, Henry, 110 Olive
Pieffer, Frederick, blacksmith , Washington foundry
Piel, Henry, shoemaker , r.residence 99 Morgan
Pielmau, Gerhart, lab.laborer , ss. Mulberry b.between 3d and 4th
Piening, Joseph, varnisher , r.residence 57 Morgan
Picpeutuier, Peter, grocer , Carr c.corner> 11th
Piepenbrock, John, hairdresser , 80 Locust
Pieper, August, tailor , al.alley nr. Provenchere b.between Rut-
gers and Park av
Pieper, Henry, tailor , 25 Benton
Pieper, Sophia, wid.widow Engelbert , Menard b.between Marion and
Park av
Piepper, Philip, cooper . 10th b.between Madison and Jeffer-
Pierce, Adolph, merchant , 287 Olive
Pierce, Andrew, salesman , William, Roche, r.residence 53
n. 4th
Pierce, James, lab.laborer , 57s.south 10th
Pierce, Jonathan O., bookkeeper , H. N, Kendall &
Co. , r.residence 53 St. Charles
Pierce, John O., (Thornton & Pierce,) r.residence ws. 7th b.between
Chouteau av.avenue and Hickory
Pierce, Michael, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. 8th b.between Green and Morgan
Pierce, Patrick, boardinghouse , 140s.south Main
Pierer, John, butcher , Jefferson av.avenue b.between Wyoming and
Piermon, Daniel, blacksmith , 34 Rutgers
piesch, Samuel A., engineer , bds. Mechanics' Ex-
Piesch, John, painter , Beckwith nr. Chouteau av
Pietzmeyer, Francis, lab.laborer , 61s.south 10th
Pigeon, J., foreman H.N. Kendall & Co. , r.residence Morgan
b. 12th and 13th
Piggott, Austin, Chouteau av.avenue c.corner> 14th
Pignero, Edmund A., notary public , 9 1/2 Olive ; r.residence in
Pignero, Prosper A., (Pignero & Pozzoni,) r.residence at La-
Pignero, & Pozzoni, (Prosper A.Pignero, and
AngoiliniPozzoni, ,) wig and toupee mnfrs. , 59
n. 5th
Pike, Edward C, (Bacon, Hyde & Co.) r.residence 309 Chesnut
Pike, Frederick B., bookkeeper , Bacon, Hyde & Co. ,
r.4th b.between Poplar and Cerre
Pike, Henry, (Henry Pike & Co.) r.residence 197 Locust
Pike, Reuben S., pilot , side Broadway opp.
Mound market
Pike, William H., (Pike & Co.) bds. St. Louis Hotel
Pike Henry & Co. , (Henry Pike and--,)
distillers , 105 and 106 n.north Levee. (See advt.)
Pike & Co. , (William H.Pike, and JamesHirley, ,)
land agents , 53 n.north 3d
Pike'S Peak Hotel, (Francis Anselme, proprie-
tor,) 7th b.between Spruce and Poplar
Pilcher, A. M., bookkeeper , bds. 68 w, Brooklyn
Pilcher, Edward, organbuilder , side 16th b.between Wash
and Carr
Pilcher, Henry, (H. Pilcher & Son,) r.residence 193 Pine
Pilcher, Henry, Jr., (H. Pilcher & Son,) r.residence 16th es.east side
Carr square
Pilcher, John W., (Pilcher & Radford,) r.residence St. Louis
Pilcher, R. M., carpenter , bds. 48 w.west Brooklyn
Pilcher, William, organ mnfr. , 116 n.north 15th; r.residence es.east side 16th
b. Wash and Carr
Pilcher H. & Son , (Henry, Sr., and Henry, Jr.)
music , 27 n.north 5th
Pilcher, & Radford, (John W.Pilcher, and John H.
Radford, ,) boot and shoe mnfrs. , 140 Market
Pile, John F., baker , bds. 212s.south 4th
Pilgrim, Henry, carpenter , Benton, b. 18th and 19th
Pilgrim, Matthias, teamster , bds. 353 Franklin av
Pilkey, John P., (J.P. Pilkey & Co.) r.residence 238 Chesnut
Pilkey J.P. & Co. , (John P.Pilkey, and —, ,)
wholesale liquors , 310s.south Levee
Pilkin, Charles N., collarmaker , bds. Spruce b.between 13th
and 14th
Pilkington, Henry, (H. & S.B. Pilkington,) r.residence ns.
Barry nr. Fulton
Pilkington, Samuel G., clerk , Dutcher, & Twichell, r.
ns. Barry b.between 7th and 8th
Pilkington, Samuel B., (H. & S.B. Pilkington,) r.residence ns.
Barry c.corner> Fulton
Pilkington, H. & S.B., (Henry and Samuel B.)
Phoenix mills , Barry b.between 7th and Fulton
Pillep, Frederick, carver , ss. Anna nr. Columbia
Pillhorn, John G., miller , 163s.south 5th
Pilliter, Germain, (Gantier & Pilliter,) r.residence 62 and 64
Pillmann, Ernst, butcher , bds. 261 Carondelet av
Pillsbury, James, collector , rear 264s.south 2d
Pillyan, Severn, lab.laborer , es. Rosatti nr. Emmet
Pilot Knob Iron Co. , 34 Commercial
Pilse, Henry, tailor , 78 n.north 10th
Pirn, Lewis T., physician , 6thse.south east c.corner> Pine; bds.boards 41
n. 8th
Pimmas, Weezel, carpenter , Park av.avenue nr. 11th
Pinart, Frederick, ropemaker , es. 13th nr. Angel-
rodt; r.residence ws.west side 12th nr. Angelrodt
Pinaud, Eugene, wigmaker , 61 Chesnut; bds.boards 14
s. 4th
Pine, James, bds.boards 20 n.north 5th
Pine Street Church , Pine nw.northwest c.corner> 11th
Pinerman, John, lab.laborer , 139 n.north 11th
PinesEzekiel, (col'd,)porter. 79 Orange
Pinkerton, C. M., (C.M. Pinkerton & Co.) bds. 6th
c. Washingtou av
Pinkerton C.M. & Co. , book agts. , 123 Locust
Pinne, Anton, lab.laborer , 130 Biddle
Pinxer, Charles, teamster , rear Spring b.between 13th and
Pipe, George, bricklayer , ws. 10th nr. Webster
Pipe, John, planingmill , Levee b.between Carr and Biddle; r.residence
43 w.west Brooklyn